"Honorable stone!"

"That’s the honorific stone!"
"The world’s most precious material … that’s it."
The captain of each Kun class also got a glimpse of the honorific stone.
They are all Jin Xian’s profound meaning of honoring the stone.
Getting the honorific stone can promote God, especially the earth. The three great secrets of God have long been beyond the average. Once you get the honorific stone, you can become a god who can partially interfere with historical concepts.
very important
But at this moment, all people’s eyes have just given birth to twenty honorific stones, and suddenly one is missing.
It was taken away from history by the flat peach tree again!
There is a commotion in the data link, and everyone is in vain. Once the flat peach tree takes away all the honorifics, the stone horse can recreate a ginseng fruit tree, which is too bad.
"Vientiane Xiandi?" The supreme commander asked Lin Chong.
"I tried …" Lin frowned.
He is now 2 million kilometers away from the explosion center, that is, the location analyzed by the statue stone. At present, the radiation at the explosion location has not stopped, and once the starship approaches, it will suffer losses.
Now we can rely on Lin Chong, the Vientiane immortal emperor, to see if we can get one or two honour stones back from the Earth.
Twenty honorific stones in the flames of the sky are as mysterious as the explosion center and black abyss from the entrance to hell.
Linchong Gaoshijie Zhong
You can see the’ four-pillar god’ method to see the’ high vision imaging’ that can communicate with each other.
That is, Grandma Tree is holding a suspended honorific stone with a cane.
This position has just detonated a star, causing even the positive world to cover the celestial wound, that is, pick Jin Xian, which will also be reduced to ashes for a moment. Only the mysterious power of’ Vision’ can touch it.
Grandma Shu is history-that is, the walking stick in her hand swept away the honorific stone.
Lin Chong also tried to capture the fact that he was exhibiting the history of Kunlun, and tried to incorporate an honorific stone into it.
Grandma Shu hit Lin with a cane.
Lin Chong’s envy in the heaven of Luotian is an exclamation, and the land of Luotian has collapsed.
It rumbled as if someone had struck and punched the earth and made a 100-meter Fiona Fang sinkhole.
"god! Don’t fight if you are in danger! Don’t fight! Winning the sky and losing the ground is not worth the loss! "
There is envy in the cotton ball over Luotian.
Lin Chong is a surprised in my heart.
Gao Shi, a multidimensional creature, is embodied in a historical reality. The history of the immortal Sect of Kunlun is too simple and lifeless. The heaven is one in a million, and the vision is high. It is a bit overreaching to compete with others.
On that day, when the ginseng fruit tree met, the two worlds of history’ saw each other’, and once the fruit of the ginseng fruit tree grew up, it could intercept a lot of the history of the celestial realm.
This is high combat.
Smash each other and seize each other’s positive history
"You’re so cheap." Grandma Tree was gossiping and taunting Lin Chong in the high vision while the faucet turned and hooked the stone of the Buddha.
Lin chong was not angry.
Anyway, you can’t let Grandma Tree get the honorific stone, especially if the Lousu handle is obtained, then the war between ginseng and fruit trees will be white.
In which is Lousu … Lin Chong can see at a glance that it is tied together in the shape of stars.
A total of six honorific stones are connected to one place.
Don’t get one less.
Light chaser
Lin Haoheng came in a hurry.
He was just transported here by a transport ship.
When I entered the captain’s room, Lin Hao was forced to say, "Lin Man, we can’t handle that broken tree."
"The temperature in the center of the stellar explosion crater has dropped to a million degrees of radiation intensity and gravity … and it has also dropped to a level where Kun-class starships can barely compete … but how do you get your title?" Lin manwen
"Of course, it is based on my lofty aspirations!" Lin Hao gave a thumbs up.
Lin Man took a deep look at Lin Haoheng and probably figured that this guy was unreliable.
Not reliable is definitely not reliable.
However, Lin Haoheng’s butcher blade can repel all other attributes by virtue of high-frequency vibration, which may be able to break the explosion environment and get rid of the chestnut in the fire
"Report that the Lightchaser applied for Lin Haoheng to help Vientiane Xiandi collect the honorific stone together." Lin Man reported to the Supreme Command.
"Are you sure?" Supreme commander immediately asked
"Fifty percent," Lin Man said.
"Yes!" Lin Haoheng added
Lin Man took a look at Lin Haoheng and changed his mind to say "thirty percent sure"
"… go" Supreme Commander sighed "Chief Starship Team Lin still needs you, please don’t put yourself in a dangerous place"
Lin Man nodded.
Light chaser jumps.
Two million kilometers can usually be reached in one jump.
Due to the special environment of life, it took five virtual jumps to reach the star explosion center a few minutes ago.
A boiling, blue flame fluttered in the air.
Stellar radiation may not disappear until a long time later.
The virtual armor of the light chaser immediately burned the blue flame, and the loss figures appeared in front of Lin Man.