Tang Keqiang also laughed. "Okay, brother, the general trend will be decided! I’m going to rectify my troops and immediately organize them to fight back! "

Zhang Yi gathered up his mood and said, "Brother Keqiang, please thank you."
At this time, the Japanese army had already become a mess. At noon, the Qing artillery in Maoershan shelled the Japanese position violently. Tan Feng led the Qing artillery to fall into the Japanese position like eyes, which posed a great threat to the ōshima Yoshimasa headquarters. The general suggested that ōshima Yoshimasa appoint the chief of staff, Seyi, to command the front-line combat, and led the general staff to retreat three kilometers. The Japanese rear established a general headquarters to remotely control the former enemy attack organization.
The Japanese army never thought that the headquarters would be discovered by the Qing army so quickly and successfully attacked two teams. More than 200 Japanese troops failed to stop the sneak attack of the Qing army, which led to the capture of ōshima Yoshimasa and others. When the Japanese army reached the forefront of the Japanese army in Maoershan, the head of the brigade was immediately bombed, but the headquarters was captured by the pot. That’s not bad.
Although the Japanese army is arguing about whether to fight or retreat, Seyoshi is your chief of staff, but the commanders of the surface wing brigade are all important positions and have no confidant. These people usually obey ōshima Yoshimasa’s command and lose the constraints of the big island, so it is no longer difficult to twist into a rope.
Many generals are arguing that guns rang outside. Zhang Yi ordered Laoshan Camp to dump the few remaining shells into the Japanese position, the weak fortifications of the Japanese army, and the Qing artillery was blown up like paper. The Japanese army in the camp was in chaos and the Japanese artillery began to fight back blindly.
Wrasse righteousness nu way "now is no time to argue, first withdraw from Maoershan to rectify armaments. How can we withstand the attack of the Qing army now? Once the Qing army outflanks Kaesong, we will be in danger of being wiped out."
Akiyama good ancient nu way "withdrawal? How to withdraw? Now that the Qing army has begun to attack, isn’t withdrawing troops now equal to self-chaos? The best way is to defeat the Maoershan defenders before the news of the Qing army’s offensive forces in Kaesong, and then turn over to deal with Nie Shicheng in Kaesong! Withdrawing troops now is tantamount to seeking death! "
Wrasse righteousness also not weakness roared "honk, are you sure to take Maoershan Qing army before Kaesong reacts? Here, your cavalry is a decoration. Can you cavalry attack the Maoershan highland? "
Chapter 51 It’s appropriate to chase after the poor bandits with the left courage
Everyone is arguing. From time to time, Zhang Yi, with the old former camp and the Qing army, began to attack the Japanese camp. More than a dozen Green cannons fired together to suppress the Japanese firepower. The Japanese army quickly approached the forefront of this Japanese position, and the soldiers were even more confused. At that time, the attack and defense were in a mess.
Seeing that the Qing army attacked the other side, the Japanese leaders were no longer in a noisy mood, and they went back to camp to fight. With their strength advantages, they suppressed the offensive momentum of the Qing army in Maoershan for a short time.
But the good times didn’t last long. In the past ten minutes, the battlefield situation has changed dramatically again. When Nie Shicheng saw Zhang Yihu and others’ signals, he immediately ordered the Kaicheng Qing army they nest small cavalry to open the way, and the troops followed directly to Maoershan and killed them.
It’s only ten miles from Kaesong to Maoershan, and the Qing army rushed to Maoershan in just a few minutes. Seeing that there was fierce fighting here, Nie Shicheng directly made the attack outflank the Japanese army from the side and rear, and then the Japanese army came to the battlefield and the organization was chaotic. It was no longer supported by the impact of the Qing army and began to fall apart.
Nie Shicheng Xu Huaijin watched the war on a high slope. Xu Huaijin said, "The military men’s adult is still dominant in Japanese forces. It is not a policy for us to attack hard. Now the Japanese supreme command system is completely out of control, and all the ministries have no alliance. We can bite on one of the Chinese forces’ attacks, regardless of other parts. In this way, all the Japanese ministries will inevitably take the opportunity to break through and escape, so that we can break through one by one and win in one fell swoop!"
Nie Shicheng nodded and praised, "Give Li Gang a definite policy order to bite a surplus Japanese army and don’t stare too hard." The soldiers hurried to make it.
Li Gang, the frontier commander, was ordered to immediately adjust his deployment and give up the Japanese sniper. He started a siege against the main Japanese wing.
In the fierce battle, when the Japanese saw the opportunity, they searched for a gap to break through and fled south, only to be lost and bitten by the main force of the 13 th United
Zhang Yi, on the other side, saw the changes in the battlefield, so that Li could cooperate with the brothers to encircle and encircle.
In less than an hour, the Japanese drama team was beaten in a panic and suffered heavy casualties. The Japanese team leader Komaki Yiqing had to surrender.
Zhang Yi came to Nie Shicheng and said in a hurry, "My Lord, now that the Japanese army is at war, we must speed up our March to the south and give the Japanese army a beating before most of them come to help."
Nie Shicheng nodded and said "good! Even if Zhang Yi leads the three armies to pursue and flee the Japanese army! "
In the course of the Japanese army’s rout, the generals of various ministries could no longer restrain their troops from fleeing, and they could not organize a decent counterattack. Zhang Yi chased the scattered Japanese army out for more than 50 miles like a duck before withdrawing troops and returning to Kaesong.
Nie Shicheng asked, "How did Zhang Yi win the World War I today?"
Zhang Yi laughed. "The Lord of the Army killed nearly 2,000 Japanese troops in this World War I, and ōshima Yoshimasa, the head of several brigades of the Japanese army’s trench, was captured alive. Xiaomu Yiqing led the remnants to surrender, and our army won a great victory. In a short time, the Japanese army no longer tried to launch a large-scale attack on Kaesong."
Nie Shicheng laughed "good! Ok! Thanks to you, Zhang Yi, without you and Cang Lang Brigade, we are bound to ascend to heaven if we want to be rock-solid in Kaesong. "
Everyone laughed together.
Zhang Yi replied, "The adults of the military gate should report the good news to the adults of nave in the imperial court as soon as possible, and at the same time order a group of people to escort ōshima Yoshimasa to the DPRK to offer prisoners."
Nie Shicheng laughed. "It’s extremely since the Sino-British War that I’ve never achieved such a great victory in the confrontation with foreign bandits in the Qing Dynasty. It’s bound to go back to the DPRK to offer prisoners! In this way, we can show our great prestige. "
They are talking and laughing, and there are pro-guards who come to the mansion to play the newspaper "Du’s adult Gaozhou company commanders Zuo Junmen, Taiyuan town company commanders Ma Yukun, Henan company commanders Wei Rugui, the Han army with white flags and Fengsheng, respectively, led reinforcements to the striker and arrived in the city.
Nie Shicheng laughed with great joy. "Brother Guan Ting and others have rushed to Kaesong for a short time and worried about opening the city gate quickly. People will meet with me!"
Li Gang and other leaders accompanied Nie Shicheng to the north gate of Kaesong.
At this time, four generals, Zuo Baogui, Wei Rugui, Ma Yukun and Fengsheng, have been waiting outside Macheng Gate.
Before Nie Shicheng acted quickly, he greeted the four people with a greeting: "Brother Guan Ting, Brother Da San, Brother Jingshan, and Commander Feng have come from afar to help you. I thanked you for your hard work and quickly followed me into the city to rest."
Zuo Baogui Nie Shicheng Mukden had known each other for a long time, and both of them had strong personalities. After the Huai Army, the lifting generals had a deep friendship and quickly rushed to embrace Nie Shicheng. "Congratulations on Gong Ting! Congratulations! We’ve already received an order from the imperial court from Lord nave to instruct the governor of Zhili in Jingongting to take charge of the Korean war, so that we can obey and dispatch the anti-Japanese invaders. Now we have just arrived in Kaesong and heard that Gongting has defeated the Japanese army in one fell swoop. It’s a great achievement! "
Ma Yukun and others have also come to Jianli to congratulate Nie Shicheng on his promotion to Zhili Governor Nie Shicheng.
Everyone entered the city together.
Nie Shicheng, who came to the temporary residence of Kaesong, ordered people to serve tea. Zuo Baogui just sat down and asked urgently, "Brother Gong Ting, what are the specific gains of World War I today? I’ll talk about it soon. "
Nie Shicheng satisfiedly smiled and said, "Everyone, during the first world war in Kaesong, our army captured ōshima Yoshimasa, the head of the Japanese Major General Brigade, and was forced to surrender. More than 600 people were killed in the captive distribution school, and nearly 3,000 Japanese remnants fled and suffered heavy losses near Seoul. It is no longer possible to organize large-scale military operations in the near future. Our army won the full time."
Zuo Baogui laughed. "Good! OK! This is another great victory after the battle of Zhennan. Major General, head of the brigade? This is no less than a provincial governor! You can go down in history with this feat of Gongting! "
Others are also amazed.
Nie Shicheng waved his hand and smiled. "Everyone praised this first world war, a battle, the empress dowager Lafayette Hongfu Qitian, a soldier who was helped by talented people. How can Qi Xin succeed in the first world war just by virtue of his stupid talents?"
Zuo Baogui doubt way "talent? What’s wrong with Gong Ting’s account? "
They will also look to Nie Shicheng.
Nie Shicheng laughed and pointed his finger at Zhang Yi and said, "This is Zhang Yi, my right-hand man, the newly rising genius of our army!"