But at this time, the mask that enveloped the sky suddenly burst!
"Blare …"
Several ghosts and skeletons seem to know that this is the place where the large array of keys are sealed. One by one, they are fierce and not afraid of death, and many people are afraid.
"Damn it!"
Xia Qi low scold a didn’t think hexagrams figure will be refined, but gave birth to such a change.
"Liunan blocks all ghosts and skeletons for me and can’t disturb me to refine my divination map!" Xia Qi released the puppet Liunan, which is comparable to that of the Yuan infant monk Liunan. It should not be difficult to block these ghosts and puppets for a while.
"Bang bang!"
After being refined into a puppet Liunan, he was unconscious. Xia Qida ordered him to violently shoot his fist and blast out the glittering and translucent jade skeleton. He was bombarded and scattered in succession!
Moreover, the puppet Liu Nangen has no soul and is not afraid of the ghost attack. In the face of the ghost attack, he doesn’t flash or avoid the fist, and all the ghosts are bombarded with a trace of true fire.
The violent attack of puppet Liunan temporarily blocked the skeleton and ghosts from disturbing Xia Qi, but Xia Qi was still full of worries.
Although the puppet Liunan is a baby, after all, there is a skeleton and a ghost coming at him, but it is endless in all directions, so it is naturally more and more difficult to stop the puppet Liunan.
Xia Qi threw away his distractions and refined the hexagrams, but the mysterious bead seemed to feel the critical situation, and even more gray fog was emitted to help Xia Qi refine the hexagrams.
This gray fog is amazing. Although it is extra, the speed of Xia Qi refining and divination is soaring at once, which makes Xia Qi very surprised.
"Hoo …!"
The evil wind roared violently. Compared with that layer of seal, it seems that there have been several cracks, but the place where the hexagram is located is the strongest place. More and more ghosts and skeletons gather!
"You can refine it after a while!"
Xia Qi’s heart was full of tension, but he tried to refine it, but he also had to pay a little attention to the situation outside and let ghosts and skeletons suddenly attack.
Guatu is almost refined, but at this moment it has been sweeping the skeleton and ghost puppet Liunan, but it is directly inverted by a zombie with blood-red hair!
"It’s comparable to a zombie in Yuan’s infancy!"
Seeing this three or four meters tall, huge, ferocious zombie with red hair, he felt the ferocity emanating from his body. Xia Qi exclaimed that his face had changed greatly!
This kind of earth zombie is more earth than monks of the same level. Many bodies are hard and ordinary, and the root defense can’t be broken. It is very rare in the whole cultivation world.
Hoarse roar to shake several ghosts and skeletons seem to be afraid of zombie threats and dare not attack Xia Qi first, but look at zombies directly approaching Xia Qi.
The red-haired zombie’s corpse seems to be full of gas, because it just crawled in the blood river, and the blood dripped along the red hair, and it seemed to be infected with the gray corpse gas!
Chapter 56 Seal collapse
Chapter 56 Seal collapse
The zombie with hideous face and red hair rushed directly to Xia Qi.
The ghosts, zombies, etc. in this mysterious world are very clear that Xia Qi’s divination diagram is to completely break the seal key!
Xia Qi’s anxious divination map will be refined, but this red-haired zombie appears beyond expectations, and even the puppet Liunan is not an opponent. At this moment, it seems that there is no time for Xia Qi to refine the divination map.
"Liunan blocked me!"
Xia Qi’s Four Ignorant True Fires poured out, and the hot true fire seemed to burn even the sky. At the same time, Liu Nan, the puppet, was controlled and desperate to stop the red-haired zombies at the cost of destruction.
But the red-haired zombie is too tough, his body is like a magic weapon, and his strength is like the sea. Seeing the puppet Liunan desperate to stop the roar, a pair of fists blasted out and smashed the puppet Liunan and flew directly!
The tyrannical power destroys everything!
A punch flying puppet Liunan red-haired zombie didn’t pay attention to the puppet field. The corpse gas rippled around him and condensed in his right hand. With a piercing roar, the red-haired zombie fist crashed towards Xia Qi!
The wind blows, the corpse is full of gas, and even the magic gas is rolling all over the place.
The fierce wind blows Xia Qi’s robe, and even his skin hurts. There is no doubt that this fist contains great power!
Xia Qi was pale. He felt the surge of corpse gas. The terrorist attack was enough to smash his fist!
Even so, Xia Qi still didn’t give up refining hexagrams. He knew that it would be insane to give up refining hexagrams and want to escape from the red-haired zombies at this moment! The only chance is to try to refine the divination map before the red-haired zombie attack comes!
Ear red-haired zombie’s tough fist has come to an end, and the strength will break and break, and the sound will clearly enter Xia Qi’s ear, giving people an incomparable feeling.
But at this moment, the hexagrams are buzzing and shining brightly to dispel the magic gas, like a hot sun, and finally Xia Qi finished refining and became his own!
At this moment, Xia Qi didn’t study the divinatory symbols, and the truth rolled like a long river pouring into it, and the divinatory symbols were covered with light!