After the secret gun sounded, hundreds of lead bullets roared out of the barrel. Although most of them were shaken by the musketeers, their hands did not know where they had flown, but there were still more than 100 lead bullets with the smell of death flying to the tiger and leopard army that attacked them head-on.

Accompanied by a series of screams, the position of Tiger and Leopard Army rang out, and the soldiers in the musket battalion of the dense musket array directly poured more than 20 people.
Xie Hui brought these soldiers, although they are veterans who have participated in too few battles, but no matter how much people die, when death really comes to them, there will be fears and worries for a while.
The only difference is that veterans can quickly get out of these fears and continue to fight, while recruits will die, and the impact of more and more panic is more than the direct loss of fighting courage.
At the moment of being attacked, the musket camp was still in a short period of chaos, followed by guns that were not just so neat but very messy
At this time, if you have a little combat experience, you will know that Tartars have just fired the first round of lead shots and must have achieved results.
The Tatar officer of this cavalry thousand troops is just such a person.
Although the battlefield has spread, the smoke blocked his view and he could not see the results intuitively.
However, when the front tiger and leopard army cluttered the gun to the ear, the Tatar officer’s face showed a thick smile directly.
Then ordered without hesitation, "Han flag musketeers continue to attack … while attacking and shooting, the front butch army has been disrupted in your just counterattack …"
"The cavalry warriors are going to ride and shoot the butch army …"
"Rushed into the butch army array, and each soldier was rewarded with 12 taels of silver to kill a butch army soldier, and each soldier was rewarded with 22 taels of silver and a slave … The warriors paid the silver and the slaves continued to attack and kill …"
The Tatar officer was full of temptation and growled, and the expressions of hundreds of musketeers in the Chinese flag were just panic and confusion, and they were directly replaced by heat.
All of them know that the Tatar fighters behind them will not only die, but also the Jin family will be killed by the Tatar. In this case, they might as well fight to the death.
If you are lucky enough to escape the lead shot from the tiger and leopard army and rush into the tiger and leopard army position, you will not only live, but also get a large reward than being an officer in the army …
In this case, the musketeers left in the Han flag are as fierce as wolves who smell blood and rush to the musketeers camp without fear of death
In the face of this situation, Tatar smiled, but the face of all the people in the tiger and leopard army positions, including teachers Xie Hui, became more and more dignified
Deputy teachers around him looked at the dignified face of the musketeers who were almost crazy, and directly showed an incredible expression, and then exclaimed with a puzzled face
"Are these people crazy? Don’t they forget that they are Han Chinese, and they will work for the Tatars to slaughter their own compatriots … How can they not be so brave when they didn’t surrender and fight against the Tatars?"
Mr. Xie Hui, with the same dignified face, replied without thinking, "The reason is very simple. They want to live and destroy us before they can live. There is also a reason why there will be such a big change in them. That is, the post-8 Jin J is more harsh than the imperial loyalist, leaving them with no luck and no way out …"
Speaking of this, the mighty Hanqi Musketeers have once again rushed forward for more than ten paces.
More importantly, they have finished reloading their muskets for the second time and are ready to shoot.
While the defending Tiger and Leopard Army shot three rounds of lead bullets in a row, but less than 500 lead bullets were fired in three rounds, which caused more than 100 losses to these Han flag musketeers.
When a new round of guns sounded in the Tatar army array, less than 500 lead bullets still roared and flew to the Tiger and Leopard army musket array.
After being covered up by a gun, more than 30 musketeers were directly shot to the ground and their lives were uncertain.
At this time, the assistant teachers around me were full of anxious sounds and came to Xie Hui’s ear again.
"Teachers with the last fifty steps left, if you can’t stop them, let them rush forward twenty steps, and the Tatar cavalry can use bows and arrows to kill us …"
"I didn’t expect that the fighting capacity of the Dalai Lama rose so fast after the formation of the so-called Han flag. It seems that all of us have underestimated the enemy before the first attack of the enemy will expose all our strength …" The tree-lined Xie Hui sighed with emotion and ordered.
"All the guns left in the division fired at the Tatar cavalry horse …"
"Two regiments, two regiments, two battalions and three battalions took out the stirrups we brought and scattered them around the position to form a wide mixed horse area with less than three battles. After that, the horses returned to the position to act as bombers …"
"This time, we brought a full 20,000 grenades, which is enough for us to charge the enemy into the Grenade attack range in two days, and then hit the Grenade before going to the position for me …"
"Four musket battalion to Dalai didn’t rushed to the front, just give me continue to shoot …"
"The last order is that all musket bayonets should be prepared for close combat with the enemy. Although I hate to see this happen, we have to be prepared just in case."
All the casualties of the Tatar cavalry in the flowering bomb department directly exceed those of the Han flag musketeers in front of the block
Although the death and injury of the fighters made the Tatar officer very angry, he was very excited in his heart, as if he were waving to him again after victory
In the eyes of this Tatar officer, the Tiger and Leopard Army changed its style of play at this time, which meant that it was the last to fight for the trapped animals and struggle for the final struggle.
So the excited Tatar officers directly regarded the cavalry around them as losing more and more, and shouted loudly, "The victory of the warriors is just around the corner … All the people are going to rush into the position of the Tiger and Leopard Army and kill them all …"
After the order was reached, the Tatar picked up the horse’s bow and feet to control the horse’s bow and arrow, and then whizzed the tiger and leopard army to shoot the first round of arrows dozens of steps away
Tartars rained arrows on the soldiers of the musket battalion who were shooting, and more than 100 people were lost in an instant.
Not only that, the first round of arrows brought death to everyone, but the second round of arrows has come to everyone’s head again
At this time, the musketeers charged against the lead bullets. Although the musketeers lost their artillery attacks, the musketeers became more and more accurate, and the charging distance was just over 20 steps, causing almost 200 casualties to these people.
So when the musketeers in Hanqi approached the killing range of the Hubao army grenades, they lost more than half, and there were less than 300 musketeers left.
You can clearly see the musketeers of Kong Hanqi in the face of the fact that you are close at hand.
Tiger and Leopard Army positions are scattered behind the musket array, and the bomber did not hesitate to light the grenade matchrope, and then tried his best to throw out the white smoke Grenade in his hand.
In a blink of an eye, almost 300 grenades flew with the wind to the Han flag musketeers who were getting closer and closer to the position.
All the way forward, I am about to rush into the position of the Tiger and Leopard Army. Victory has already begun to wave to myself. The soldiers of Hanqi have not yet reacted from the shock to a deadly attack, and a violent explosion has sounded around them.
The musketeers who rushed to the front were drowned without responding, and no one knew what would happen in the smoke caused by the explosion of grenades.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-seven Life for life
After the explosion of thousands of grenades in succession, there are 300 musketeers left in Tatar, even if they don’t die, they have to peel off their skins.
More importantly, during the grenade explosion, musketeers in musket camp still kept shooting lead bullets forward, and even though they dodged the grenade attack from the front, they did not hesitate to take their lives away.
The musketeers who came to serve as cannon fodder in Hanqi finally succeeded in breaking through the Grenade interception, and only a handful of musketeers finally failed to break through the musket and lead bullet interception, leaving a dozen paces from the position of Tiger and Leopard Army.
Of course, in this battle, the Tatar cavalry also brought almost 200 casualties to the musket battalion than to the remaining bombers.
If it weren’t for the fact that the Tatar was about to face the Grenade attack of the Tiger and Leopard Army, and he had to give up the horse bow and take up the sabre, just riding and shooting one item would bring unpredictable results to the defending Tiger and Leopard Army.
The fall of the Musketeer Army in Hanqi, plus the last thirty paces between the two armies, finally turned into a battle between the Tiger and Leopard Army and the real Tatar cavalry.
Because the cavalry far exceeded the infantry’s charge speed, the tiger and leopard army threw grenades, although explosions continued
However, there are still almost 400 fast-charging Tatar cavalry who broke through the interception and appeared in front of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Facing the overwhelming like a chariot, the Tatar cavalry held high in the face of the Tatar, emitting a dense cold light, blocking the front musketeers with a sabre, and even if they were well trained, they could not help but start to panic.
At this time, teachers Xie Hui couldn’t help but launch a malicious attack to directly surpass an already-good lead musket and pull the trigger at close range cavalry without hesitation, and then it was like an angry lion roaring.
"Still stare blankly stem what to die? The horse shot … After shooting the lead shot, prepare the musket bayonet for hand-to-hand combat. "
"Bombers don’t stop throwing grenades at Tatars, which can kill one more Tatar …"
After three rounds of lead bullets, Tartars rushed directly to the position less than fifteen steps away from the position.
When they saw that the tiger and leopard army had given up shooting at close range, and everyone was holding muskets high, it seemed that they were ready to fight with themselves at close range
The face of more than 300 Tatar cavalry directly showed a fanatical expression of impending murder.
In their eyes, if the tigers and leopards lose their muskets, they will become helpless lambs to slaughter on their own.
The remaining Tatars in the battlefield are just like taking stimulants, and they are desperate to kill the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Fanaticism turns to fanaticism, which the Tatars didn’t expect was that a very fatal danger was approaching them step by step, leading them to the abyss of expectation.
Fifteen steps, twelve steps, ten steps …
Riding a horse with a full face of heat, Tatar calculated that the distance between the two armies was getting smaller and smaller, thinking about when to wield a knife, Kanbutu’s head.