But the three men still restrained their desires in their hearts. After all, elders should be like elders

I don’t blame the three people for their experience in knot Dan, which is not much for still and a Buddhist monk in the construction period.
Ling Yuansheng saw what the three people thought and didn’t say what it was. Hehe smiled.
It took LingRenYin a long time to react.
"Uncle, you also want to see the ancestors’ experience of knot Dan?"
"I’ll give it to you after I read it."
Ling Youdao three people dare not summer-planting son can also ha ha smiled.
On the second day, Ling Yuansheng personally went to Shangong Hall to let Ling Dingzong, the manager of Shangong Hall, clear up Lingdingshan Ling’s family’s good deeds and his own family’s good deeds were almost cleared up.
After the Qing Dynasty, Ling Dingzong asked, "Is it that the good deeds of the 100,000 families are going to be exchanged for Long Dan?"
Ling Yuansheng nodded, "You measured well."
Immediately said, "Now the family has not been promoted to Long Dan, but will be promoted to Long Dan."
Ling Yuan was born and left, and soon after the news that Long Dan was exchanged, the Ling family department.
Even people who have long expected this are not lost, and even worse, those who are committed to exchange for Long Dan people.
Next, Ling Renyin concentrated on studying the experience of two ancestors who stayed in Jiedan.
While Lingdingshan Lingyou Xianling Youdao Mu Yan ran, Zhenhai Palace and his party made preparations.
Yu Ling was born. He not only wants Ling Youdao to go to Zhenhai Palace to prepare, but also wants Ling Renyin to prepare for Dan.
Especially LingRenYin closed knot Dan things for the whole LingShi family is absolutely a day.
So many things crowded together and calmed down for a long time, and the Ling family also became lively.
And the former people who complained about the exchange of Long Dan were also shut up at this moment
Because they all know one problem, that is, Ling Renyin has a very high probability of knot Dan, and it is absolutely worthwhile for Long Dan to give it to her.
There is no doubt that an alchemist is important to the Ling family. Her alchemy will bring more stable resources for cultivating immortals to the family.
Time flies in a hurry, and half a year has passed in an instant.
At this time in LingRenYin closed knot Dan preparation has almost.
One day Ling Renyin found Ling Yuansheng.
"Met Grandfather"
"Yeah, but what’s wrong with all the experiences of the two ancestors? Go ahead, Grandfather, you answer. "
"It’s not Grandpa Zu. I’ve tried to figure out the experience of the two ancestors, and I’ll give it to my aunt three days ago."
"It’s time to come to Grandpa Zu today and tell Grandpa Zu that I’m ready to close Dan."
Hearing this, Ling Yuansheng was surprised and said, "Oh?"
Immediately to react "very good Baiyun top best that abode of fairies and immortals have you ready, you can always go to close.
Yu’ an, the old man has arranged for two monks in the family to protect you during the foundation period.
At ordinary times, the old man will also add more notes to your situation, and the peace of mind is Dan. "
Ling Renyin said happily, "The sound is white."
Ling Yuansheng waved. "All right, you go."
"Yiner excused himself"
Say LingRenYin turned away.
Then she went to see Ling Youdao, Ling Dingshan and Mu Yanran respectively, and then went to Baiyunding to close the abode of fairies and immortals.
And she closed the knot Dan thing Ling clan knew very few people, let alone outsiders.
As time goes by, half a year passes in an instant.
Ling Youdao’s four people are almost ready to bid farewell to Ling Yuan. After birth, they will go to Baiguifang City and then to Wufangcheng by sending the array.
Chapter four hundred The party by the cypress pool is a feast for the eyes!
Wufangcheng gathered to get the quota to enter the ruins of Zhenhai Palace, and there were no more or less monks, just one thousand people.
Ling’s four people have been here for so long and have heard some news from others.
First of all, when the identity of the five major factions was verified, it was found that someone was associated with the Taoist priest, or that he was the Taoist priest, but he had been hiding among the monks of the right path.
The attitude of the five sects towards the Godsworn is to directly kill without mercy.
The people who were missing were directly supplemented from behind, but they were so happy that they bluntly said they were lucky.
"Don’t be ill, four Taoist friends."
Smell speech lingshi four people smell it and see Wei Ming came up from a distance, followed by a young man who looks like him, presumably a brother.
"Ha ha Wei Daoyou, who is this?"
Ling Youdao laughed first and then looked at the young man next to Wei Ming and asked
"Four Taoist friends, let me introduce you to my second brother named Wei Enemy."
Then see Wei hostile lingshi four people a hand at the same time intentionally send out their own momentum that momentum straight to lingshi four people.
"Wei enemy has seen four Taoist friends."
Ling Youdao was slightly surprised and immediately released his momentum to turn back the Wei enemy’s momentum
"Ha ha ha ha natural enemies friendly name!"
Wei enemy secretly surprised his face but did not change his way. "I dare not take the name of the elder, even if it is exaggerated, it is not high to change."
Ling Youdao nodded and looked at Wei Ming with a smile. "Daoyou must have something to come to see me for, right?"
"Ha ha, Xin Wansheng, Hua Fei Yin and other Taoist friends shot up a game so that everyone could meet before entering the ruins of Zhenhai Palace, so that they could mix their faces and fight with their own people after entering the ruins."
Ling Youdao nodded "That’s a good idea"
"Daoyou mean agreed?"