Yan Dihan punched a huge pit on the ground, and a punch missed the Eye of the Eye. Yan Dihan suddenly turned around and drank a girl’s literature. This punch completely targeted the Eye of the Eye and sealed his retreat.

Eye-opener hey hey strange smile does not resist Yan Dihan’s fist strength to attack the body "shout" Yan Dihan’s fist passes through the eye-opener’s body with no resistance, and then before Yan Dihan can react, a crimson eye pupil gives off enchanting brilliance and a wonderful force.
Yan’s cold body suddenly shook and immediately took back his fist to avoid it, but it was already late. The palm of the eye spat and put a palm on Yan’s cold chest. Rao is Yan’s cold constitution is different from ordinary people’s physical fitness and can’t afford the first update of girls’ literature
"Deng Deng" took two big steps back, and he was sure to take advantage of it. He drifted back and endured it, but he still didn’t hold back "Wow" and spit out one mouthful blood.
On Sunday, when I saw Yan’s cold injury, I was frightened to cast my posture of "shifting and transposition". My posture suddenly appeared in front of the eye of the eye, and my fingers did not speak. Ten firm but gentle shots were emitted. Each firm but gentle shot hit the eye of the eye in an orderly manner from all aspects.
Eye-catching people’s eyes show contempt for these ten firm but gentle words on Sunday, or hey hey sneer, "On Sunday, your strength is good, but it’s a pity that I deliberately concealed my strength at that time. You have fought several times, and it’s all ten percent skill. Otherwise, do you still have a life here in girls’ literature? I advise you to get out."
Ten firm but gentle eyes shook their heads with disdain. Firm but gentle eyes shot in from all over his body, and the sight was about to pass through his body. On Sunday, they sneered, "Then look at this trick." Eyes stared and shouted "broken."
I heard a dull explosion in the body of the Eye of the Eye, and my half-length clothes were riddled with explosive shock wave. Even my mouth was a little bloodshot with blood oozing from the thin seams of my skin.
This move is just what Sunday learned from the "Thousand Sword Wan Jian" shock wave, and it is not very mature, but it also forced the sword slave to almost die here. Now his skill has greatly increased and he has made great progress in understanding this move. Ten explosions of shock waves have sent out thousands of shock waves, which are sharper than expected.
Eye-catching people are already familiar with Zhou Tianxiu’s meetings when he was in Jiangzhou. If he doesn’t pay attention to Sunday’s sword strike, he will think that these ten firm but gentle ways are also hidden by the Tianchi reality. Half of the martial arts refined and refined repairs in Zitian are greatly increased, and the power generated by the sword display is naturally different from that in Jiangzhou.
The Eye of the Eye was accidentally ambushed by Sunday, and thousands of firm but gentle words flowed freely in his body. The first update of girls’ literature destroyed his body, which forced him to separate a little power to wrap the firm but gentle on Sunday and slowly force him out of the body to look at Sunday. His eyes were full of murderous look.
The lecherous fairy was afraid that the Eye of the Eye would suddenly strike his hand. On Sunday, it was not his opponent who had an accident. He quickly went to Sunday and stared at the Eye of the Eye coldly.
Eye man forced the firm but gentle slowly out of the body and suddenly burst out laughing. "It’s very simple. My body has been transformed and mastered the laws and the laws of time. Attacks can’t cause substantial damage to me, but you can make me so embarrassed by firm but gentle."
Every word he said, the murder in his tone added a point. At the end of the day, he was all murderous. Suddenly, generate came out and his murderous look enveloped him every day. Even the torrential rain stopped moving.
The tone of the Eye of the Eye became cold, saying, "But if you hurt me, I will make you pay the price." In the face of the sky, the long whistling went out at a distance. Soon, several whistling responses came from the mountain, and four figures flashed on the mountain, and in a blink of an eye, they rushed to the place where Sunday and others stood.
Take a closer look at it. It’s the day that organizes cold rain, thunder and thunder, and a rather delicate middle-aged man, but it’s the fifth leader of the day organization, Long Xiang.
As soon as the four girls’ literature was updated for the first time, their eyes echoed each other in turn, forming an anti-encirclement campaign against Sunday and others. Seeing that reinforcements have arrived, the number of them is better than that of the lecherous fairy and Sunday, but their comprehensive strength is much stronger than theirs. If the people he brings are not the only ones who dominate the party, how can he treat Sunday, a young man who has just debuted, in the eyes?
The lascivious fairy’s face changed, and so many experts were dispatched by the organization. Obviously, it was time to come back to Er Shen, the three gods of China, to exchange glances and see that both of them were deeply worried.
The lecherous fairy said coldly, "Today is really a good time. It seems that most of the elites are determined to win the devil in ten thousand."
Eye of Heaven Humanism: "The image of the heavenly shadow is a wonderful sight that is rare in a thousand years, and it is also the best time for the demon king to break away from the seal power of the magical seal. How can I not prepare for it? Will your reinforcements come? I can tell you in vain that I sent Dugu Miao and his lover to intercept you, but there is no chance."
Zhou Tiandao said, "In this case, we can fight to the death. If we talk about it, we will never let you succeed."
"Do you have this ability?" said the Eye of Heaven dismissively. "Your strength is not weak, but in my eyes it’s just so smart. Get out of here before it’s too late. Don’t be an eyesore."
On Sunday, people’s words don’t have an eye for the eye, causing mood swings. They approached the lecherous fairy and said, "lecherous fairy, you deal with the eye for the eye, Liu predecessors deal with the cold, Xiao Yuyan predecessors deal with the war days, and I’ll deal with the storm. I’ll give Wang Xing and them one left."
The lecherous fairy shouted "Let’s do it" and told the other people about Sunday’s arrangement strategy. Suddenly, the Eye of the Eye caught up and shouted "Let’s do it" to others.
On Sunday, after listening to the words of the lecherous fairy, he took the lead in sneak attack on the thunderstorm. "Ah!" He shouted loudly in the jungle. At that time, Zhou Tianxiu was slightly defeated by him, but he was extremely embarrassed by his wisdom several times.
Now Sunday’s strength and martial arts are greatly improved, and through his ingenuity, maybe he is really not his opponent. When he wakes up, his eyes suddenly change from dark black to green, and his momentum suddenly changes. His hands are on his chest, and green gas keeps pouring into his body.
Two rows of teeth suddenly grew wildly, and two of them popped out and hung their mouths like two ivory.
The color of the fingernails on both hands changed from reddish to blackish, and the fingernails kept growing outward until they were like ten small swords.
The saliva in my mouth dripped drop by drop, and the whole person suddenly gave off the smell of rotting corpses.
Before the storm, he burst into his own power, and zombie mode made his strength and skill advance by leaps and bounds.
BaoLei burst into zombie mode to stop being afraid of Sunday. "I’ll show you my real strength." A pale flash suddenly appeared in the dark night, and a flash fell on BaoLei, which made him surrounded by flash.
Then, with a wave and a flash of his right hand, he split out with black poison gas.
I’ve seen the zombie mode of Thunderstorm on Sunday. I saw this flash split to display the posture of "shifting shape and transposition". I teleported to Thunderstorm in an endless stage. One stroke of my right hand "Tai Chi Yin Yang Palm" and the other stroke of my left hand "Sumeru God Palm" merged together, and the zombie mode of Thunderstorm was broken. One palm of my body was ruthlessly printed on Thunderstorm.
"Bang", the thunder went backwards repeatedly, and the zombie mode greatly improved his body, which made him hard to resist external attacks. However, the convergence of two sharp palms on Sunday was earth-shattering, which made him have no chance to dodge quickly.
A slap on his left rib almost broke his whole qi and blood tumbling, and the left rib corpse cyclone rushed to the left rib and abruptly carried two palm forces.
Sunday sneered, "The strength is not bad, then look at my blow." He decided to make a quick decision and organize several experts in the day. The strength seems to be the weakest in the storm. He must solve the storm as soon as possible to support Wang Xing and them.
It seems that Wang Xing and others are no match for Long Xiang.
Chapter two hundred and sixteen Exotic golems
Girls’ literature
If you want to solve the storm quickly, it is difficult to win by strength alone. Even if Zhou Tianxiu makes great progress, the state of storm still loses a lot. Even if he has the comprehensive strength, he can still draw a tie. The zombie mode of storm is a combination of heaven and earth. It can be said that it is extremely difficult to kill him.
The only way is to burn off the storm with the milky white flame of "the pupil of the eye". On Sunday, I decided to put all my eggs in one basket.
On Sunday, the firm but gentle sword of Heavenly Sword in the right hand suddenly condensed in the palm of your hand, and displayed the method of "shifting shape and transposition" to release your martial soul while the storm was not paying attention.
Wu soul holds a huge sword balloon on Sunday, and the girl literature presses to the thunder chest. Thunderstorm coldly drinks "This is not for me". The black nails will tear Sunday with a sharp light.
Suddenly, Wu Soul turned into a milky light and flew back to Sunday’s abdomen. Suddenly, the thunder exclaimed, "It’s not good to get caught." I quickly turned around and saw Sunday’s eyes suddenly become perfect and milky, and his mind flashed, "You are the pupil of God’s eyes."
On Sunday, the cold road said, "You know it’s too late." From the depths of the eye pupil, there was a bright spot that suddenly shot a milky white flame, and the milky white flame surrounded the thunder body completely.
"Ah!" In the dark night, the thunderbolt bursts into the sky with piercing screams, and the hearers don’t move. When people hear the thunderbolt screams and avoid the attack of the lecherous fairy, they will see that Sunday’s eyes turn completely milky, and the thunderbolt is surrounded by a milky flame, and it won’t be long before it is burned completely without leaving any dust.
Heart exclaimed, "The pupil of God’s eye is really underestimated. I didn’t expect him to introduce the pupil of God’s eye. Although it is the first level, it also has such power. It is really not underestimated."
It’s hard to decide the outcome when you see the lascivious fairy attacking violently. You think to yourself, "If you don’t solve the battle as soon as possible in two hours, it will take a lot of energy and time to release the demon king for ten thousand years."
On Sunday, he used the "eye pupil technique" to kill Bao Lei, but it almost exhausted his physical strength. After all, the "eye pupil technique" is extremely demanding on gas constitution. It is commendable to use the "eye pupil technique" in the state of qi and gas on Sunday, but no matter how high his true temperament is, he can use the method of mysterious gas, vitality and chaotic gas phase comparison to achieve the "eye pupil technique" at will.
Holding his hand and panting, he suddenly saw the man with the eye secretly take out a golden disc from his arms and seemed to think of something. "Stop him, lecherous fairy. That’s Luo Cha disc. It’s an evil force. He wants Luo Cha disc to release the devil in ten thousand."
Unfortunately, it’s already late.
The Eye of the Eye took out Luo Cha’s plate and organized the master to leap behind him in order for the remaining days to push back the lecherous fairy together.
Seeing God Eye’s eyes full of worship, I looked at Luo Cha Pan in my hand and laughed. "Finally, we can finally realize our dreams." Luo Cha Pan received orders from God Eye to "buzz" and flew to the middle school.
At this time, the moon suddenly turned red and was about to drip blood. The rain also stopped. The supernatural image of the sky was officially launched. In the night, the golden light was filled with several golden blood-red moons, and a huge magic image suddenly appeared in the sky. "Ow!" Shouting and blowing up the gas shook the whole mountain.
The "Exotic Magic Elephant" cried the lewd fairy in horror, and the voice was full of fear. He shouted, "Everyone Qi Xin joined forces to stop the Exotic Magic Elephant from destroying the magic seal." It also did not consider that a bunch of master gas such as the Eye of the Heaven ran out and entangled the Exotic Magic Elephant.
On Sunday, the milky white flame was released, and the hands were combined into a giant sword, which was slashed at the first update of girls’ literature
Liu ruofeng and Yan dihan make moves at the same time, and the two of them join hands to multiply their power. Four gases are fused to form a gas network to stop the heretics from being in the middle.