In order to prepare Yaori for magic, I blocked him in front and tried to stop the Terracotta Warriors and Horses from thundering. I also launched thunder to help me resist it. After everything was ready, Yaori woke up and shouted at me.
"Cat Rang"
Hearing this instruction, I immediately ran behind Yaori and asked him to work magic.
After a gust of wind and blizzard hit, the passage near us was covered with ice, and those terracotta warriors and horses were decorated with ice sculptures.
While the terracotta warriors and horses were temporarily moving, we quickly ran past them and got into a nearby fork in the road.
We just entered the fork in the road and ran for a few steps. Suddenly, a passage became a ramp with an angle of nearly 90 degrees, so we slipped along the winding ramp.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah-"On the way to taxiing, we refrained from screaming.
"Gala la master don’t slide so fast! Wait! Thunderstorm! "In the storm, I tried to speed up and chase us.
I really want to wait for you, too. If I have a brake system here, I will definitely stop. I am smiling bitterly.
I don’t know how many turns and turns we finally fell into a pool.
"plop! As we landed, a big splash burst out of the pool
"Cough, cough, cough …" A lot of water was poured into the nose, and it choked us. We were sad and coughed on the shore.
"Honk! Master, Yao Ri, are you all right? "Thunderstorm circled the pool and worried about looking at us.
"Nothing, nothing." I struggled to climb the shore and tossed my hair.
"There seems to be no exit," I said in distress when I looked around.
The pool is surrounded by a circle of stone walls with dazzling crystal columns. Looking up, there is only one hole in the wall, which is the entrance for us to fall. Besides, this cave has nothing else but its way out.
"Export will be in the water? "said Yao ri’s guess.
"It’s possible." I walked to the water and looked at the bottomless pool.
"Let’s take a look at the floating house." Yaori called out the floating house.
"well? Ga does does *&# … "Suddenly, the thunder gave a vague sound.
Looking back, I found it was lying on a cluster of crystal columns, munching.
"Don’t eat when you see something …" I looked at it.
Trying hard to swallow the "food" in your mouth, and then suddenly thunder flew to my side with a look of sadness.
"You can’t eat those’ indigestible’ things when you are hungry." I searched in the warehouse and found a bag of food I prepared in advance for it.
"Honk! Thank you, master! "See food storm immediately quiet hard to eat.
After the water, it is necessary to float the house to explore and find the exit, while we sit leisurely and enjoy the scenery in the water.
The world in the water is very beautiful, and colorful corals are all over the blue-green aquatic plants, shaking with the current, and there are strange colorful lights flashing in the clear water waves.
"… what is so beautiful place monster is so ugly? "I sighed.
Outside the floating department, there are a group of monsters whose hair is strips of sea snakes, whose skin color is dark blue, their eyes are bulging, their mouths are bright red and their ears are cracked. They are barely human, but they are divided into four octopus touching their feet.
"Galala blue-skinned sea monsters appeared and they attacked us." The head of the thunderstorm floating department whirled around.
Blue-skinned sea monsters slap their hands on the outer wall of the floating house, and their mouths keep spitting out turquoise juice at us. Although they don’t really spray us, it’s disgusting to just look through the wall of the floating house.
"Warning the floating house to be attacked by monsters …" The floating house woke up.
"Speed up" doesn’t want to be entangled in them.
But no matter how fast we speed up, the blue-skinned sea monsters are still chasing after us
"Warning that the floating house is attacked by monsters, so far there has been slight damage …" The wake-up sound rang again.
"Floating house can attack monsters? "I asked
"No, it’s not armed."
"That … we can attack the foreign head from the inside? "I have another way.
"If you can’t fight, you must go outside." Yaori still shook his head.
"It’s not the way to keep under attack like this …" I was distressed to think of a way.
If I go out and fight with them, I’m afraid I’ll come back to the floating house for air without a few fights. Is there any way to solve them at once or trap them?
Looking at the monster outside, I suddenly flashed a point in my mind.
I got up and walked to the door.
"What are you going to do? "Yao Ri curious to ask me.
There was no answer. I smiled back at the distant sun and jumped out of the floating room
After I showed up, the blue-skinned sea monsters swam towards me.
I gathered air in my palm, and a turtle fairy qigong bomb was fired at them. Several meteor bombs were hit, and they retreated a little. I gathered air again and followed me to send a light net to them to bind them firmly.
While they were moving, I gathered up the third Qigong bullet and blasted it at them, and the blue-skinned sea monster was annihilated by me.
The blue-skinned monster of death turned into several beads with different colors and two keys. Although I didn’t know the value of the beads, I still put them in the warehouse and put them in the keys …
Is it to open those boxes? I found boxes lying on the bottom of the water, with a little mud and sand piled on their heads.
Sliding my hands and feet, I swam towards a box with locks of different colors at the head. I tested a key box with the same color as the lock, and the box was successfully opened.
In the box, there is a less advanced weapon besides the ornaments that can be sold by others.
I kept looking for a box with the same color as the other key. This time, there was a pile of garbage, seaweed and some fruits in the first box.
I was unlucky this time. I reached for those fruits and swam back to the floating room.
"Thunderstorm, this is for you." I threw the fruit at it.
"We have found the exit to adjust the direction of progress …" The voice came from the floating house.
When we landed in a passage above the water, we saw a scene like purgatory.
Bones and debris are everywhere, and the gray walls are splashed with blood, as if there had been a massacre here.
A slight scream came as we left the floating house.
"Someone? "I take a look at each other with Yao Ri and then follow the sound.
The more you move forward, the more obvious it becomes. You can hear that there are many people gathering in front.
"… it hurts so much that I was run over by an iron ball."
"Just say don’t touch things. There are a lot of machines here. Who touches them? "A girl complained of discontent.
"I don’t know. The monster suddenly rushed out."
"It’s a good thing there are extraordinary and Fei Mansha, otherwise we would be wiped out."
"The present situation is no different from a party," replied the smiling girl.
"Extraordinary? Do we know that extraordinary? "I’m surprised to ask the remote day.