"Like me"

"You …" Time meter language.
"Then why are you chasing me?" Timetable breath continued
"You stole from me" cloud expression
"Didn’t you steal it?"
"Attempted is also a crime"
"What do you want! ! ? ?” The timepiece roared, "You can’t kill people too much!"
"What explanation?"
"Want to steal from me?"
"I have stolen it and I didn’t steal it!"
"That’s the result. I want to ask why!"
"The reason is-I want to steal!" The timepiece is sitting on the ground again and playing with it. "I just want to steal you and see what I do!" "
"If you don’t say why, you should have difficulties!"
"I have difficulties? No, otherwise why didn’t I know? "
"You have, you must have. I’ve seen your handwriting. It doesn’t look like a bad person’s handwriting. You must have a reason to steal it."
"You … you mean you think I have a reason to steal. Now you want me to tell you, right?" The timepiece feels like it’s going crazy.
"Yes" Cloud smiled with satisfaction.
"Ha ha ….." One side of the tree to a silvery smile.
A girl of sixteen or seventeen sat in the tree with naughty eyes looking at the ground. Their lovely Yao noses kept twitching and they couldn’t say it. She was charming and soft, clutching her small lips and laughing.
"What are you laughing at?" Cloud is not white timepiece is very angry, two people asked at the same time.
"Are you two acting? Have fun," said the girl, kicking two white legs as white as lotus roots.
"Nonsense! What acting? Can’t you see that this stinky little fellow is bullying my old man? " Tearing his hair out about the timepiece.
"What? Just tell me what your difficulties are. Where did I bully you? " Yun feels very sorry for himself.
"Don’t make so much noise. Let me give you a comment on the crime of disturbing the girl’s sleep first." The girl rubbed her cute little nose and jumped lightly from the tree. "Let me introduce myself first. My name is Nangong Yue. You are both people. You don’t sign up for the girl separately." Nangong Yue learned the lines of Bao Gong in the opera. What a lovely face with a naughty smile!
Chapter A Big Lie
If ordinary people, especially men, were changed, I’m afraid they would have been fascinated by this little cute guy and confessed everything. However, Timekeeper and Yun are two different people, and they have been talking about romantic affairs for a long time. The other is that the sage’s thoughts are conservative when he is wet behind the ears, and he doesn’t think much about it when he has a cold love affair.
So the two men turned a blind eye to the Nangong Yuekou and continued their conversation.
"Old man, I know it’s not easy for you to have any difficulties. Just say it. If there is a younger generation who can help, the younger generation will do its best." Yun looked sincere
"I, my old man, my old man is guilty of being mean and my fingers itch to steal. See what you should do!" Yun’s sincere smiling face is more hateful than anything in the eyes of the timepiece. I wonder if he has never missed his life, but he can’t stand his outstanding flying skills even if he is now, and those masters are either familiar with him or he won’t easily provoke such embarrassing situations for decades! Do you really have to make up any reasons for your "difficulties"? The so-called "stealing" timepieces and "professional ethics" will never be compromised. That is tantamount to denying your own timepieces. You simply accept your fate, but you will never admit your "mistakes" or your difficulties.
This cannot father continue to talk to himself there, but he doesn’t pay attention to the Nangong month. Our Nangong little princess has been spoiled since she was a child. Wherever she is, the elders in the central family love her more than the whole. Even if she escapes from the Jianghu privately, those young talents turn around her like crazy bees and butterflies, but they have been so neglected!
"Hey ~ ~ I said that you two are rude and just ignore a weak woman?" The nangongshan month stare big beautiful eyes powder doodle mouth pursed.
Yunjian can’t hide. "This girl has something important to discuss with this elder. You see you … don’t you?" It’s a marching order to see if you can leave.
"What are you doing when a little girl doesn’t embroider in the boudoir?" Timepieces are even more unique
"You, you, you … you bully me." Nangong Yue’s eyes are red and watery. This is a great stunt she practiced since she was a child. If she wants to make this move, the elders in the home of the stars and the moon have to get it for our little princess. Even Nangong Jinghong, who is known for her serious indifference, can’t resist. "Why are people so fierce when they want to talk to you?"
"Little girl, we are talking about the right thing, and we want you to avoid it." At first, the timepiece said politely, "Didn’t your family tell you about this Jianghu? There are some things that the less you know, the better. Otherwise," The word front turned to look at Nangong Moon with malicious intent. "How watery a girl is if she suddenly disappeared, but it’s not easy to do … Hey hey" After that, her eyes flashed with a word, and her luck turned red and her face sang together, not the kui became a fine person.
"What? Pretend to cry. I’ve known it since I was a child." This time, the cloud is even more unique
Where did Nangong Yue meet such a hard and soft character? You know, many times, beautiful girls are much more sensitive to love than ordinary girls, but the opposite is true in life and dealing with people? Because people are beautiful, they are more likely to get the favor of others, so many things will be less detours, but in this way, people may have a smooth life in the first half of their lives, but they will have a lot of experience. Once they encounter any really difficult problems, they will be helpless. Nangong Yue has encountered such a problem at this time. What should we do if two soft and hard people don’t eat people? If you leave her like this, you are absolutely unwilling, but if you are here, you should …
Suddenly the Nangong Moon had a brainwave, pushed the cloud back and pulled the timepiece. "Grandpa, just tell him the truth. I don’t think this man looks like a bad guy."