Pang Dajian also felt lucky that he had bought his own money from the state, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.

In fact, Lin Chenggen didn’t want to move them. In Lin Chenggen’s eyes, these two people are worthless.
After a few days of discussion, the kingdom unanimously proposed to restore the monarchy and make Disha a powerful monarch.
It’s not that everyone doesn’t want to continue the constitutional monarchy and let the Prime Minister lead the country, but the people are really disappointed with the Prime Minister. At first, except for war, it’s war. Now the Somalis are eager to change their country, even if they go backwards, they will not hesitate to lose their lives without war, which is enough.
After five days of general election and nominal survey, Disha was elected as the new monarch of the country with 10% of the votes, and Disha became a new generation of the monarch of the country. Unlike the first generation of monarch Mogadism, Disha is now the king in power.
Of course, this is a powerful election with the new defeat of the two parties and armies. Although it is said to be country-oriented, most of the votes come from Bossaso and its surrounding areas. These people are either pirates, Zhenhai thieves and their families, or they are protected. Bossaso citizens and nationals who have taken refuge are all oriented to Disha. Of course, it is mainly because public opinion guides them well. Without correct public opinion, it is difficult to unify their values
Although Mogadishu has been destroyed by war, Bobo Sasso, the capital of Somalia, has a new meaning.
After being elected as the monarch, Disha became the commander of the Firebird Army, and now he is promoted to the commander-in-chief of the three armed forces and the minister of national defense. Qian Fei, the commander of the army, was appointed as the deputy commander of the bear, and the commander of the Haines Navy, the commander of the Holkins Army, and the deputy commander of the McLean Army.
Foreign Minister Tiletta and Minister Ann are in charge of all foreign affairs, and Minister Brown is in charge of national finance. In addition, in view of the fact that the country is still in wartime, Brown is in charge of many material deployment.
Su Qinglian, Vice Minister of Finance Hu Feifei, President of Suoguo Bank, and two people formed Suoguo People’s Bank.
The power structure of the new government of Suo Guo was handed over to the world by the war correspondents from all over the world in Bossaso for the first time, which also caused an uproar in the world. Many people sent congratulations, of course, there were many condemnations, but more people called for peace.
Huge Jian and Yuan Chenggong didn’t come to catch their breath after returning home by plane. They just reported their oil procurement plan to the big leader, but they were greeted with a scolding.
Lai Pang Dajian is the company’s third-in-command. Although he is responsible for international crude oil procurement, he seems to have great strength, but his actual hand power has certain limitations.
What do you mean? Because crude oil procurement is a naked interest problem, the price difference between inferior oil and Brent oil is three or four times. What is this concept? It’s all naked interest is money.
The profit from a ton of oil has suddenly become 200 in 2000, and no one can stand it. Zhu Xiangqian, the boss of Huaxia Oil Company, is still scolded despite his scruples about huge construction.
"This is not your own company. This is a party company. You signed this bill unilaterally. Do you know that this is harming the interests of the party, the country and the people?"
Although Mr. Zhu severely scolded Pang Dajian, he still couldn’t do anything about Pang Dajian, because the bosses of state-owned enterprises were unable to do their share, and they were able to go. Everyone had a net behind them. If it weren’t for corruption, other departments would be small problems. Besides, even corruption should be dealt with. That is the big problem. If it is not handled, it will not be a problem.
Huge Jian wiped his forehead and sweated, but instead of feeling scared, he felt lucky. He was glad that Zhu Xiangqian didn’t scold him but didn’t punish him. He was glad that he was able to escape from that place in Somalia smoothly. His generation didn’t want to go to a clean water yamen for the second time. Even if he transferred himself to a clean water yamen, it was said that his life in the country was hanging by a thread, which made Pang Dajian feel like a survivor now
Yuan Chenggong Yuan Shaoshao has been honest since he came back from a trip to Somalia. The fear in Yuan Shaoshao’s heart has faded a lot with Lin Cheng’s invitation to eat and drink. However, after the celebration party, Yuan Shaoshao was a little complacent. When he led a huge construction, he sounded the alarm for him. Tell Yuan Shaoshao about his fear in his heart. Yuan Shaoshao suddenly remembered that Lin Cheng was fidgeting with himself and others. The reason may be that he wanted to settle accounts second guessed, which made Yuan Shaoshao, who had robbed a woman with Lin Cheng, be afraid.
The most shameful thing for men is that women are robbed. Probably Yuan Shaoshao prayed every day, and he and Pang always returned to China unscathed.
However, Yuan Shao, who is dying, can converge a lot. Even he always says that this child has grown up and changed sex. In fact, Yuan Shao is dying.
Yuan Chenggong did not decide whether to tell Li Tingfei Lin Cheng’s news. He knew that Li Tingfei was very grumpy after being kicked by Lin Cheng to hurt his grandparents’ eggs, but he was restrained by Li Xiao and didn’t make any trouble. Once Li Tingfei learned Lin Cheng’s news, he didn’t know if he would do anything out of line.
Moreover, Li Guzhu Li Xiao is not a good stubble, but now there are many things to consider after a high position, which seems to be harmful to people and animals
Yuan Chenggong doesn’t want to meddle, but it’s decided that it won’t go out, but things can’t always be as they imagined. The news of the founding of the country has been broadcast through the major media in the world. Yuan Chenggong is naturally very concerned about many people he has seen.
Li Xiao, the head of the Li family, is now at home, although he is idle, but when the country makes major decisions, he will come to consult his generation of leaders. From the first thing leaders do during the Chinese New Year holiday, they can see the clue.
That is to say, although Li Xiao is not in the force center, he is not too far apart.
Li Xiao also saw that the so-called coverage of the founding of the country was much more detailed than that of the country. Li Xiao also noticed that the country actually helped Chinese people to control foreign affairs, but there was no country like Southeast Asia, where Chinese people had a very important political position.
Several oil and petrochemical bosses of the Ministry of Energy are paying close attention to the newly established Middle East Petroleum Union, and they have found out through various channels that the Middle East Petroleum Union and the newly established Soviets.
Pang Dajian didn’t dare to hide anything about this. Lin Cheng, commander-in-chief of the new sea army of Suoguo, and Brown, head of the Middle East Petroleum Union, also came into everyone’s sight.
The Ministry of Energy urgently recruited the three giants to discuss the Middle East strategy, mainly Middle East oil accounts for the largest proportion in the world. Although Middle East oil accounts for one third of the world’s crude oil, Middle East crude oil sales can account for nearly half of the world’s crude oil sales. Although many countries are also oil-producing countries, they rarely export their oil. For the Middle East, it can be said that selling oil is the economic pillar of these countries.
No one paid attention to how this Middle East oil union was established. Later, after the establishment of the oil union, it monopolized the oil sales in the whole Middle East, and many countries investigated this so-called Middle East oil union.
I don’t know the results of a survey, which surprised the leaders of the Ministry of Energy and the National Development and Reform Commission. Previously, Vice President Pang Jian, a huge Chinese oil group, said that Brown was the head of the oil alliance, which was a big mistake. They didn’t expect that the head of the oil alliance was actually a Chinese named Lin Cheng.
Pang Dajian just heard about this matter, and he was still a little confused. He didn’t expect this approachable Chinese boy to be not only the head of the Somali military, but also the person in charge of the oil alliance. This made Pang Dajian glad that he had a cold sweat. He knew in his heart that although Lin Cheng was the head of the Somali military, the whole Somali military affairs were actually in Lin Cheng’s hands, and others didn’t know that Disha, the current king of Somalia, was Lin Cheng’s apprentice and obeyed Lin Cheng.
On the contrary, Yuan Chenggong has a good eye for many things. He is also a well-informed person in Beijing, and he paid special attention to the Middle East. Yuan Chenggong learned the news as soon as the results of the investigation of Lin Cheng by the Ministry of Energy came out. This is no secret, but for Yuan Chenggong, he can’t get up with Lin Cheng at this moment. The strength gap is too obvious. Besides, Lin Cheng let himself go in Bosasso, which also made Yuan Chenggong stop a lot recently and become an honest boy.
Lin Cheng, who is practicing with Master Chen, received a message from the Minister of Energy of China inviting him to return to China to see the Chinese oil market.
Lin Cheng immediately refused without thinking. He wanted to know that the attitude of the country was not that of the national ministries. Besides, his identity was not equal. Although he said that the country was a small country, he was the commander-in-chief of the three armed forces. Although he was outnumbered, it represented the highest military chief of a country. You are not qualified for the leadership of a small Ministry.
The government of Bossasso, its capital, has been in full swing around the pirate town of Bossaso, and the construction of two parties and armies has been defeated and crippled. The country is in a state of great need, and there is sufficient funds to support it. At the moment, the national bank of Somalia has also shown its power of capital contribution, and it is easy to get things done with money. Hu Feifei is in charge of the national bank, and he has spent a lot of money on road construction, especially the municipal engineering owner. Now the whole Bossaso has changed day by day.
There are also many mineral resources in the country, such as oil and iron ore, which are not lacking. They were previously affected by the war, and no one made any discoveries. Now Sophia invited geological experts from Britain to explore the minerals in the country carefully. I believe that with sufficient funds, the huge wealth buried in the ground will gradually emerge from the ground.
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Lin Cheng didn’t agree to the invitation of Chinese Ministry of Energy to visit China for another reason. He recently had two conflicting arrangements. First, the world shipping giant Nanyang Shipping Company invited him to negotiate the shipping industry in the new year.
Lin Chenglai was determined to enter the world shipping industry, which was also due to Hu’s acquisition of the island shipyard. Although he barely turned a profit in the past few years, in recent years, due to the shrinking of the world shipping industry, many shipping companies have already paid deposits, tearing up contracts, causing the forward shipyard to fall into difficulties again.
This time, Nanyang Rongshi Shipping Company just asked Lin Cheng to discuss the problem of crossing the Gulf of Aden next year. Lin Cheng also had other tricks in his heart. For such a high Lin Cheng, he also planned to decrease year by year. After all, now that there is a crude oil capital market, this printing machine Lin Cheng is also tired of doing this all the time. Everyone lambasted pirates. After all, the word piracy is hard to say. Since it is going to decrease, Lin Cheng still plans to receive it from Rongshi Shipping Group, and it is impossible to reduce it from others.
Recently, another thing happened to Lin Cheng, that is, Chen Xiyong, the first bodyguard of the Saudi palace, sent a message that he is now with Aner. Aner is not an ordinary woman in any country’s royal family, but an ugly duckling turned into a white swan when she married the royal family.
However, it is not satisfactory for Ann to live in the palace all the time, and Lin Cheng knows that otherwise, Lin Cheng would not have killed her husband, and she could still be thrown into the arms of others. Of course, this is also related to the fact that the Saudi royal family recognized Ann as unknown and expelled her from the palace, but in any case, it is a good thing that all shall be well.