"This is impossible!"

"How can a little bitch slam a dunk …"
"It must be the stimulant Bichi!"
At one time, the game was interrupted, and the opposing players exchanged several glances. When they played again, the big center ran straight into Lin Han who was going to grab the ball.
"Bang!" Lin Han was directly knocked upside down, even though the girls jumped very fast, but the method exceeded the limit of human genes.
And they are face with that most professional and powerful basketball players who have reach the limit of human beings.
And the other person weighs nearly twice as much as them!
Beep! Beep! Beep!
The referee blew the whistle, but neither side ignored him and left the referee there directly.
When the basketball court has no rules, it is not a game but a war!
Chapter 312 Minister or death!
What happens when the physical confrontation of basketball court is brought to the extreme and almost all the rules are abandoned?
There is a kind of fighting in the world, which is also called mixed fighting and restricted fighting. Participants can beat their opponents with various fighting skills and martial arts.
And now everything on the court can be called "regular basketball!"
This is more street style than street basketball, and the difference between it and fighting is estimated to be that there is still a ball on the court!
All dirty means are no longer despised, but become legitimate means to win.
Women’s basketball girls have always been a trick to eat all over the world. Their speed and jumping ability have simply broken through the sky. It is said that martial arts are only fast and unbreakable. This extraordinary speed also allows them to really play all over the world on the basketball court.
However, abandoning almost all the rules, the height is generally 20 cm higher than oneself, but the gap is 40 cm, the weight is close to twice that of oneself, and the strength and speed have already reached. When the training conditions can reach the peak and the skills can crush their top athletes,
For the first time, I felt almost breathless and suffocated!
If the physical conditions of basketball players are divided into strength, speed, jumping ability, endurance, skill, coordination and ball quotient, and 1 is that human beings can reach the limit, then the speed and jumping ability of female basketball girls are 1, which has already exceeded the human limit, and 11, but he is all four or five.
But the speed and jumping ability of these most professional athletes are as high as 9, and all his attributes are enough to crush basketball girls.
If the girls are cheetahs, then the opponent is a giant bear! And it’s a social giant bear!
Cheetahs versus giant bears are very unfair, and now giant bears are still playing hooligans!
What does it feel like to be suppressed?
Lin Han hasn’t felt it for a long time since Cheng Zhuang’s brother and soldier came.
If you want to jump up, your knees will bend, and there will already be a knee propped up, so that women basketball girls can’t even straighten their legs.
I want to grab the ball, and my arm is not as high as others’ heads.
I want the bowler to slap the ball as soon as he lifts it, even if he doesn’t take it away, it has already interfered with the pitching route.
And even when the ball has been thrown and still flying, someone has jumped up and intercepted it.
These most professional men’s basketball players who are born 24 hours a day, 360 days a year, cooperate with each other in a tacit way. Their once-sore team is simply incomparable.
The Nut State Men’s Basketball Team is the top basketball tournament in the world, and all the players are the top talents in the world, and each of them has his own unique skills.
Not to mention the psychological pressure caused by confrontation with male players with big waists.
The garbage that followed.
Every minute, every second, basketball girls almost feel that they have broken the limit and then broke the limit.
But every second, there’s always something waiting for them to break the limit and break the limit.
What’s even more frightening is that the rules break down with time.
At first, it was a little movement, and then it gradually got bigger. What pads and elbows were already pediatrics.
Tripping, slapping, elbowing, and face buckling … every minute may ruin a person’s career.
Later, kicking the crotch, kicking the face and kicking the calf all came. Basketball almost turned into football, which may threaten their lives.
This game is simply too scary.
If you don’t feel that your fighting capacity is not enough, several policemen almost have to rush to the scene. Director Jia has already wanted to find a special police.
Jia Yelian looked so cute that he agreed to play a friendly match. How did it become a life-and-death battle? What the hell did I promise? It’s terrible!
And the leader of the Sequoia team almost regretted it!
After a game today, it may ruin the career of the players on the field! I’m afraid he will be sued by various lawyers until he dies!
But they didn’t take action, because the rhythm of the stadium game was getting hotter and hotter.
No one ever thought that a basketball game could play this feeling. This is not a basketball game, this is a war!
Naked, life-and-death war
It’s incredible that there can be no tactics and movements in the real stadium, which ignited the whole stadium.
However, the scores of women’s basketball girls are still gradually falling behind each other, and their overall quality is much higher than theirs.
Lin Han finally found an opportunity to fly up and jump straight beyond the limit of human jumping, which is almost contrary to physical common sense. When she jumped to the top of the other big center’s head and jumped directly into the dunk, she suddenly felt her ankle tightened.
The other black center grabbed Lin Han’s ankle and smashed it to the ground.
The moment Lin Han felt that his insides seemed to be squeezed out of his body.
If it weren’t for the unusual bearing capacity and buffering power of the Yinhe maple wood floor, Lin Han felt that he would have broken it directly.
Like glass, it’s cracked and torn apart.
The field exclaimed and then there was silence.
Lin Han lay motionless for a long time.
At that moment, she felt that her soul was about to fly out of her body. She was in a trance and saw that she helped herself a month ago.
Then a month later, it flashed in front of me like a movie.
Come on, Lin Han, get up!