It’s not noon yet. The sun is already shining.
The sun is shining. Qu Yong walked out of the Imperial City and strode along the most prosperous and tasteful street in Tokyo. He has been in a lot of trouble now, so that there may be no one more than him in this world, but he is still full of energy and confidence in himself.
Now the streets are full of shops, offices and restaurants.
Qu Yong walked along this road with the purple box thinking about who to send the thirteen invitations to.
Who should he send the invitation to?
As he strolled away, he suddenly saw a group of children playing football in front of him. They looked like they were six or seven years old, but they had good footwork and strict scheduling rules, which was the Japanese temperament.
At this time, a young and fashionable urban beauty walked through the park, wearing patent leather and black high boots. She twisted and walked gracefully, and the ball suddenly died and splashed mud in the puddle next to her.
"ah!" The girl screamed miserably, "My boots! Help! "
Those children are obviously still very simple and don’t understand women, which are terrible animals. They are all frightened. Finally, an older child summoned up the courage to apologize and said, "Aunt, I’m sorry for us …"
"Auntie" The girl was stunned. "You call me Auntie!" It seems that this stimulation is better than the mud on the boots. She can’t control herself jumping and screaming, and finally she will slap her face and fan it.
"Don’t" QuYong grabbed her and raised his hand. "Why do you hit people when you’re just a child?"
"Who are you to meddle in my mother’s business?" She put her eyebrows on end and said, "Let go."
Uncle, Uncle, all the children gathered around Qu Yong, and even a few hands groped around him, "Thank you, Uncle."
"Oh, which one touches my ass with a smile? You go and go."
It seems that the girl couldn’t stand the mess, and the children screamed and ran away, and then the children also picked up the ball and rushed away, except for leaving some mud marks on Qu Yong’s body, and the farce suddenly came to an abrupt end.
"Alas, this group of children" Qu Yong smiled and shook his head. It seemed that he remembered playing football with his classmates on the side of the road when he was a child. It was really interesting to think about what to do when the football broke someone’s window.
The children stopped kicking the ball, and everyone greeted them and walked around as if there was no one left.
"How can it feel that something is wrong with the invitation?" QuYong suddenly woke up. He counted the boxes and found that there was one invitation missing.
"When did you steal it?" Qu Yong, don’t say that anyone can steal one thing in his own body, that is, when an ordinary person approaches his own body, he will be as sensitive as fire, and now someone can steal an invitation from his box.
"It can’t be that girl. She has one hand in my hand and the other in my field of vision. He can’t steal my invitation. Are those children?"
Chapter four hundred and forty Twelve bowls of dishes
Qu Yong closed his eyes and meditated, remembering every movement of those children in his mind over and over again. He seemed to be able to turn his brain into a movie, so that the remote controller could fast forward, pause and slow down a shot, roll it for hundreds of times, and watch every detail carefully, but unfortunately, even if he did, he still couldn’t find out who stole his invitation.
"What if he just stabbed me instead of stealing the invitation?"
Qu Yongma denied this possibility, because if people want to be hostile to him, he will be alert and then his body will react naturally. After all, stealing something is not the same as killing people.
This time, it was obviously a thorough plan, and it was definitely a master of ten bells and big pickpockets. He deliberately helped the children to contain and squeeze into his personal distance, and then sadly stole an invitation from himself. It seems simple but it is not simple at all. It turned out that he is a talented person in the Jianghu, and he must not underestimate the hero.
He was angry and shouted, "I don’t know which master elder Qu Yong learned from his heart. Don’t think back to this invitation. Please show up so that Qu Yong can meet face to face and know which master is it?"
"Master generous! I’m the low man. "With some childish sharp voices, a child who is only half a man walked out. He pointed to his nose and smiled." Hehe, I heard that Dan Jin’s master is beyond the mortal place and close to the land fairy. It’s a pity that it’s just like this at first sight today. "
The thief is still a child, not a dwarf. It’s really a child wearing dirty clothes from playing football just now and holding a bronzing invitation in his hand. Qu Yong’s heart is full of admiration, and he doesn’t despise the other party because of his young age. He fuels and solemnly says, "Dan Jin is also a human being. If anyone tries to see what he is, it’s really a joke."
"Oh, you are a bit interesting," said the child, looking at him and clapping his hands. "You keep your word. This invitation is already mine."
Qu Yong noticed that the two fingers in his right hand food were very slender and slender, and he couldn’t seem to see the bones in a hurry, and he couldn’t see any other strange things. Qu Yong said, "I absolutely mean what I say. This invitation is already yours."
"Ha ha ha! Good, good! My name is Tantaro Maruyama. Remember this name and I can get nineteen bells! " The child, Hirotaro Maruyama, turned away and suddenly turned his head and made a face. "In fact, didn’t you find that there were a large group of flies around you from the moment you left the imperial city? These flies will buzz around you to suck your blood!"
"I know. Thank you!" Qu Yong nodded. He thought the child was very interesting. Interesting people are often more interested in interesting people.
It seems that he didn’t realize that he was set up with a song in his nose and walked on until noon.
Finally, he saw a square. There were not many people in the square, but there were still a few people. At this time, almost all ordinary people went home to cook. Qu Yong went to the center of the square. The square was surrounded by concentric terraces around a circle. The last center point was a small fountain, but now there was no water spray. Qu Yong sat in the center of the fountain and stretched himself there and muttered to himself, "How nice it would be to have a pot at this time, preferably a cauldron with a diameter of more than five meters!"
He must be stupid to say such a thing to himself.
Who knows that in less than five minutes, there really is a big fellow running with a big pot in his shirtless arms in winter. "Bang" put it on Qu Yong’s foot and then left without looking back.
The mouth of that pot is five meters in diameter.
Qu Yong was still very satisfied with the pot. He touched his nose and said, "Alas, I’d better have some more water when I have the pot, so I can wash my hands and the pot."
As soon as his voice fell, a big girl with a red face ran out of nowhere with a big bucket of hot water in her hand, and then she bowed and turned away.
The water is boiling hot in the air conditioning and white smoke is at least 70 degrees.
Qu Yong didn’t seem to feel the hot water. He grabbed the hot water with his bare hands, washed his hands and washed the pot. The weight of the big iron pot was not light, but it was as easy as lifting a small spoon when he brushed the pot with one hand.
"What to eat? Uh-huh. Okay, scrambled eggs with tomatoes are nutritious, delicious and beautiful."
Shortly after his voice fell, someone sent a big basket of big round earth eggs, a big basket of big red tomatoes and even bottles of oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, but unfortunately there were no peppers.
Qu Yong drank the water, washed the tomatoes, and then made scrambled eggs with tomatoes. There was once a joke that a man must learn how to cook fried rice with eggs. I learned that fried rice with eggs is not easy to starve to death, and a man who wants to starve to death and eat well is best to learn scrambled eggs with tomatoes.
Obviously QuYong scrambled eggs skill is also good.
He poured half a bowl of rapeseed oil into the pot, and then sank his waist with one hand holding the bottom of the pot, and the bones inside the pot made a "rumbling" sound. If he was a master, he could hear clearly that the sound was not that kind of bone friction or joint explosion, but that of Tiger and Leopard Lei Yin.
But today, Qu Yong, Hu Bao, Lei Yin is different from him once upon a time. Now he, Lei Yin, has stirred up a whole body of blood gas from his insides. Seeing that his palm is red, he gives off a latosolic red fever and burns it directly at the bottom of a huge pot. It is like a fire burning at the bottom of the pot. The oil in the pot slowly turns red and makes a "squeak" sound.
He didn’t make a fire after all, but he made the tomato scrambled eggs by relying on his own dark energy to run blood and give off high fever.
He stir-fried tomatoes in a cauldron and then sighed at the pot of red, yellow and fresh dishes, "If only twelve plates could be served at this time."
If he wants to dish the horse, he will go to the white plate
"Nice plate" Qu Yong took the stack of plates from the sender and then threw them to the ground, but the cement was poured, but these plates were gently damaged after landing.
Qu Yong put some scrambled eggs with tomatoes on each plate, and then he sat down and said, "Now there are scrambled eggs with tomatoes on each plate, which is not bad. Wouldn’t it be better if twelve people came to eat with me at this time?"
The sun is very good, so the sun has set up twelve bowls of dishes, beautiful tomatoes and scrambled eggs
Will anyone come to eat this scrambled egg?
Unexpectedly, at this time, there was a burst of footsteps in the square. A young man in a golden suit came slowly. His middle finger with that jade ring was also valuable, but his face seemed to cough up his lungs at any time and place after more than ten years of consumption.
But instead of coughing up his lungs, he told Qu Yong, "My name is Jintianfeng and I want to eat scrambled eggs with tomatoes."