The island behind the water suddenly disappeared.

Gu Qingshan was relieved.
He wiped his forehead with cold sweat.
This time, he didn’t have any information. It was on his own cautious intuition that he made the choice.
The other side is so indifferent to their own boat …
There must be some rules to prevent the other party from going straight to the boat.
Gu Qingshan silently thought about releasing the control of the boat and letting it continue to move in a certain direction.
Half an hour later
A new situation appeared in front of the boat.
A dark thing looks like a piece of wood when the river floats and sinks.
Gu Qingshan drew his sword and looked at it carefully.
Nai, the black thing seems to be covered by something, and there is a faint fog rising in the river, so even the gods can observe it clearly.
Wait until the boat gets close to Gu Qingshan and finally see that thing clearly.
-that’s a black finger that is tens of meters long.
Fingers seemed to feel the boat swaying gently in the water.
A gentle female Gu Qingshan rings in my mind.
"The glory and honor of the past have long gone. I need someone now. You can learn all the knowledge from me!"
"Brave Terran, come and be my inheritor!"
Gu Qingshan looked at the black finger and asked, "Who are you? What is the finger form here? "
The woman said gently, "I didn’t resist the deep doomsday destruction, and this finger has been floating around for several years-but now I can’t hold it any longer. I need you to accept all my knowledge and keep my pulse alive!"
Gu Qingshan shut up and said nothing.
The cold and dangerous poverty made his heart beat faster and faster.
A throbbing sensation surges like a tidal wave.
I always feel-
What’s wrong?
This is not intuition, but a vague impression obtained through conversation and perception of the surrounding environment.
Gu Qingshan consciousness wants to move the world.
-once the parallel virtual dream technique is started, what will happen to the black fingers after observing his certain reaction?
Just then Gu Qingshan suddenly remembered that his world art had disappeared.
It was at the beginning that the last sword of the Seven Sword Sacrifice was completed, and the source of the past integration of all worlds entered his eye pupil, and both worlds have disappeared.
The new world art is still evolving and has not taken shape for the time being.
Gu Qingshan nai sighed and temporarily gave up his plan to do things.
At present, in such a dangerous environment, the boat is carrying such a heavy finger with its deep draft.