"If I can be selected, I will definitely help you take care of him." Half-sized hey hey smirked a few times. "I like taking care of children best. I helped raise several children in my uncle’s family."

With this consensus, Xiao pang’s father came to Cangshuozong’s site with half a size, and enjoyed the expressions of those people opposite while drinking a little wine. He first found it and returned. When he saw him, he naturally saw the half a size and was immediately choked by the wine he had just drunk in his mouth.
Hu Yingxue looked back at Jiuyou. "What good thing did you find that excited you like this?"
Jiuyou did not answer directly, but said to her in a voice, "Did you see the teenager brought by Kang Baosheng’s father?"
Hu Yingxue nodded along the nine deep and remote eyes.
Nine deep and remote continued to say to Hu Yingxue, "That little guy has a gluttonous blood, but he is very pure ancient blood. If he can inspire this little guy, his future is limitless."
Hu Yingxue blinked and asked Jiu You, "You’re not asking me to put him in Cangshuo Sect, are you?"
Jiuyou Yin replied, "Not only do you want to receive it, but your little guy’s gluttonous blood is stimulated. If he can afford it, he will have you. He is a fire property. When Guan Danding is out of ink, he can watch it."
Gluttony is one of the four fierce beasts. Let’s not say that such a potential stock is of course better in our own hands. If the enemy makes it there, they will be depressed. After listening to the nine-hidden words, Hu Yingxue said to Zong Jiu, who was just hanging around there, "Bring Kang Baosheng’s father here."
Hearing Hu Yingxue’s sound of Zongjiu, he walked to the front of the half-size. "Have you measured the spiritual roots?"
Half a size raised his hand and scratched his head. "No aunt said I was stupid and stupid for fear that I would embarrass them. Every time someone went to the village, they took me."
My aunt has to do that. Now Zong Jiu is not interested in studying. After listening to his words, he smiled, "Come with me and I will test you. Maybe it’s your aunt who is stupid and stupid."
Smell speech half size frowned "aunt is not stupid, the villagers say she is the best woman"
Zong Jiu didn’t say anything about "putting his hand on the surface" when he came to Lingshi with half a size.
"Oh," he rubbed his hand on his body for half a size before he put his hand on the measuring stone. As soon as he put his hand on the measuring stone, the stone that was more than one person high burst into a dazzling red light.
Hu Yingxue, who is going to accept Jiuyou’s opinion, got up and walked over. "What’s your name?"
"I’m an uncle and aunt, and they call me Erhei." I looked at Hu Yingxue with half a size and raised my hand and rubbed my nose. "You look so good. Everyone in the village said that my aunt looks the best like those people in the painting, but I think you look several times better than your aunt. My aunt was far less than you before she had long white hair."
It can be seen that Erhei is either flattering Hu Yingxue deliberately or simply saying what he thinks. Zong Jiu smiled, "Who is your aunt? You can’t compare my little grandmaster with her."
"I want to make sure that you relax a little." Hu Yingxue raised her hand and dodged a black one or asked her to put her hand on her head.
Hu Yingxue sent a wisp of god knowledge to Erhei’s knowledge sea. As Jiuyou said, Erhei’s knowledge sea is a little chaotic, but it should have been hit hard. Although it was a bit dangerous to let go, she still said to Erhei according to Jiuyou’s suggestion, "Would you like to worship my teacher?"
Erhei cocked his head. "You won’t kick me out because I eat too much, will you?"
Hu Yingxue smiled, "You can’t eat me."
Erhei smiled two times, "Then I am willing to worship your teacher." He said, kneeling in front of Hu Yingxue, he slammed his head, "Master is worshipping the disciples."
Hu Yingxue waved his hand and lifted Erhei from the ground and pointed to Wei Zhe coming. "He is your brother Wei Zhe."
Turn around and look at Wei Zhe’s two black legs and kneel again. Wei Zhe frowned and quickly stopped him. "You are brothers, but you can’t do this gift."
Two black squints secretly took a glance at the people around you. "Really? The next time I met a man, everyone who came to him had to kowtow like that. "
"That’s someone else. We don’t have that rule in Cangshuozong." Wei Zhe looked at Hu Yingxue. "The name Erhei is a bit vulgar. Help the teacher younger brother to take a new name."
"You gave me a difficult problem, and I won’t choose a name the most." Hu Yingxue turned her head and saw Weichi Hanyu’s horse bend her eyes. "Brother Hanyu helped me think of one."
Wei Chihanyu saw the black "crimson pearl" in his eyes.
Hu Yingxue pulled the corners of her mouth. "This name seems a little too feminine."
Nine you came over and laughed. "I didn’t wake up. No one has found out that this little guy is a girl."
"There is a village in Yufeng Mountain, north of Ji Feng City. When people in the village leave the mountain, they can get a hair band from the village temple. The hair band tied with male black female Wei cyan will become what they want." Wei Chihanyu waved his hand to cut off the hair band tied with two black hair, and there was a light that wrapped the two black hair and then dispersed them. In front of them, it was no longer the half size, but an eleven-or twelve-year-old girl. Her clothes hung loosely in her body and barely covered her delicate skin like white jade.
Hu Yingxue took the hair band falling from Erhei hair into her hand and broke it into two pieces. When the hair band fell on her hand, it turned green, and then when she looked at it, it turned into a piece of it, and there was a faint demon. This is nothing strange. She heard Mu Tianxuan say that some demons accepted villagers’ protection of the village and met some demands of the villagers in return.
I found that my clothes became fat and black. I didn’t pull my clothes but raised my hand to cover my hair. "Oh! Grandpa Dashu said that if he lost his hair band, Erhei would be caught and sold. "
Hu Yingxue took out a cloak and gave it to Erhei. "No one dares to sell you without that hair band. Remember, you can’t call yourself Erhei any more. From today, your name is Crimson Pearl."
Erhei nodded at Crimson Pearl. "I like the name Crimson Pearl, which sounds much better than Erhei."
It doesn’t matter to Wei Zhe’s teachers and apprentices that a younger brother becomes a younger sister. In their view, no matter whether she is male or female, Jiang Zhu needs them to take care of her now, as long as she takes good care of people.
Hu Yingxue, who owns the fire spirit root, received the door, and then turned into a pretty girl and a chubby girl with the golden spirit root. It seems that the two of them lost all their luck in Cangshuozong, and no one was selected after them. Unfortunately, several of them were not suitable for practicing kendo and were sent to Qingyun Gate by Yan Hui.
Qingyun Gate came a little late. It was almost noon today when Cangshuozong, Ji Fengcheng, sent some good seedlings. The leader of Qingyun Gate followed him and sent them over. My brother came and said thank you personally. Seeing the other leader Hu Yingxue’s mouth lifted because that was her acquaintance Du and his apprentice Du Xiang.
Hu Yingxue also wanted to inquire about a little news about Qingyang from Du Xiang. Before waiting for her, he asked her, "Hu Shimei, do you have any news about Uncle Qingyang and my master?"
Hu Yingxue replied, "I also want to ask you if you have heard from them."
Du Xiang greeted Wei Chihanyu, Yan Hui and Chen Qi and said to Hu Yingxue at the same time, "I have no news here. The old man in my house just left and sent back a message not long ago saying that they are going to do something exciting and should send back a message for a while."
Hu Yingxue replied, "That’s already very good. My master sent back a word and the words" Don’t read peace ".
Du Xiang fixed his eyes on Jiu Youshen. Because he felt familiar but couldn’t remember who he was, he asked, "Who is this?"
Hu Yingxue glanced at Du Xiang’s eyes. "He is my friend."
Wei Zhe and his disciples will not introduce Hu Yingxue. When Hu Yingxue didn’t return to Kunwu Mountain, Du Xiang always came to send something to Cang Shuozong for emergency. After a while, they already had a very good friendship.
Look at Du Xiang, a little girl who is beside Hu Yingxue and looks like a beautiful jade. She took out a red hydrangea. "I didn’t expect you to take the apprentice directly here. I have nothing to take out. Fortunately, I got this magic weapon the other day, so I will give you a gift as a little apprentice."
When crimson pearl saw the red hydrangea, her eyes shone straight. Hu Yingxue had to promise to come for her. "Crimson pearl doesn’t thank Du Shibo quickly."
After receiving the red hydrangea and crimson beads from Du Xiang, he bent his eyes at Du Xiang. "Thank you Du Shibo."
Turning to look at this side with a finger, KangBaosheng Du Xiang smiled. "Who are you going to let this chubby accept?"
Wei Chihanyu answered "Mo Li"
Wei Chihanyu said that Ji didn’t know that he might be grabbed from the doll even after a fixed look. KangBaosheng and Du Xiang couldn’t help but pinch a sympathetic tear at the bottom of their hearts and gave him a gift of crimson beads. KangBaosheng naturally took out a golden peanut-shaped instrument for him. "I feel that you should like this magic weapon to play with."