Sure enough, I invited the moon to take over the bowl and wipe the juice at the corner of my mouth without frowning. "It’s really bitter!"

"Are you hungry? Do you want some porridge?"
Invite the moon to smile and shake her head. "I’m not hungry. I don’t want to eat now. I’m a little tired and want to take a bath!" "
"Well, I’ll get them ready!" Spoiling and touching her head was supposed to be taken care of, but instead it was taken care of. It was funny to think about it.
Outside the door
In the Italian courtyard, the wind blew through his thin body, gauze gown and long hair. He was worried about inviting the moon all night, but he couldn’t go to see her. He could wait here quietly for the news of inviting the moon.
The door "creaked" and I looked back and walked out. I saw the lonely figure in the courtyard. I knew that he was waiting for himself to tell Invited Moon about the current situation and slowly walked over to Italy. "She’s fine and awake!"
"Nothing is good!" Smile with a smile
"Why don’t you worry about her going in to see her?" Doubt question
She doesn’t want to see me. She hasn’t recovered yet. I don’t want her to get angry! Especially yesterday, she misunderstood herself and the four emperors’ daughters …
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Invite the moon to soak in hot water, although my head is still a little dizzy, but it’s much more comfortable to soak in it. Close your eyes and my ear rings again. The front porch neighbor has spoken sentence by sentence and echoed in my ear for so long. But I didn’t expect to forget the porch neighbor, but some people will miss it now that they have missed it. There are so many men around her.
Inviting the moon to bow their heads and sigh lightly that an porch neighbor is not suitable for a palace. He won’t care if it is trapped in a palace. That is tantamount to a broken wing and a bird trapped in a cage forever. She should set him free.
Not far from the moon invitation, a long box fell from the wooden table and rolled to the moon invitation barrel.
Inviting the moon to be shocked by the sound opened his eyes, reached out from the water and picked up the exquisite box. Inside it was a green Yu Di, which was handmade, with a smooth and bright appearance and a green color.
"This Yu Di ….." Invited the moon to play with Yu Di "I don’t remember receiving such a gift on the big day yesterday. Is there something strange in this Yu Di? Could it be the second emperor’s daughter again? "
Inviting the moon is very curious. She observed Yu Di again and again, but she didn’t find anything except Na Di, who looks much better than the average flute. "Maybe this is really a gift from a famous junior or … Ah! Am I confused by burning, or have I been made nervous by Lengying and others during this time? What’s the plot hidden here! "
Inviting the Moon to throw Yu Di into the water, then a miracle appeared. Inviting the Moon was surprised to find that a milky white film emerged on the surface of Yu Di in a layer of hot water immersion, inviting the Moon to move over and swim over, carefully tearing and wrapping the film and spreading it, but the film was nothing but milky white.
"What is this?" Inviting the moon firmly believes that there must be something in Yu Di that you don’t know.
The familiar touch of fingertips made her immediately discover that it was sheep fat congealing to invite the moon, and the first reaction was that sheep fat congealing on the skin would dilute and thin. Is it necessary for the skin to show the secret?
Inviting the moon to sneer at the emperor’s family is cruel. If it is a secret to reveal the skin, it is like someone sacrificing his life. If the secret is in itself, everyone who sees his body must die. If someone else is dead, the person who hides the secret will be incinerated.
So what’s the secret in this Yu Di? I cann’t believe it’s so hidden
I have to say that this "gift-giver" is really thoughtful to hide the secret in this Yu Di. It must be attached to people’s skin after encountering water to show it. If it weren’t for inviting the moon to learn this secret accidentally, I’m afraid I would have left this Yu Di as garbage. Who would the gift-giver be?
"The moon water is getting cold, so it’s time to get up." I walked into the room and went to the door.
Inviting the moon to see the house did not shy away from waving his hand at Yu Di.
"Invite the moon. Where did you come to Yu Di?"
"Don’t you know? Yesterday, others sent a gift. "
"A gift?" I shook my head. "I don’t remember receiving such a gift yesterday." I bent down to pick up the box that used to contain Yu Di from the ground.
"Well-"invited the moon to pass Yu Di to him and take over Yu Di’s feeling of sticky hands at that moment, which made him perceive something and immediately raised his head to invite the moon to say "sheep fat coagulation".
"Well" invited the moon to nod, but it was difficult. She was always very curious. She knew the solution to this mystery, but she couldn’t solve it. It was really suffocating. What secret was hidden inside?
Will invite the moon that longing eyes into the eyes, "sheep fat can only be shown by sticking to the skin."
"I know, but it must be ulterior to hide the secret sheep fat in such a big price!"
"Invite the moon …"
"hmm?" Invite the month is preparing to get up and brush and hear a call turned away! What are you doing? "
Inviting the moon to be surprised, where is this cramp? I actually took off my clothes in front of myself!
"Invite the moon … would you like to go through fire and water! What’s worse, I left a little mark on my back. "I took off my belt and slipped down the smooth skin to reveal his white chest."
"No need! You are not my slave, there is no need for me to sacrifice, and even if you are my slave, I won’t leave others behind at will. It’s hard to get rid of traces in my life. You put on your clothes. "Invite the moon to clean yourself up and go to the front to help him pick up the clothes."
"sacrifice? It’s not that serious, it will suffer a little bit! " Gentle smile "and is willing to do it."
Take off your clothes and walk into the bucket. Slowly sink into the water and lie down on the bucket.
Invite the moon to see such a grind, there would be no refusal to pick up the skin behind the sheep fat gel, carefully flatten it, and stare at the change of the sheep fat gel.
Sure enough, it didn’t disappoint her. The sheep fat was slowly absorbed by the skin and finally disappeared, while the back skin presented a small pattern, inviting the moon’s eyes to flash with surprise "… is a map"
"Map?" Turn your head and look at your back. "Do you know where it is?"
"According to this terrain, it should be outside the palace and so on. There are words … the moon is waiting for you?"
"Moon?" Looking at the invitation to the moon, "Who dare to call the temple by name?"
Invite the moon to carefully study the map behind, and I have my own plan.