On this ordinary rainy night, Chen Shaobai’s mind changed completely, and unconsciously, he made a grand wish that ordinary people would only laugh.

Strong resentment played a role in the body, and the small amount of blood left also brought a hint of magic xing and tyranny, which washed out all the remaining 40% spirit xing in the body as nutrients and slowly nourished the body.
Coincidentally, Chen Shaobai locked the five senses completely and entered a rare state of internal vision, so he started the nameless blood refining method from Zhao Zongren, controlled the blood to wash the wound repeatedly with his consciousness, and constantly exerted gas therapy.
"Both Ba Shu and Chen Kuangyin mentioned that the swordsmen’s realm can be roughly divided into three sections: washing marrow for blood, defending the body with a sword, and glazed mirrors."
"Before, I was able to cast a burst sword, which was roughly in the middle of the swordsmen. However, I am seriously injured now, and my strength is greatly reduced. If I don’t have the help of JΟ ng Hua, a spirit that supplements blood, I am afraid I will never be able to see the peak of swordsmen."
"There is no spiritual thijīng j and ng China, so I will go to the big powers to pick up the task. If there is no task, I will rob it! But now, leave it alone and concentrate on recovering! "
When I concentrate on doing one thing, I can always clearly feel the passage of time. After the remaining spirit of Silver Longan is completely exhausted and the injury recovery is completed, Chen Shaobai suddenly feels a beam of light on his eyes, so he opens his eyes and looks around.
Cattle, straw shed, trough, this is the farmhouse cowshed.
"Who was so kind as to send me in for shelter from the wind and rain?"
Chen Shaobai’s confusion was quickly solved, because he had just opened his eyes, and a white ball with a reunion was like a white Se lightning breaking into the bullpen.
"Purple pupil, what’s the matter?" Looking at the chubby little white raccoon dog dancing around, Chen Shaobai’s eyes gave me a trace of doubt.
"Meow!" Purple pupil’s front paws seem to have no joint shackles, but they have turned behind them.
After catching it for half a ring, it handed an object like a treasure, and its eyes were full of expectation: "Meow!"
Praise me.
Chen Shaobai saw its meaning, curled his lip and gave the little white fox a chestnut: "When you grow up, I’ll find you a beautiful female fox."
Half the size of a fist, oval, silvery, full-bodied with light gold Se ray marks, sending out a strong jujube fragrance, from time to time there was a rumbling sound inside, like a thunder, at first glance, I knew it was not a common thing.
"Purple pupil, where did you get it?" Chen Shaobai asked subconsciously, but burst into laughter: "Why bother! No matter who it was before, it is mine now. "
I can vividly remember the painful lesson of swallowing silver longan before. Although Chen Shaobai was not afraid of pain, he was worried about leaving sequelae for himself, so he put it away and prepared to go to Zihuan City to find a way to take it and then care about it.
Suddenly, his corner of his eye caught a gap half an inch long on the short round tail of the little white fox, and the wound was overflowing with blood. Because the blood and fur were all white, I didn’t see it at first sight before.
"Very painful? Thank you very much. "
Chen Shaobai stroked the palm of his hand, silently performing qi therapy.
Purple pupil comfortably closed his eyes, but he didn’t need extra food to replenish energy. He snored and fell asleep like a well-fed domestic pig.

Chapter 54 Wind State University
Fengzhou, Zihuancheng, an ordinary house.
But its owner doesn’t seem ordinary. Since the man moved in a month ago, he has neither taken the initiative to walk around the streets, nor bought utensils and rice. From time to time, the sound of thunder exploding came from inside.
Such bizarre behavior naturally attracts the attention of other residents, but fear often comes from the unknown, because it is mysterious, but no one comes to ask.
A hard slate bed and a table, in addition, there is nothing else in the house, which is surprisingly simple.
Staring at the Lei Yin jujube soaked in the wine, I found that the thunder mark on it had faded a lot, so Chen Shaobai took the gourd, raised his neck and swallowed the wine and Lei Yin jujube at the same time.
It’s been three months since I got the unknown secret code of Zhao’s family, especially after the big change a month ago. Chen Shaobai’s time was almost occupied by meditation and sword practice, and it was not as difficult as it was at the beginning to move blood. Even without the help of gas therapy, it could be successfully completed.
Half an hour later, the rumbling sound of thunder rolled and roared in Chen Shaobai’s body, as if pregnant with thunder.
He took a deep breath, and his huge lung capacity almost drained the indoor air. If anyone stopped here, I’m afraid he would feel suffocated.
Hold your breath for half a ring, and your pores are fiercely open.
Sniff …
Thick turbid gas is sprayed from thousands of pores.
The polluted air and pollution were eliminated, and the body was clear and clean. Chen Shaobai opened his eyes and felt that his body Ming Che was much cleaner. Those dark wounds and losses caused by wild repair also healed up, which not only completely restored his strength, but also had infinite potential.
If you want to fight against the spirit of the sword fairy, and tour your wife, you need at least the same strength as the other party. And Fengzhou University with endless resources is the opportunity of breakthrough and the origin of everything.
"Finally arrived, the sword test assessment of Fengzhou University." Chen Shaobai’s eyes sparkled, flashing a dazzling brilliance.