She looked up and sighed.

In fact, he didn’t hear the door properly until he heard her fighting with the doorknob.
Yes, he still sat there and ate something and found that the dishes were more delicious today.
He picked his eyebrows even more when he finally tasted someone’s warm milk.
But then he won’t forgive the fact that she wants to marry someone else.
Unless it’s someone getting back at him.
Otherwise he unforgiven theory is allowed to health or the woman.
He already has an idea in his heart and naturally won’t let her go easily.
Know that she is in the building, so she doesn’t come.
Even if she really won’t come, she has to be here.
Live together, die together
At that time, he was in such a mood that even if he died together in this room, he would never let her marry any gentleman.
It’s getting dark and it’s raining outside. There should be no one walking outside in this rain, right?
It’s even colder because of the rain.
Or is it going to snow after a few more rains?
I don’t know if it will snow this year
Gentle thought, then got up and went to the building to look for it. It looked like it was on the sofa.
Now that he knows he’s here, she doesn’t have to hide anything. Just having all the lights at home just adds some popularity to the family.
From the outside, the deluxe room was illuminated for half a minute from the inside out, and the room was particularly bright.
However, the room was extraordinarily quiet. When she looked over the pages, she found that she was holding a politics.
I think I have never been so interested in this aspect for so many years, and this time I have turned over more than ten pages and read them carefully.
Later, he was lying in bed with a broken neck and a broken leg, and he felt as if he was paralyzed by half of his body.
But it’s different when I’m in the room with myself.
There is light outside, the curtain is half drawn, and the other half is shining outside. There is light in the room. He hasn’t been very sleepy recently. Anyway, there is nothing else to eat, sleep and eat
Later, I watched it in the house and fell asleep.
It was because she turned over a little when she slipped away.
I can’t help but raise my hand and put my arms around myself.
By the time I was frozen, it was almost twelve o’clock and I didn’t eat dinner, poor thing.
I can’t help frowning when I look at my mobile phone tenderly.
Bend over, pick up the ground, hold your head high and put it back on the side frame.
The warm light is combined into a line through the fingers, and the light is warm as if it were quiet all my life.
Later, when she went downstairs, the lights went dark. She went to the second floor and fell asleep in the next room.
The baby’s room is very comfortable and the quilt is still soft and clean.
She lay in the face and fell asleep soon, even thinking about the man next door.
In the morning, she seemed to hear something breaking in the ground. She was shocked and sat up with a blank face and wide eyes.
Short hair is messy, but it can’t cover her face.
I immediately thought that he was inconvenient to move and rushed out of the room barefoot. I didn’t want to worry about his accident
Until I pushed his door and looked at his depressed expression at the bedside, and then I looked at her with that cool thin eye.
Gentle in the mind a swing into his eyes line of sight like want to take back, but lost the ability to take back, so shocked he looked at.
What is she doing?
Gentleness is at a loss
After that, she finally moved her eyes away from him, and then looked at the broken white cup at his feet, which instantly turned into porcelain fragments. She didn’t say anything, but turned around and went out.
He looked straight at the door for a long time without moving or talking.
I watched her go out barefoot without wearing socks, and her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled.
Gentle first went back to his room to put on slippers and then went to get a broom, for fear that he would be unhappy if he was a little slow.
Until she came back again, with a broom in her hand and slippers on her feet, and came to him.
He hung his eyes and looked at the woman who was bending over to clean. He just stared at her eyes and her mood was unpredictable. He noticed that she was wearing shoes, and then he felt relieved.
"Make way" gently swept to his feet.