Although the Heaven Fairy House is very important, Xia Qi also suspects that there are some secrets threatening him, but Xia Qi never really wanted to give up, but he had to hand over the Heaven Fairy House at this time.

The middle-aged man glanced at Xia Qi lightly, and this moment seemed to see through all the ideas in Xia Qi’s heart.
"You have a great relationship with the Heaven, Heaven and Fairy House. I don’t want to provoke Heaven. I want something in Heaven and Fairy House instead of Heaven and Fairy House."
Middle-aged people slowly let Xia Qi’s thoughts roll with doubts, rejoicing and horror, and all kinds of emotions are surging in this instant.
Middle-aged people’s voice falls regardless of Xia Qi’s direct hand. A green awn flows in his hand and directly invades the fairy house root of heaven. It is not hindered.
Feel the breath of middle-aged people flashing green mountains. Xia Qi suddenly realized in his heart.
A breath is that fairy grass in the shape of a dragon that he has just cultivated in the fairy house of Heaven.
The two smells are the same.
The only difference in convenience is that the life essence of the green dragon-shaped fairy grass is rich, but it has no consciousness, while middle-aged people have complete consciousness
The green dragon fairy grass appeared in the hands of middle-aged people, and there was not much joy in his eyes. His eyes were complicated, but soon a firm look appeared in his eyes.
"This is the damaged part of the body of the predecessors."
Xia Qi looked at Qinglong Xiancao and was held in the hands of middle-aged people, so it was slowly absorbed into the body and asked in horror.
Middle-aged people are surrounded by blue brilliance, and the breath is getting more and more earth, which makes Xia Qi’s method close to middle-aged people have to retreat.
Long Yin Xia Qi came out of the green light and saw the green light flashing, and a blue dragon was magnificent and extraordinary. Obviously, this is the middle-aged human body
The majestic ratio of dragons to the four seas
At this moment, the demon race felt a awakening of will, and they were all kneeling on the ground even tens of thousands of miles away.
The appearance of Qinglong is only a flash of brilliance, and then it changes the appearance of the gentle middle-aged person again.
Suspended in the middle-aged people watching Xia Qi with great interest.
"Congratulations on the great progress of our predecessors."
Xia Qi wants to get away as soon as possible, but he dare not leave directly. At this moment, he comes into contact with middle-aged people and congratulates them.
"Ha ha, little friend, this is the second time we have met."
Middle-aged people looked at Xia Qi with a light smile with a slight fear and said with a light smile
Hear middle-aged Xia Qi one leng some don’t respond to come over.
"I don’t know if I met my predecessors when I was younger."
Xia Qi was very surprised that middle-aged people seemed ordinary, but they were very extraordinary, with a lasting appeal as if they were integrated into heaven and earth. If they had met Xia Qi, they would be impressed. It was impossible not to have any impression.
"Ancient Forbidden Zone"
Middle-aged people always speak calmly with a faint smile.
"Ancient Forbidden Zone"
Xia Qi exclaim a look at the middle-aged face suddenly flashed a bit with some similar figures in the middle-aged face.
"You are the one who once showed the thunder body in the ancient forbidden area and broke into the ancient forbidden area to find Qing Di Mansion."
Xia Qi reacted. The middle-aged man’s face was revealed in the ancient restricted area that day. The thunder body was somewhat similar. Obviously, it was this person.
Middle-aged people smile the same. Obviously Xia Qi didn’t guess wrong.
"Ask the elder to show the younger generation. On that day, the elder once told the younger generation to be careful about the danger around them. I wonder if the elder can show me what the danger is."
Xia Qi remembered that the Thunder Giant once called him to be careful of the danger coming from his side, which made him extremely puzzled and puzzled. Seeing Zun today and taking Qinglong Xiancao from his hand was a debt of gratitude, and it was just the right time to solve the doubts.
"I owe you one today, but I’ll show you what you asked. You’ve made an exception. Don’t say anything, otherwise you’ll have a big vendetta. You can let me do something else for you and return your favor."
The middle-aged man shook his head gently and didn’t answer Xia Qi, but let Xia Qi choose another.