Chapter seventy-six Keyball

Tang Wenlong’s amazing patch is like a haze that can’t be shaken around the hearts of the Nuggets.
No matter how fast Lupus serves, the momentum of people’s hearts changes quickly. Even Anthony’s face is shocked. His younger brother’s ability is beyond his expectation.
As soon as I went to the scene, it became a higher level of defensive enthusiasm of the 76ers, including haweis and others. It was like a strong force reinjecting the heart and lungs, which made their original tired and exhausted bodies re-emerge.
Only one person’s facial expression has not changed much.
Billups looked at the young point guard in surprise, and his face was a little white. Why is this guy acting like nothing? You know, his teammates just scored one of the top ten goals in a single month.
Collins frowned deeply. It was a moment from Holliday’s sudden encounter with a double-player’s missed shot to Tang Wenlong’s completion of the patch. Holliday’s offensive choice made him very dissatisfied. At this moment, he didn’t show more aggression when facing Billups’ possession. What was he thinking? This is the last two minutes!
Billups moved his right hand to control the ball and make a feint before switching to his left hand to break to the left.
It’s as simple as his style of playing. At the same time, Anthony uses the ball to cover the distance from Igor Dallara.
Billups shook his wrist and chose to measure the ball before Anthony ran out.
"Good shot!" Yang Jian blurted out the praise of pedestrians watching the doorway. This ball seems simple, but it is the top in the NBA from the perspective of overall situation and concealment.
Anthony ran out and caught Billups’ ball just right.
Almost without thinking, Anthony rose from the ground. His shooting posture was elegant and his height and arm length made it difficult for ordinary people to form a cover.
When Iguodala came at me, he had already shot!
Not in?
The fans at the scene felt their hearts hanging, and the tumbling basketball was left in their eyes, praying silently and falling into the damn basket.
"Shit!" Anthony felt bad as soon as he made a move, and his grasp of strength didn’t seem to have such a good rhythm.
Sure enough, the basketball fell off the original track after rising, and unfortunately it hit the hoop and then bounced off.
This rebound is very fast, and the basket is crowded into a pile. Everyone reaches out and doesn’t touch the basketball. The basketball leans to the weak side to the left, where Tang Wenlong just walks into the line to grab the rebound.
"Hey, good luck!" Tang Wenlong’s eyes flashed and he took the rebound unceremoniously.
Just as he dribbled, he wanted to start the fast-break tunneling team, so the old monster ran over and interfered with his dribbling with his arm, scaring him to dribble behind his back and switch to his right hand, while reaching out to delay Billups.
After this obstacle, the 76 ers also lost the opportunity to break the local fast, and Billups let Tang Wenlong return to his half-court position
At the last minute, it was still a 95-95 draw with the 76ers.
At this point in the game, it is already the most common battle in the NBA. Two hosts on the court station watched the excitement and speculated that there might be overtime.
It’s already ten o’clock in the middle of the night. No player wants to play overtime.
After Tang Wenlong dribbled half-court, Collins asked for a timeout, so the tension at the scene relaxed, and the cheerleaders twisted their waists again.
"We must play our success rate. Andrew and Don are our main attack points. After the game, we will cover each other on the right side and then."
Collins explained the tactics for a while, then hesitated, and said, "Zhu, wait a minute, you have a rest, Louis, you have a game, and you can tear the Nuggets defense line quickly. You can’t outrun the 34-year-old man, can you?"
Holliday was speechless in an instant.
Louis Williams, on the other hand, was slightly stunned and then nodded with ecstasy on his face. "No problem, don’t worry, coach, I must be the fastest. How can chauncey outrun me?"
"Good, good." Collins patted Louis on the shoulder with satisfaction and never saw Holliday again.
Everyone looked at Holliday with all kinds of emotions, including pity, doubt, ridicule and pride, but this is the NBA stadium today.
Tang Wenlong himself said that although Luis’ ball was worse than Holliday’s, Holliday was not in a good state at this time, as if he had rushed into the line and thrown something too recklessly.
On-the-spot ball Iguodala serves from the frontcourt sideline.
Tang Wenlong ran from the baseline to the line, and after passing the cover of haweis ball, he easily received Iguodala’s serve and then served it. Iguodala went straight to the field from the off-court. Just now, he covered Tang Wenlong’s ball. haweis immediately made a cover move again and made a cover for Iguodala.
Louis really listened to Collins’ instructions that the horse run at full speed along the three-point line from the other side of the baseline. Billups had nothing to lose. When the 76 ers changed people at this critical moment, the urine ran off and scared him to follow with his old legs.
The quality of the cover was very good. Iguodala went into the line alone. Kenyon Martin released himself. The defender turned to Iguodala.
At this moment, Billups was formed on the right side of the court to defend Brandt and Luis.
There was a white spot. Tang Wenlong pushed the basketball on his chest and got it in Brand’s hand. The old captain grabbed the basketball and got up and made a jump shot.
"Bang ~" ringing while the iron is hot makes Brand blush and rush into the line in the hope of grabbing a rebound to make up for it.
This time, it was a big kill, squeezing everyone’s long arms and rebounding.
There are 479 seconds and 95 levels left.
Billups watched the ball for a while, and George Carl George Carl hesitated and shook his head to signal Billups to take control of the attack on the Nuggets for the last time, but if we look at it now, we will still have an attack opportunity.
Billups knew that Anthony had the ball after half time.
Anthony leaned his back against the strong Iguodala, and the two men had countless face-to-face meetings.
"You are really iron, and Tang, who came out of Syracuse University, is ten thousand times more accurate than you." Iguodala said nonsense to Anthony, expecting to disturb him.
"Better than you" Anthony retorted without showing weakness.
The two men confronted each other for three seconds, and Anthony turned around and turned into a tentative attack.
Yang Jian, a court station, used his special broadcasting skills to explain this wave of Nuggets attack quickly. "Anthony fell to the elbow and pulled Iguodala. This is a star match! He dribbled beautifully, changed hands, chiseled two steps in and then stepped back! "
"Is there?" Yang yi followed excitedly shouted
"Lost again ~" The sorry tone popped up from the mouths of the two hosts, and then they made a scene "I don’t know who touched the bottom line for rebounding!"
Yang Yi calmed down at this time and laughed. "Look at the replay. It should be the 76ers’ ball."
"I think it’s also the referee who wants to watch the video playback." Yang Jian laughed.
In the video, Tang Wenlong and others all looked up at the big screen in the center of the arena, where Martin and Brand just played back, as if they had touched the basketball at the same time, while the referee put on headphones and carefully fast-forward and fast-backward to watch the playback again and again.
It didn’t take long for the three referees to come to a conclusion after discussion. The referee walked the court and then indicated to the Nuggets that it was a 76 ers’ ball!
The scene immediately sounded a hush.
In 324 seconds, Lewis Williams controlled the ball and pushed forward. After half time, he stopped in the middle circle and then did not organize the attack. He looked up from time to time to watch the countdown attack as time went by.
At the scene, the defensive cheers were intertwined. Tang Wenlong’s heart was beating fast as if he were going to jump out
He simply loves this feeling, that feeling of walking on the edge of success and failure is like struggling on the sidelines of life and death, and the tension is suffocating and exciting.
In 2 seconds, Tang Wenlong took the lead and ran outside the three-point line to catch Lewis’ ball.
"You actually gave your little brother this opportunity to do it. Are you still a star player?" Anthony’s trash talk is not weak, and he keeps chattering in Iguodala’s ear.
Iguodala didn’t answer. He suddenly reversed and ran to the outside of the three-point line.
Tang Wenlong shook his hips for two consecutive times, and Afraro nervously sweated his palms and shivered his legs. It turned out that he was shaking his center of gravity by this simple hip sway.
"Shit!" As soon as his face changed, he forgot that he had committed five fouls on his back and reached out directly.