I found a teahouse in the novice village and asked for a cup of green tea. I slowly waited for Lin Mu to come back. The teahouse is a good place to inquire about news whether in reality or in the game. You can get some wanted news if you sit there and listen attentively. Then I heard someone say, "Brother, have you heard that someone has officially triggered the pet system today? However, because the game is in the testing stage, gm has temporarily closed the system again. I heard that some functions will not be really expected until the game is officially put into operation." Sounds good. I usually like raising dogs, but I’m too lazy to keep fit after work and I’m afraid I’ll starve the little guy. If Crazy really works like this, I really have to adopt it, but don’t let me feed it.

Supposedly, it’s a bit neither fish nor fowl for a swordsman like me to come to the teahouse with a broken sword, but I don’t know why I’m not at all happy to sneak into the teahouse today. It didn’t take long for Ma Si Lin Mu to come in outside the teahouse, and all the players were staring at her while drinking tea. Lin Mu seems to have long been used to coming straight to me with a smile. "I can’t believe Xiao Daxia, you are really a super lucky star!" She literally held out two fingers "two! I can’t even kill you, hehe! Awesome! Bring it? " Jade hand stretched out at me.
I took the golden eagle egg out of my bag and put it in her hand. "Miss Lin seems to be lucky to be with you, not me, don’t you think?" Lin Mu smiled and nodded. "Xia Xia, we are teammates now, and your family will help you. By the way, how did you come back?"
I don’t want to tell her the truth, and the snake king doesn’t know what role it is. It’s better for as few people as possible to know about it, so I can make up a lie to coax her. "When two eagles attacked me, they accidentally fell into a cave, where there was a farewell party. I didn’t know that it came back as soon as they left the village." Lin Mu nodded and shook his head. "No! I called you when I couldn’t see you, but you didn’t respond at all. I also hung up on you. Can even communication be blocked there? Hey, hey, I have to ask that guy another day. I can’t believe there is such a place in the game without telling me! " Obviously, what she said was not aimed at me, but I really thought the same as her. The cave had a strange energy. After she finished, she said something for nothing. She apologized, "I’m sorry, but those words didn’t mean that you should go with me."
Chapter 1 I
Unexpectedly, it was a hunter np Lin Mu who handed over the golden eagle egg, but that np took a look and stopped Lin Mu. "You didn’t bring the golden eagle you needed to finish it, so you can’t finish it."
Lin Mu was anxious. "But this is a golden eagle egg. What can’t be counted?"
Np looks a little cold and handsome. "An egg is an egg. Who can be sure that it is a golden eagle egg?" Even if it is, like eggs, not all eggs can hatch chickens. I am an np. The only sign that you have finished is to see a live golden eagle in your hand. "
Lin Mu was so angry at what np said that I stamped my foot and left. Before I left, I didn’t forget to say, "Wait for me and I will definitely hatch the golden eagle!"
When we got off the horse, we headed for the village. "Where are we going?" Seeing Lin Mu desperately waving his whip, I was a little reluctant to ask her, saying that Lin Mu didn’t throw the whip at the horse’s ass again. When the speed was slower, she turned around and looked at me and said, "We went to Lijiabog and heard that there are many bees there who might find bee stings." I nodded without saying anything, and then I walked not far. She blushed and asked me, "Do you think that egg will hatch a golden eagle?"
"I don’t know about this. If I had known, I should have stolen one more, so my chances of success would have been greater."
"Woo!" Lin Muller rein stopped "what? ! You mean you didn’t see a golden eagle egg? Shit, shit. Why don’t you steal it? You can’t do such a thing as stealing. It seems that you are also a stubborn person, do you know? Today, someone has started the pet system. If you have more words, use it as a pet. Won’t it be used as a mount when it grows up in the future? Ah, then I can fly around in the sky. "Lin Mu simply fantasized about it alone, but I gave a wry smile. It seems that being cheap is really a woman’s patent. Fortunately, I didn’t tell her about the snake egg, otherwise she would definitely want to go to the snake king and said that she wanted me to hatch the egg. If she forced the egg to go, I don’t know what the consequences would be.
"alas! It’s a pity that you are not greedy for many people, but there are not many people like you in the world today, which can be included in the national treasure level. Forget it, if you don’t take it, you won’t take it. It’s not bad for me to form a team with a national treasure man now, hehe. "Lin Mu’s legs are clamped to the horse’s belly, and we gallop again."
Leehom is also a place for beginners to train. It’s strange, complicated and toxic. Generally, novices don’t come to this place to train until they reach level 10. We don’t know if we can get bee needles here. We want to try our luck here. According to Lin Mu’s speech, with me as a super lucky star, maybe we can really get them.
I’m not very keen on doing it. I think it’s fun to fight more monsters. It’s the best thing for a swordsman to fight monsters with a sword. There are already many monsters with more than ten levels on the edge of the swamp. With the broken sword, I have the function of automatic blood return. I rushed to the strange group and sighed, "There are professionals who do this. No wonder people say that swordsman is a super meat shield. It seems to be all right."
Because my level is too low, hitting guys is not only a question mark level, but also a strange thing or two comes with poison from time to time. Thanks to Lin Mu’s side, I detoxify, so I have to show the leapfrog massacre. Because I have eaten Xiaoqiang’s eyes in front of Lin Mu, I immediately cut off two insect legs with my sword and gave one to Lin Mu. "What are you doing?" I handed it to her with one hand and chewed it up with relish with the other hand. "It tastes good. Have a taste." Lin Mu has been hiding to one side and vomited wildly. For a long time, she just buffered to beautiful eyes and tears. "Are you a person or not? You also eat such disgusting things. "
I have already replenished my physical strength, so I won’t force her to eat any more. "I’m a human being and an out-and-out man. In fact, you can see that I’m full of physical strength and my life value has increased a little. This is what I found in my mind. Eating monsters is more beneficial than eating bags. Do you want to try it? It tastes really good." The bug’s body has been brushed off for a long time, but its legs have not been brushed, but it’s still in my hand.
"oh? Is there such a thing? " She did an exploration, and when she saw me in my body, just like I said, she couldn’t help but have some mental and physical strength to replenish her health. What is this concept? Compared with the swordsman, the priest’s health is very small. If we can increase the health in this way, it will be a very important thing in the post-game life. She plucked up the courage to grab the bug leg from my hand and hold her breath and bite it with a cherry mouth.
I looked at her carefully with a full expression. She should be enjoying delicious food like I am eating chicken legs. Unexpectedly, things were much bigger than I expected. Lin Mu took a bite and took a small bite. Slowly, he tasted that his face was so ugly that his eyebrows twisted into a line in less than two seconds. The sound started. How could this be? I eat both cockroaches and bedbugs, and they taste delicious, but it’s like eating a rat’s excrement.
"How dare you, Xiao Hou, tease the girl like this to see how the girl waits on you!" After spitting clean, Lin Mu finally couldn’t help but take revenge on me. A magical injury came over and I immediately lost more than 30 points of blood. All I can do is to run away. For the angry woman, I really don’t expect her to let me run away without forgetting to take off "heaven and earth conscience. I didn’t lie to you!" After fleeing to an safe distance, my life value will be full in a short time by relying on the function of returning blood from broken sword.
The swordsman will come faster than the priest. If she wants to chase me, it’s not easy to wait for her to stop chasing. A group of weird bees are actually painted in black, and one of them is silver gray. It should be a boss. "Xiao Hou, come back soon?" I haven’t seen you replenish blood. How come your health is full? Come back quickly or you’ll die. "I think she won’t bother me again in this situation. Please don’t hesitate to go back. I didn’t expect her to breathe in my ear and get even with you later!" I cursed Huaxia Software in my mind. Why did those guys make the game so realistic? !
These guys are full of question marks, especially the silver-gray Johnson who sits in the town can’t see anything. "Miss Lin, please go back to the place where you can help me detoxify, and I’ll deal with them!" I leaned forward a few steps, and Lin Mu stepped back a few steps, and that monster commanded to attack me. Lin Mu explored the magic of life, so I could see that the life value of these monsters was actually 300 points! Fifteen or sixteen monsters launched numerous attacks on me. Fortunately, their attack power is not strong. Otherwise, even with Lin Mu’s support, I will die soon. Fortunately, there are broken swords that want me to avoid some attacks. Lin Mu and I are not too passive.
I’m glad that the Chinese guys didn’t make these guys as big as Xiaoqiang. It took me a lot of effort to kill a few super meat shields. Unfortunately, the broken sword was too blunt, so I couldn’t have a waist cut. Otherwise, I could try a second kill. Lin Mu sighed that I was a savage when she saw me fighting back, but she wondered why I could really replenish my strength quickly after eating it, and my health value was really increased once.
With sufficient physical strength, it is nothing to kill more than a dozen monsters with Galindo’s support. When there are still three days left, the old guy in charge can’t help but join the fray. The life value of the old guy is really abnormal, but it still miscalculates. I broke the sword, but I ignored the defense. Even if it was really thick, at least it had the lowest killing power after I stabbed it once. Less than ten minutes after its head came out, the old guy was stabbed by me with more than six points of blood. When it found something was wrong, I took the opportunity to attack it and get rid of its hand. I was pleasantly surprised to find that
Hehe, physical strength is full of blood, so am I afraid of who! Finally, the old guy couldn’t help but let me rain down, and something came out of him. It was a foot long and a bit like a dagger, but I didn’t handle it. I went to pick it up and saw that it was an enlarged needle. It’s funny that such a big needle can’t be worn by giants to sew clothes. I think this is what I need. But what kind of bees are these black bees and their heads? If it weren’t for Lin Mu, I would have to fight all the monsters near the novice village before I could finish Lin Mu. At this moment, I may be tired of casting spells for a long time, so I didn’t come to rob me of my war. Look, I saw her so tired, cut the old guy’s gray leg and kindly handed it over. Her face immediately turned ugly. It seems that I have to enjoy this blessing myself. What excites me is that this guy has added two health points. In this battle, both of us have risen to the first level. So has Lin Mu.
This time, Lin Mu curled up in my arms like a kitten and I rode back to the novice village.
(End of volume)
Volume two gradually enters the game and falls into dispute
Chapter 11 Temporary farewell game
The road back to the village was not long. When I took out the abnormal bee needle, the tailor’s shop owner looked straight and murmured "Impossible". But when he took the needle over, he had to admit that I had finished it. The old np put his palm on my forehead and a warm current suddenly rushed to him. When he held my hand, two new skills appeared in the skill column. Primary identification
Lin Mu kept laughing. After I confirmed with np, np returned the bee needle to me, saying that it was an intermediate armor maker’s logo. Lin Mu came over and took my hand and said, "Xiao Hou, I helped you finish it. Tell me, how can you repay me?" I’m dizzy. I risked my life to help her steal the bird’s eggs from the broken soul cliff. I never heard her say that she would repay me. This time, she asked me to repay her. But now that I have to hug her, I still said without hesitation, "Go ahead. What kind of reward do you want?"
"I want you to promise to help me make armor and help me identify things." Doesn’t that mean that she will haunt me like a ghost if I still play this game? Alas, how can my life be so good? In reality, no girl has done this to my network, but she has got her wish. It seems that the game can really be born to enjoy Lin Mu’s beauty. Even if she doesn’t ask for it, I will take the initiative to help her. I nodded and promised her that she gave me a sweet smile.
When I walked out of the tailor’s shop, Lin Mu said to me, "Xiao Hou, what do you want to do now?" I just found out that this Lin Mu has been calling me by my name instead of Xia Daxia. It seems that this Ni thinks we are quite familiar, but we have only known each other for one day! It’s just a name. Let her call it what she likes. "My greatest pleasure in playing games is exploring and killing monsters, but I don’t care much about it. Now that I’ve finished it, I’m going to kill monsters and train them. I heard that there are quite a few novice villages to pick up, but who knows when those strange things will appear, or is it important for me to train them?"
"I haven’t finished yet. Ten monsters need monster identification to know their attributes. It would be much more convenient if I learned to go to the training with you, but I don’t know when this bird egg will hatch. I still have to train with you during this period."
I remembered one thing and asked her, "didn’t a boy follow you this time?" Does he stop playing games? "
Lin Mu was stunned. I casually said, "That guy is a game madman. If his father hadn’t imprisoned him, I would have invited him to join us. But he is still young and should pay attention to his studies. Why do you ask him?"
"Nothing, but I’m a little curious to see you together twice." Actually, I feel a little sour when I ask that. Of course I can’t tell her this feeling. "Miss Lin, I’m hungry. I have to get something to eat. I’ll come back later. I’m here." "Okay, I’m going to eat, too. See you later."
Playing games with beautiful Lin Mu almost forgot to eat. Fortunately, I didn’t reach that level, and my stomach would always wake up. I just soaked a bowl of instant noodles, and the words began to ring. Visual words became very common a few years ago. At this time, I saw my mother with a sad face. "Come back soon, Xiao Hou. Your grandmother is very ill. I’m afraid she’s dying."
My face turned pale when I heard it. My mother left me to my grandmother to look after me since I was a child. I followed my father around the world, and I never knew what they were doing. My grandmother was more important in my heart than them. I lived with my grandmother for more than ten years until I came to live in high school. I left her impression that she had always been in good health. Why did she suddenly get sick this time? I said to my mother lukewarm, "I’ll go back as soon as I know." My mother seemed to want to comfort me when she saw me sad, but she didn’t say anything. I kept giving her a cold face and made her feel sad. I didn’t want to let this embarrassing scene last.
Sitting back on the sofa, I have no appetite at all. My grandmother’s life together keeps coming to my mind. Without her, I don’t know what I would be like. Now she is ill, and I always have a bad feeling in my heart. Maybe my grandmother may leave me because of this. I am also a doctor. I know that birth, illness and death are a natural law, but my feelings are not affected by the times. If my grandmother really leaves, I will be very sad.
I’ve never felt so bad about my appointment with Lin Mu. Now I don’t have a trace of playing games. My heart is full of sadness. I didn’t want to go back to my hometown at first, not because I didn’t want to live with my grandmother, but because my parents came back. I also asked my grandmother to move in with me, but she didn’t want to say it was because she was old. I couldn’t bear to let her suffer from the long journey. I was alone in a foreign land. Grandma knew what was on my mind. Every time I call her, she will persuade me for a long time. She said that no matter what my parents do, they will still be my parents. This is a way to change the facts. In fact, most of them will go out into the world. If I didn’t have their grandmother’s bones, it would be impossible. I have been through college from elementary school, but I still hate them from the bottom of my heart. Although my grandmother gave me love, how can it be compared with fatherly love and maternal love? So I have to go when they come back, but now the person who loves me the most in the world is leaving me. My heart really hurts!
I’ve never shed a tear no matter what I’ve suffered for more than 20 years, but now they’re bubbling out of my eyes like a levee, and I can’t stop it, grandma. You must hold on. I’ll come back to see you tomorrow …
I missed you so much and my heart ached that I didn’t sleep well all night. At dawn, I posted a temporary departure notice at the door of my office, saying that I might be away for a week or so, so I packed a little luggage in a hurry and set foot on my way home.
Although I took the plane, it was still dark when I got home. Because of my personality, I didn’t have any mobile communication tools at all. At the moment I stepped into the house, the depressing atmosphere had told me everything. My legs were weak and I couldn’t move a step. My father and mother saw me coming back, and there was a flash of apology in their eyes. I finally entered my grandmother’s room and a red cloth covered her.
"grandma!" I tried my best to rush to her bed and hold her face in the red cloth, crying "Grandma, Grandma, Xiao Hou is back, Grandma … Oooo … Oooo …"
I cried for a long time until my relatives came to take care of my grandmother. My poor grandmother didn’t close her eyes until I came back. I cried all the tears I had accumulated for more than 20 years that night.
I didn’t cry when grandma went to the funeral. I silently sent her to the front of the village until I saw her coffin buried in loess. From then on, my dearest person will never see me again! Everyone in the village knows that I love my grandmother very much. None of them came to persuade my parents, and even more afraid to persuade me to cry enough. I didn’t come home until it was dark.
Grandma’s departure brought me great pain. I stayed in my grandma’s room for three days and nights, and refused to come out. I lost a lot of weight. On the fourth day, my father and mother really couldn’t care less. They both knelt in front of me. My father said, "I’m sorry, mom and dad, but you should cheer up when your grandmother dies. I believe your grandmother doesn’t want to see you like this." I just hate them again, so I can’t be psychopathic. How can I bear to kneel to me when I see them at an old age? Anger crawled from the kang and knelt in front of them. "Dad, mom, don’t be so small. Don’t blame you. Grandma is gone. I miss her so much. I want to be alone for a few days. You are right. I won’t go back to work if I don’t think about it. Mom and Dad are sorry!"
For three days and three nights, I thought a lot about my grandmother and me. My parents died like lights, and nothing was gone. At this moment, I finally figured out that my parents had worked so hard for many years, and it was actually me. I shouldn’t hate them so much, so I apologized to them. They didn’t expect this kneeling to bring me forgiveness. I knew that maybe they would have knelt down for me. Two old people were so excited that they cried for years and finally got forgiveness for their hard work. Although my grandmother’s death made me very sad, it was because of this that I forgave my parents that I had lost my grandmother and didn’t want to be alone
The next day, my parents sent me to the airport, but I didn’t refuse. They also promised that they would come back to see them at least once a year. I just changed my mind and didn’t dare to make too many promises, but it also excited the two parents. Grandma left, and maybe I will have a new life from now on.
Chapter 12 Meet Long Bai again
It took me days to go back to my hometown. When I came back, there was a lot of work to deal with in the office. Without my presence, the robot could do nothing. I got out of the sadness of losing my grandmother and devoted myself to the work. It took me four days to finish the work.