"Men should do whatever they want, and they can’t live up to their expectations. Why must they be like others?"

Smile, see everyone quickly read the contents of the jade slips, and Chen Han’s face is awe-inspiring: "The white tiger heart tactic is also a powerful art and lighter, comparable to the top secret code of super power. There is no distinction between an outer door, an inner door and a true biography. As long as it is my brother Chen Han, I will try my best to give you the best, but I am here to confess that I have no ability to fully supply the lingshi and Dan medicine used in practice for the time being. "
"Teach, we all know about you, so quickly rise in the fix true boundary, there is no background. Although it is rumored that you have a lot of treasures, we can understand that for hundreds of thousands of people, there will be more people in the future, and they will definitely be unable to support them for the time being. "
"Yes, everyone is coming for the boldness of vision and fame of Palm Teaching, which can make the whole fix true world chase after them. Palm Teaching alone is worthy of being the first person in the world!"
"Not having it now doesn’t mean not having it in the future. I believe that we will be the strongest in the future!"
Hearing the voice from the crowd, Chen Han burst out laughing: "Good brothers! They are all my cold brothers. I really can’t give you anything today, but I won’t let you down in the future. Now I have some magic weapons in my hand, but the number is very limited, so … I can only give them to the strongest brothers for the time being, because we are facing the biggest difficulties at present, and only in this way can we maximize our combat power. "
Chapter 411 Gas rushed to the sky 1
"Top grade fairy!"
"Ancient fairy!"
"Fairy medicine!"
In this short period of time, tens of thousands of wild animals have been brought into the enchantment, and the number of newly-built JingYun clubs has reached 250,000.
Among them, there is also a super-order six-robbery scattered fairy, and more than a hundred masters of scattered fairy with the lowest four robberies.
They screamed with horror. There were not many finished treasures on Chen Han, but all he took out were fairy treasures.
In 300 years, he rose rapidly, and theoretically all his time should be spent on cultivation. Where did he get so many treasures that even the super power core layer could not have?
In a short period of time, everyone began to change to a new mental method, only to change the mode of operation of the real element, and the speed of changing the mental method was very fast.
Powerful methods and fighting skills, powerful fairy wares and elixirs have directly improved the cultivation of more than 200 scattered immortals for several grades.
Wait until these killed more than a dozen super-order six-robbery scattered immortals, and the seized treasures were distributed, and most of the scattered immortals were armed again. Chen Han once again took out more fairy wares, which he brought from Yuanxing. Although the quantity is more, the quality is not so good, almost all of them are first-time fairy wares.
Then, also brought from the source star of a large number of spirit, magic, all have been a clean.
For more than 200,000 people, these magic weapons and elixirs are limited, even one tenth of them are unarmed, but they are enough to improve their combat power by several grades, and even make everyone surprised that their mouths can’t close properly: he is a younger generation who has just risen in the field of repairing the truth, and he has made himself strong. That’s because of his talent. Where did he get so many magic weapons and elixirs? Even if he doesn’t practice all day looking for treasures everywhere, he can’t get so many treasures, can he?
After Zong Tianxiu and Qu Song, the six robbers scattered immortals in Puyang Feng, looking at the top-grade flying sword and fairy clothes in his hand, was shocked and said helplessly: "Zhang Jiao, with these methods and treasures, his subordinates ask themselves that their fighting power is not weaker than that of the elders of Taiyi Xianmen, but … alas …"
"The art of Yuan God’s control?"
Chen chilling know what he wants to say, the same strength of the fix true, a science of uniting the yuan god attack hermetic, the other did not practice, almost no comparability between each other.
He patted Puyang Feng on the shoulder. He laughed and said, "Don’t worry, I have my own way to deal with them. It won’t be long before I will help you get the secret of Yuan Shen’s attack. As for my secret skills, I have vowed not to spread them abroad, so … but I promise that my disciples are absolutely no worse than others. "
"Palm teach subordinate ten thousand believe, what to do next? There is still at most one incense time, and the nearest superpowers will arrive. Do you really want to fight with them for life and death? "
"no! I won’t be stupid enough to risk my brother’s life with others. Qi Jianqiu said to give us half an hour, but I didn’t promise to wait for him for half an hour. "
"You mean …"
"Jing Yun will belong to the order!"
Chen Han’s voice is high into the clouds, two layers of fairy armor are worn in the body, the cloud combating Dao is flashing with golden light, and the top-grade ancient fairy instrument tears the wind gun and the green mountain is suspended above the sky. At this moment, he came to the world like a nine-day god of war, and his fighting spirit is so great that people dare not despise him.
Seeing that nearly 300,000 people have calmed down, he shouted: "Bing Pupil and Feng Yan are my best friends. I can’t help them when they are trapped in the Taiyi Fairy Gate. Just like my brother who is shocked by the clouds, I will do my best to save anyone who falls into the enemy. Now, with the help of the ice family and the wind family, the strength of these two parties is almost 20% of that of Taiyi Xianmen. We are not without opportunities. As long as we can save them, these sanctimonious bastards will never blackmail us again, and the greatness of heaven and earth will be waiting for us! "
I got so many treasures when I first joined the JingYun Club, and my mind skills and magic weapon Dan medicine were changed. All these people were full of gratitude for Chen Han and almost blind worship.
Even though most people didn’t get the treasure, but the thought of Chen’s cold ability and his character of keeping his word, as a hero at the beginning of the school, are you afraid that there will be no treasure in the future?
The last hesitation in my heart has also been thrown to the outside of the cloud nine. Now they just want to fight for the world with Chen Han, and they just want to make contributions and create a world. As Chen Han said, heaven and earth are great for me, and I can finally work hard for my dreams and hopes that could not be realized before.
"Fuyang Feng, you have the strongest murderous spirit, and you are slightly presided over by Lingxiao Juexian Array."
"remember! We only have one column of incense time, listen to my password! "
Commanded the last two sentences, Chen Han waved his hand and removed the enchantment. On the surface, there were no different three hundred thousand people, and they returned to the public’s field of vision.
Qi Jianqiu and others, who have been quietly waiting outside, have locked him up like silk and fog, and their eyes are full of vigilance.
His expression did not change, and he smiled faintly: "There is still a time for incense, and this seat will naturally let the ice pupil and the wind come out to meet."
"But I can’t wait."
Contact the ice dryness and the wind desert with the voice of the gods, and discuss the plan. At the same time, Chen Leng laughs: "Don’t insult my wisdom with your poor IQ, wait for those forces to come over? I’m not that stupid! If you don’t withdraw the troops that besieged Tianxuan Peak within three interest rates, I can only rob people, one … "
"Chen Han, do you think you have that strength?"
"second …"
"You think about the consequences!"
Dare to delay time with him, Chen Han will try his best to delay, but when he needs to make a quick move, he will never delay a minute to waste his breath.
Qi Jianqiu’s words didn’t get any response. At the same time as the third sound fell, 300,000 troops took the opportunity to merge into a huge war without friends.
No way!
This is the first thought of many people. They have never seen the exquisite war, but at least they haven’t seen it. A war can accommodate 300,000 people, and it includes such a big leap from the lowest Du Jie to the strongest six. Even if it’s better than six robberies, it’s impossible to guide the energy of 300 thousand people, right?
All wars in the fix true world have one thing in common, that is, they can only accommodate no more than two big realms of cultivation gap. Once they cross too much, they will affect the combat power of the top masters because of the low-order fix true people.
In addition, there is always a limit to the size of the war. It is rare that a war can accommodate tens of thousands of people. It is unheard of that a war can accommodate 300 thousand people.
"This door belongs to, knot array!"
A large array of 300,000 people has never been seen before, but what shocked Qi Jianqiu was the mysterious array, and he really didn’t care about the war in front of him.
It’s no use looking at the rubbish with these methods and lighter skills, even if one million people form a war, it’s useless to ask for a few fairy wares and a few pieces of rubbish with elixirs. If the array is strong, it depends on who arranges the array. Just like an arrow made of iron, even if it is shot with a bow, its power is not much better.
"Lingxiao is immortal, and all souls return to their places … Rongyuan!"
Puyang Feng, who is dressed in an upgraded version of Geng Jin’s body and dazzles the golden fairy body, sings loudly with top-grade fairy instruments, and 300,000 people who fix the truth are stacked in layers in a neat formation.