He swallowed hard and gave a long hiccup.

His face quickly returned to normal, but he also put away his contempt and lightness.
He squinted at the vampire in front of him and watched his fingers dance. He smiled and praised "Nice and interesting"
"Interesting is just a mortal …" Vladimir’s fingers twitched again.
Scarlet around again suffocated.
Gragas’s blood surged again.
But this time, Gragas didn’t have the mess before. Although there were fine blood particles swimming on the surface of his skin, he was still drinking slowly.
You have a mouthful of wine
Gragas poised to smack his lips and say with smile "if you stop there, then give me … pour it! ! !”
Pour it! ! !
Gragas, the whole person, at a moment, held his speed, which was bigger than a barrel, like a bigger barrel. It didn’t look very fast, but it seemed to have gone beyond the concept of speed, and ran into Vladimir.
At the moment when he crashed out, a faint silvery glow emerged from his fat body, and a rich bouquet suddenly floated in the air.
The smell of wine seemed to be frozen when it passed.
A loud noise reverberated in the whole scarlet dark hall in a moment.
I saw a huge smoke rising from the place where Vladimir stood.
Sand and stones splashed everywhere.
The scarlet light of the sand slowly outlined a huge fat body.
Gragas stood in the dust, took a sip of the barrel and gave a huge satisfaction roar. "The last glass of wine before closing gave you a poor little vampire. You are really unbearable …"
"ah! ! !” Gragas, who was still growling, suddenly let out a roar of greater pain.
I saw two blood stab his skin like spikes, and two sharp arrows merged from his body and rushed into the darkness.
Gragas painfully hands on the ground.
"You are really … vulnerable." Vladimir gracefully caught the two blood arrows. He poured them into his throat bit by bit and walked out of the darkness step by step.
"ah! ! ! Damn it! ! !” Gragas growled angrily and threw his huge barrel at Vladimir.
Wine aroma is in the air again.
a moment
"Bang-"It seems that there is nothing special except the big size, and the barrel makes a bang comparable to the most powerful magic explosive.
The thick floor was blown up with thick smoke and the whole hall was shaking violently.
The trembling stopped slowly.
Chen Senran they have already retreated to one side.
They were also surprised at Gragas’s sudden explosive stunt. If he hadn’t retired quickly in Lao Du’s escort, they might have been waved.
"how about it? Little vampire, do you have enough wine to taste good? Ha ha ha ha ha! ! !” Gragas laughed wildly again.
But this time the laughter lasted for half.
A strong blood arrow pierced directly from his cheek.
Vladimir once again came out of the unknown darkness.
He wiped his bloody lips, and I don’t know when a magic crystal glass was found. There was half a glass of bright red liquid shaking in it. He looked at it and sighed faintly, "My glass is half full again".
Page 304 Vampire Secrets
"Old ancient ….." Chen Senran shouted 1 Gragas eyes look to the side of Lao Du.
It’s obvious that it’s time for Lao Du to make moves.
Gragas is a little overwhelmed by this vampire.
"Don’t have to …" Gragas recognized Chen Senran’s meaning. He propped up his body and held out a hand and resolutely refused the offer.
He took a deep breath and just grabbed it from the scarlet air. Suddenly, a silver light flashed, and as before, a huge barrel appeared in his hand.
He lifted the barrel and hit the cork, took a hard drink, and gave a long hiccup, as if all his injuries had been restored at that bite, and his calm face was restored again.
He wiped his face and stopped the bleeding wound. He looked at the vampire shaking the goblet in the scarlet light and hooked his finger and said, "Come again."
"oh? Where do you get confident mortals? " Vladimir, the vampire, is in no hurry to start work. He takes a sip of the blood in the cup and looks at it again. Gragas reveals a curious tone. "Your magic is really interesting, but do you really think that your ability to reveal the mundane atmosphere alone is really enough to compete with my blood Shinto? Huh? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! ! !”
At last, he laughed again, and the scarlet color of the whole hall was distorted with his shadow.
"Don’t you just try it?" After a setback, Gragas seemed to be in a stable mood like a motionless mountain, stroking the barrel in his hand and whispering, "Happy hour is coming …"
Like another magical prayer.
Wine prayer
Suddenly, the smell of wine filled the air again.
This time, the fragrance of wine is different from those that passed away before. It is long-term and wide in the whole hall, as if to swallow up those wanton and ferocious scarlet in one breath.
"Interesting …" Vladimir stopped laughing and looked around at those who couldn’t see the wine.
He has felt something.
"Interesting is yet to come, little vampire …" Gragas returned the former Vladimir’s words to him intact. He picked up the barrel in his hand and rolled it to Vladimir’s feet like throwing a stone.
"Glug-"Half-full dissatisfied cask rolls rapidly in the silent hall.