"Boom-"Just before he finished his sentence, there was a huge roar in his ears.

The roar directly interrupted his words and directly caused his head to collapse.
What happened?
Whether he will come or not.
Because the roar was followed by a violent air billow shock.
He was thrown to the ground directly.
He vaguely heard a few words in the roar. The city is broken …
The city is broken?
The city is broken.
The city is broken! ! !
As solid as gold, the fallen leaves city was blown apart on all sides in an instant.
At the moment when the city was broken, it was still in the big tent. Suddenly, it opened its eyes and spit out the word "attack" like a tiger waking up at first.
So attack
The original is still lifeless, like the ninja legion will break up at any time, like a group of people who have changed, shouting fanatical slogans and rushing to the city that has been holed up.
The decline has been saved by law.
Just a breath
Puerto Rico has come to the rescue.
Lose …
It’s settled
The defeat is decided?
Deng Nici looked at the mountain pass and stood full of Noxas assassins. He could not help but sigh slightly.
He has crossed the last three blocks and walked on a long mountain road.
He also walked the last few thousand mountain steps and came to the place closest to the top of the mountain.
He is very close to the final destination, the old palace and the present military headquarters.
Recently, he could see the obsidian statue in the square behind them through the dense crowd from where he stood now.
The former emperor leaped forward without losing a cent of his color because of the long years.
But he was in trouble after all.
Finally, the Noxas
A square full of Noxas.
And there are less than five thousand people left behind him.
Will 5,000 people meet that arrogant dictator?
"Military orders" Deng Nici revealed an intriguing smile. He pulled out the long knife that was once given by burnham Qin and pointed it at those Noxas people with expressions. He slowly said, "Charge with me."
At that moment, his white beard shone brightly on the long mountain road
The rain finally fell.
The cigar that hit Chen Senran raised a layer of smoke that died of illness.
Chen Senran some boring Zaba took two and put them in his pocket. He got up and said, "Let’s go and go in the rain."
"What?" Graves, who was taking out a match and trying to rekindle his cigar, was a little surprised. He glanced at Chen Senran and asked strangely, "Haven’t you finished yet?"
"It’s raining," said Chen Senran, shaking his head
"Hey, are you not worried at all?" Graves frowned. He glanced at the battlefield, which had been shrouded in rain not far away, and said, "Maybe …"
"Maybe she’s dead," Chen Senran answered as if to comfort himself. "It’s a war, and everyone may die."
He sighed, but he walked back and sat down to start staying in the direction of the battlefield.
He really doesn’t want to face this war again because he is afraid that the girl will really die in this rain.
After all, she is such a good girl.