Especially Liziyu’s identity is not the same as it was a few years ago. Now she can imagine the scene when Hengheng took Liziyu’s hand back to Meng’s compound. She felt that the picture must be particularly powerful and domineering.

"I haven’t talked about having dinner together last night, but I haven’t talked about going together." Li Ziyu was slow for a while and some Bai Qixinglin meant "I asked her to talk about her vacation the day after tomorrow."
"Well, let’s talk about the two of you. Meng Xin and her father decided not to get involved long ago, so it’s up to you in the future." Qi Xinglin looked up at Meng Xin, who was busy making lunch in the kitchen.
In a word, it’s probably a matter of time before Meng Xin decides for himself.
Qi Xinglin thinks so, but she didn’t think that Meng Xin was still awkward. Where would she let go so easily?
"… thank you, aunt." Li Ziyu was particularly excited and thanked Qi Xinglin.
He knows that she and Wang Yang forgive each other so easily, and he is also Meng Xin and looks at Heng Heng, otherwise where could he be so easy?
Meng Xin and Heng Heng are such good wives and children. How can he let go again?
"No, did Meng Xin invite you to lunch?" Qi Xinglin froze and she didn’t do anything. Why did he thank her so carefully? On the contrary, he made great contributions to their kindergarten.
After so many years, she has been thinking about it. If she hadn’t gone to see Liziyu on her own and said so many puzzling things, maybe there wouldn’t be such a thing.
With the passage of time, from time to time, she ran into Hengheng holding his father’s photo, and she felt heartbroken. She tried to take the initiative to contact Liziyu behind Meng Xin’s back several times, but once Liziyu’s mobile phone number had already been disconnected.
"Is there nothing I can stay for lunch?" He really wants to try Meng Xin’s craft. He hasn’t eaten it for a long time. When he became a mother, Meng Xin’s cooking must have advanced by leaps and bounds. Suddenly, he thought, "I don’t seem to have brought any gifts. Why don’t I buy some gifts first and then come back?"
Said liziyu is about to get up. he came here at the moment mainly to catch Meng Xin. he didn’t expect to meet qixinglin and was allowed to stay for dinner.
He is really flattered. It is natural that he should seize such a good opportunity and have the cheek to stay.
Section 79
"It’s not just a simple lunch." Qi Xinglin couldn’t help but look at him a few more times. Is this an interview with the male god who is high and not easy to get close to him? Why does she look like a complete idiot?
Liziyu was embarrassed by Qi Xinglin’s eyes, and he felt a little silly, but he was really happy to stay for dinner. He felt that this was Qi Xinglin’s greatest favor to him.
"Aunt, am I …" Liziyu pouted.
"It won’t be cute. Hengheng is really like you." Qi Xinglin didn’t hit him, even though she thought he was stupid, she couldn’t say anything.
“?” Cute? He can get along with cuteness? Liziyu suddenly embarrassed some reddish face.
Meng Xin just burned a pot of water and took it out for them when she heard Qi Xinglin’s incredibly cute word to shape him. Where on earth is this man associated with cuteness?
She was so surprised that she almost knocked over the kettle.
Meng Xin put the kettle on and didn’t care what they were talking about. She went back to the kitchen at eleven o’clock. She quickly fried several dishes and brought back pot-stewed vegetables with Qi Xinglin, which was also a big table.
When Hengheng doesn’t come back for dinner, they seldom get such a big table to eat and cook. When she hesitated, she still filled an extra bucket of rice, fearing that some shameless person would have the cheek to stay for dinner.
Sure enough, Meng Xin finished talking with Qi Xinglin when cooking wax gourd, and then slipped into the kitchen with Qi Xinglin turning a blind eye.
"Let me help." As soon as Li Ziyu’s tall body stepped forward to Meng Xin, she felt that their home was fairly spacious. As soon as the kitchen became narrow, the air was full of pressure.
"… are you staying for dinner?" Meng Xin looked up and asked her if she remembered that she didn’t invite him
"Well," Li Ziyu lowered his eyelids and gently replied that Meng Xin’s eyes were too direct. He could see her saying that he was too cheeky but cheeky to do things. "Aunt said I could stay for dinner."
Liziyu more brazen will QiXingLin to move out.
"…" Meng Xin stopped talking. The hostess of this family has spoken. What else can she say for a long time? "Then you can’t put the pot-stewed dishes for free."
Meng Xin directly carried Qi Xinglin to buy food, conveniently took some plates from the cupboard and stuffed them with him to drive him to the wooden table next to her. She didn’t want him to be so close to her.
When something was stuffed in the past, Meng Xin’s fingertips accidentally touched Liziyu’s hand, and suddenly he felt a stream flowing all over him. Meng Xin quickly withdrew his hand and turned around as if nothing had happened.
Meng Xin soon made all the meals, and Meng Haidong went home on time at twelve o’clock.
Seeing Li Ziyu twist his head, he ran upstairs and bought several bottles of beer on the grounds that it was hot to drink some beer to cool off the heat.
Meng Xin knew that when her father was happy or unhappy, even Qi Xinglin bought a case of beer and put it at home, he wouldn’t touch the pot-stewed food, so Meng Xin didn’t say anything.
Anyway, a bottle or two of beer will not affect Meng Haidong’s afternoon shift.
When eating, Meng Xin ate silently, but Meng Haidong chatted with Li Ziyu very warmly. Occasionally, Qi Xinglin would put in a few words. Li Ziyu’s low and extremely magnetic voice was so warm and moist that Meng Xin once had the illusion that their atmosphere was too harmonious now.
Harmony makes her feel that her parents have betrayed her. This Liziyu became their son-in-law as soon as she came back. Now she has nothing to do with him.
I was thinking that suddenly there was a pair of chopsticks in front of me. It was a chicken leg. She looked up and the chicken leg was naturally put in her bowl. Li Ziyu smiled. "Isn’t it time to eat more lunch?"
"…" What’s wrong with him in her class? Think again about his parents’ attitude. Meng Xin suddenly got awkward, picked up the chicken leg and put it back. "I’m not a child. I would have stopped eating chicken legs."
It’s not that she forgot to put the plate before. She left this chicken leg for Hengheng. Hengheng likes Ken’s greasy chicken leg very much, but she doesn’t like it long ago.
"…" Three people suddenly stopped talking Meng Xin this move is really embarrassing.
"Meng Xin how so?" Meng Haidong is rare to criticize Meng Xin seriously in public, but what is her temper today?
I’ve been expecting people to come back for five years like Hengheng, and now they’re finally back and it’s awkward.
"Okay, okay, you two have a drink." Qi Xinglin, after all, loves her daughter dearly and doesn’t want to be wronged by her. It’s normal for her to be awkward now. "Ah Yu Meng Xin hasn’t eaten chicken legs for a long time, so leave them to Hengheng to eat."
Qi Xinglin did not defend herself in the name of chin Meng Xin.
"No uncles and aunts" Li Ziyu smiled at the two and stared at Meng Xin. "Well, from now on, I will change my mind and slowly explore what you like to eat."
"…" Meng Xin simply felt that when did he become like this?
In fact, when she refused the drumstick, she actually regretted that she had liked it for so long that the man was so careful with her, but she actually felt quite happy, but she didn’t know what happened at that moment, and suddenly she didn’t want to accept his kindness, and then she made such an incredible move.
She feels a little too much now. When Meng Haidong yelled at her, she didn’t defend herself.
But Li Ziyu is not only not angry, but also flattering. What is it? She feels like she can’t imagine how he has become like this now.
Is she used to being abused in front of him, and once he treats her well, she can’t accept it?
After dinner, Meng Haidong had tea with Liziyu in the living room. Meng Xin went back to her room for lunch break. Qi Xinglin cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and went to kindergarten. Before leaving, she told Meng Haidong not to pick up the children.
At 1: 50, Meng Xin woke up and knocked on the door and heard Meng Haidong talking to Liziyu. This person hasn’t left yet?
Meng Xin turned into the house and went back to wash his face. Then he went to the kitchen and took a red apple and was about to go out. "Dad, don’t be late for my class."
"I know you go first." Meng Haidong nodded and looked at Li Ziyu. "Yu, if you don’t go to Meng Xin’s room to sleep, Heng Heng will be out of school at five o’clock. If he sees you at home, he will be happy."
"No, I’ll go with Meng Xin’s class." Liziyu shook his head and refused, even though he wanted to step into Meng Xin’s room to get a glimpse of her secret, but Meng Xin’s side seems to have not accepted him yet.
"Fine. She has an independent office now. You go." Meng Haidong wanted to think and they went out together.
Meng Haidong took Liziyu to Meng Xin’s office and went to the clinic.
Li Ziyu pushed the door and Meng Xin was arranging all three nurse classes in June. She recorded and sketched the roots, so she didn’t notice that Li Ziyu had come in.
When she was working, she was so absorbed that when she finally finished sketching, she felt a little thirsty. She took the water cup in front of her and prepared to pour water. She saw Li Ziyu smiling at her in front of her. "Why are you here?"
"You haven’t promised me the appointment the day after tomorrow, so I’ll come and ask." Li Ziyu has been smiling and making Meng Xin feel that he can’t shut up if there is something wrong with the gills.
"…" Meng Xin stared at him. She kept pestering her if she didn’t promise him, didn’t she?