After dinner, Sue went upstairs with Liu Yichen.

The room has been renovated, and the whole floor has been opened to the bedroom, living room and gym. From the outside, it looks like an apartment is separated from other floors.
This kind of decoration makes Sue feel very satisfied, at least very private, so that she and Lu Yichen will not be goofed up.
The furniture in the room is the most popular, and there is no lack of fashion in simplicity.
After they came from the building, Wen Yiting asked, "Are you satisfied with the evening room?"
"I like my aunt very much. Thank you."
"Silly boy, why are you polite to me? When can you call me mom?" Wen Yiting walked over and said.
Sue’s face is a little red, and she has always been a rich wife, just like Tang Sumei, who is arrogant and snobbish, but Liu Yichen’s mother is not only free from fighting, but also easy-going
Lu Yichen is still very happy to have such a pair of parents-in-law, Su Yueqing. At least she can feel the love from her parents in them.
"Mom, you’re in a hurry." Liu Yichen couldn’t help but wake up. He’s still here, but his mother hasn’t come in yet. It’s good for her daughter-in-law.
"Smelly little, it’s not only a matter of time before you bully me, but I will spare you." Wen Yiting glared at Liu Yichen and warned.
Lu Yichen’s mouth twitched. How did he feel that he was a son-in-law and Sue was a mother and daughter?
This is usually not a mother-in-law talking to her son-in-law. Besides, he’s really his own, isn’t he?
Sue was moved by Wen Yiting holding her hand all the time. She wanted to hold these hands forever, but she knew it was impossible. It was Liu Yichen’s parents, not her. She couldn’t be so greedy.
Lu Yichen sent Sue Evening Love home all the way. Sue Evening Love kept looking out the window and didn’t speak. If she was satisfied with this marriage, there would be such in-laws.
Think of Liu Yichen’s beautiful eyes darkening.
Yanjia villa
Yan Mumu sat in Yan Muqing bed and stared at his brother with a face of injustice.
Yan Muqing caressed his forehead. He is really this sister. He has been pestering him for two hours since he came home late.
"Brother, will you say it or not?"
"What do you want me to say?" Yan Muqing spread her hands. "I really don’t know who is engaged to Liu Yichen."
"You are his buddy. How could you not know?" Yan Mumu doesn’t believe her brother’s nonsense. They both grew up in a pair of pants. Liu Yichen can’t hide it from anyone.
"I really don’t know" Yan Muqing felt really wronged.
A round of Yan Mumu’s eyes "ask Liu Yichen that day"
"Is this not good?" Lu Yichen’s mouth, if he doesn’t want to say anything, no matter how you ask, you won’t say that no one in the engagement circle knows or what he sells.
"No, you have to ask for me." Yan Mumu continued her trick of playing tricks.
"Okay, I’ll ask. Can’t I ask?"
"That’s more like it."
"Miss, can you leave my room now?"
Yan Mumu got up and patted his ass like dirt. He said, "OK, I’ll go and wait for your news."
Yan Muqing’s eyes twitched. His bed is dirty.
☆ 4. This girl is becoming more and more rude.
What is happiness? It’s’ touched’ and’ satisfied’. Watching a tragedy can satisfy your emotional lacrimal gland, which is a happy key. What kind of mood do you feel?
Sue came home late at night with lights on in the living room. Su Kang took Tang Sumei’s waist and sat on the sofa. From time to time, she forked apples and sent them to her.
Su Lan is sitting on the sofa, playing games with her mobile phone, and her hands are constantly pastry, and her facial expressions are very rich.
This is the happy family, isn’t it? Sue didn’t move forward at the door for a long time.
Suddenly, she was grateful to Wen Yiting for arranging for her to live in Lujia after her engagement with Liu Yichen, at least not to see the dazzling scene in front of her.
She feels ironic when she thinks of her mother’s diary full of love for Su Kang, so that a man is worthy of her mother’s love. If she is still alive, she should feel the same.
"Miss, are you back for dinner?" The housekeeper’s voice sounded around Sue’s late feelings.
Sue reluctantly smiled, "I ate."
Change your shoes. Sue loves her bag and goes straight upstairs. She doesn’t even want to say hello to them.