It is not easy to make an economical and relatively simple firearm.

However, once the whole thing comes out, that is, the possession of Jin Jun Law can’t be countered. The deterrence of new weapons to Jin Jun should be relatively large, especially the granulation treatment of gunpowder. If no experts tell Wan Yanliang this, what can you think of?
Technical barriers
Jiang Liangping has seen these firearms, which makes him very optimistic about the effectiveness of these firearms. Although the danger is the same, it is more dangerous than its power.
Before not because 8 jin j didn’t a lot into the attack range.
The cash army has entered the attack range in large numbers, even some siege equipment has entered the attack range. It is time to give them firearms for their eyes, or to see if these firearms have a good effect on the real battlefield.
If the effect is achieved, it can be assembled for the army as a post-strategic weapon in larger quantities.
Battlefield is often a testing ground for new weapons, and it is also the birthplace of inspiration for new weapons.
Chapter 396 Yan Hong ran to see that something was wrong.
The Jin army has acted rapidly and besieged on all sides. A large number of soldiers have crossed the bridge through the moat with a width of three or four feet.
There are still a wave of pits and horses in front of them. If the defense line breaks through here, they will face the wall directly, and ants can attach themselves to the city to attack the wall.
Behind them, a large number of siege equipment is playing a protective role. The officers are screaming and screaming to organize a large number of soldiers to break through the industry and try their best to fill the hole.
8 jin j number advantage at this moment to play incisively and vividly, far behind the security position, he watched the siege troops smoothly advance corners of the mouth with a smirk.
be soon
That was fast.
He is about to win, and this victory is a series of victories, and it is also the peak of his life and strength, and his bright future is slowly coming.
Emperor Yan Hongliang is about to realize his dream of unifying China.
It was not until the first rocket severely nailed the top of a car, and then the gunpowder barrel ignited and exploded to Yan Hongliang’s ear that his smug smile suddenly disappeared.
"Firearms? So loud? "
Yan hong Liang looked at the sound direction.
At this time, clouds of white smoke suddenly rose and the shock wave lifted a circle of soldiers around it, bringing up a bloody storm and causing chaos among a group of soldiers around it.
"I remember that the thieves used firearms when they attacked our navy, but they didn’t pay attention to it at that time. What about my weapons?"
Yan hong Liang some unhappy to look at the side Yan hong ran to see.
"I haven’t put my weapons in place yet, and they are probably still in transit. If you need an old minister, send someone to hurry them up."
"Go to the thief army firearms we have to also color! We must give the thief some color to see see! "
Yan hong Liang nodded and continued to gaze at the battlefield.
However, at this moment, some changes have taken place in the battlefield situation
The first round of the arms recovery device brought great results.
Rockets have hit Jin Jun’s vehicles, building vehicles, bridge vehicles and other equipment, but also hit the rear soldiers’ array a little further.
The big arrow body didn’t bring many casualties, but the subsequent gunpowder explosion brought great casualties to 8 Jin Army.
It’s good that a loud noise can make people deaf if they are not careful.
If you are a little closer, you can be washed by the shock wave.
If you get any closer, you will be easily injured by flying stones and iron filings. Once you hit the key parts, it is possible to die immediately as a blowout.
If you are unlucky and closer, it will be a bloody field, and you will be blown to pieces or blown to pieces.
The rocket is still a physical weapon with magic damage. The amount of gunpowder in the gunpowder barrel is not too large, and the power is sacrificed to a considerable extent by accurately shooting the target.
Compared with fireball, it is a pure magic weapon, which is not as accurate as rocket, but far more powerful than rocket.
That’s it. Blow people up, not hit them.
Huge fireballs fell from the sky one by one, followed by rumbling into a ball of white smoke mixed with red minced meat, and the people around them were covered in blood.
If rockets and fireballs fall into the crowd, the explosion range is not too large.
It can also kill and injure people in the surrounding area and bring about a wave of bloodshed.
If you fall next to siege equipment or nail siege equipment directly, it will cause damage to siege equipment.
A few cars wandered to defend against arrows and stones, and the thick triangular roof was directly blown up.
In the car, more than a dozen nomads from the cluster were blown up, and several of them were close to the meat and vegetables, and several of them were directly killed, but they were not dead, but they were also covered in injuries except screams.
Fireballs are more powerful.
A fireball just landed on a building car, and there was a loud bang in the structure, which blew it off in the middle.
Three soldiers in charge of the lookout on the roof directly blew out and fell to the ground and died.
A pile of fireballs fell into the moat, and the surrounding area of the bridge car boomed and exploded into pieces, and the surrounding nomads from the car and the nomads from the car were screaming.
A burst of air billow flew off and I don’t know how many nomads from the army fell into the moat ditch everywhere.
Wrapped in air billow stones and iron filings, a super acceleration directly to the surrounding nomads from all hung up. Some unlucky nomads from the army were hit in the eyes, neck, chest and aorta, and then they immediately poured blood, and they couldn’t cover their eyes and watched it.
Jiang Liangping himself guarded the main attack of 8 Jin Army on the north gate. He didn’t know the situation of his three doors. If he saw his side, the effect was very good after seeing the firearms explode.
Jin Jun’s original orderly attack on crossing the river and filling the river ended. The original suppression of wall fire and long-range fire were also severely beaten, and the long-range strike fire suddenly decreased.
The first wave of aggressive attack of 8 Jin Army was frustrated by the firearms used by the Guangfu Army, and the morale was greatly weakened, and even soldiers who tried to retreat to Angola appeared.
Yan Hongliang was very angry about this, and immediately ordered the overseers to raise their crossbows before shooting. Anyone who dared to retreat directly killed them.
Is to be afraid to let those cowards who try to retreat know and leave.