Li Chu knows all about buying a house from the street office, and at present, people really suffer.

Everyone admits that Li Qin, who was still the vice president at that time, did not give his brother the back door.
On the contrary, because the neighborhood office sold the house at a good price, it also gave everyone a lot of benefits that year
But if Li Qin knew about it, if his brother knew about it, he would buy it 100%.
It’s not a day or two since he coveted the hospital next door.
Thought of here, Li Qin slowly said, "I can ask him."
Ga …
Come and laugh at you. The deputy masters have stopped. It’s incredible to look at the Lord.
Li Qin smiled. "Don’t look at me like this. My younger brother has no other hobbies, but he likes houses, and he doesn’t listen to what this bungalow says."
This crowd is even more surprised. Who doesn’t like living in a building now? No matter what you do, it’s convenient. Besides, living in a building is still a status symbol.
Why is there such a strange person?
With these words, Li Qin immediately picked up the desk and turned it twice before receiving Li Chu’s office.
Li Qin didn’t talk nonsense when he heard his brother pick up the phone, so he told him about it directly.
Sure enough, as soon as Li Chu heard what it was, she said she would come over to go through the formalities without even asking about the price.
The quality of the current call is just like that, and several people sitting in the office can hear it clearly.
Several vice-principals look at each other and feel that the world is too crazy. How can others buy a house just like buying food?
However, they didn’t doubt that Li Chu’s financial resources were all verifiable, and it was normal that his salary was higher than Li Qin’s, or that he was still a dual employee. It was normal for military cadres to take out so much money.
They still don’t know whether Li Chu still receives two salaries. The most important thing is that he usually spends almost no money. He usually pays the water and can almost save the rest.
If you know this again, these people may be jealous of the separation of plasma and wall.
Li Qin didn’t let his brother come to Wang Weiping now and didn’t come. What can he do is to let him go home for dinner after lunch? We’ll talk about it later.
All right, it’s done. It’s settled satisfactorily
Lao Zhang and Deputy Zhang, who have just been named, just do the minutes of the meeting.
Li Chu, however, is already completely unable to sit still at the moment, and is looking around the office.
He is excited. The courtyard next door is binary. He drools once when he passes by, and he is jealous once when he looks at it.
This can finally be started. It’s strange not to be excited.
This house can be bought, which is what he left for the children.
There is also a back garden behind the second courtyard. It is no problem to wait for a few decades and easily spend 100 million yuan.
The most important thing is that their area will not be demolished and will be included in the protection list in the future.
The more I think about it, the more excited I am. Li Chu couldn’t stay in the office and went directly to his wife.
I must tell my wife about such a big thing. Although she will definitely not object, I must say it.
When he came to the pharmacy, he didn’t go through the front door, but went straight into the pharmacy yard through the back door.
Just Ding Qiunan was hanging herbs in the backyard at this moment. When he heard the footsteps at the door, he looked up and saw Li Chu come in.
Let go of Chinese herbal medicine Ding Qiunan and straighten up.
"How did you get here?"
"Come and tell you something." Li Chu looked inside the pharmacy and saw that no one was paying attention to this side, so he said it low.
"You mean that room can be bought?"
"My elder sister can make a conversation and ask me if I want to be sure, that is, I have thought of a way, otherwise she asked me why."
"Then how much does it cost to buy it?"
"Er … I forgot to ask." When it came to the price, Li Chu was a little embarrassed and excited, and forgot this crop.
Ding Qiunan felt a little nai, and she always knew that her husband was greedy for the next room. If he had the opportunity to buy it this time, he would definitely buy it, but what the hell is this?
"Forget it. Go to my sister’s house after work and ask."
"Hey hey" Li Chu hand scratched the back of the head.
"By the way, wife, do you want to live in a building more?" It suddenly occurred to him that it seemed to be patronizing his own thoughts, and he never asked his wife whether she liked living in this bungalow or not
He didn’t want to buy more sets until he knew how scarce this quadrangle would be. Another one really likes living here, but Ding Qiunan is different. Maybe people don’t like it.
"Why should I like living in a building?" Ding Qiunan felt that her husband was ill and asked what this was.
"Don’t everyone like living in a building now? Everything is convenient."
"Is it inconvenient for our family?"
"Uh …" This sentence puts Li Chu in question. His home is definitely more convenient than the building except for some money.
"Li Chu, you are so strange today!" Ding Qiunan looked at her husband.
"What’s the difference between where you are and my bungalow building? Why don’t I like my home and like other people’s homes?"
"Uh …" Li Chu was asked by his wife to be speechless.
Looking at her husband being asked by himself that he can’t talk, Ding Qiunan smiled. "Don’t think so much about buying it. It happens that the two hospitals are together. Even when they grow up and get married, they can live in front of them without running far."
Li Chu also smiled, and his wife said that it all made sense. He thought too much.
"Well, let’s buy it and slowly clean it up. There is also a back garden behind this courtyard. It will be beautiful when the time comes."
Looking at her husband, he was in high spirits when he talked about the house. Ding Qiunan was also happy.
My man doesn’t have any hobbies for a day, and he doesn’t smoke, drink, play cards or go out for a month. Except for buying food and meat at home, he may not spend a penny on himself.
She usually wants to buy some headband hairpins to wipe her face.
Now that he can finally buy something he likes, how can he not support it
Although it’s a little big and expensive, actually, it’s better to buy it for home because he prefers it.