"ah? I am used to … "

"I’ll say yes to you later,’ Mrs. Teng’"
Mrs. Teng?
Her heart shook violently, as if she had woken up in a dream, and great changes had taken place. She struggled badly in the dream, but she just couldn’t wake up.
Just watching the man in front of him with tenderness in his dark eyes …
Seemingly true!
It’s Mrs. Teng, but things are hard to achieve, right
Is it the best result to eat with your eyes down gently?
He has no one else in his heart, and she has him in her heart. They are together again.
Now the result is that the current situation is the best.
In the afternoon, Tengyun received a message from home, then turned to look at the gentle Professor Yuan and said that he would let me go back.
Look up at him gently and say with a smile, then go home.
Regret is such.
"We’re going to settle down together, and father and daughter are here, just taking this opportunity to make it clear," he said.
The head in the mall looked around tenderly and said, I’ll call Yunxiang and let her come out to accompany me to continue shopping. Go by yourself.
"Gentle …"
"Professor Teng has a bad heart, so let’s just let it go. I’m sure you won’t let me down," she said with a gentle smile.
"Then I’ll wait for Yun Xiang to come."
Gentle ao however he finished the phone two people sitting next to wait for allow xiang.
In my heart, I have already thought more about it.
Allow Xiang to TengYun told her to take good care of her.
Yun Xiang didn’t know what happened, but didn’t dare to joke.
Looking at Teng Yun leaving her, she turned back and asked tenderness, "What’s the matter?"
"There is a heavy rain today," said softly, and then turned to the mall.
Allow xiang don’t understand to go quickly.
"What the hell is going on?"
"His parents told him to go home and settle down, and his family was there."
Yun Xiang …
"Is it to kiss?"
"I guess so."
Two women casually walk in the mall, but they have no shopping fun.
Yun Xiang is a little puzzled. At noon that day, my brother and Teng Yun seemed to be fighting in the restaurant. Now you are reconciled?
It’s easy to make up, but it’s a little difficult to get together again.
Gentle heart Bai Yunxiang listening to her talk today is always a bit strange, and I can’t help but feel a little stuffy.
Teng Yun came home, and sure enough, both the father and the daughter were at Anli’s door. When Anli saw him, she nodded and gently closed the door, and they were outside.
"Manager Teng, if my father says anything excessive because he loves me too much, can you bear it if you don’t like it?"
"That depends on what he said." Teng Yun’s weak voice didn’t intend to leave a face for the girl in front of him.
"My father has always liked what you do, so we have to get married. In fact, I always knew that you were still obsessed with your ex-wife."
"salsa class said here."
Tengyun squinted at her and interrupted her story.
Anli looked up at him with some shock.
Although he has no high-pitched voice or sharp words, she is sensitive to these words and feels that he is absolutely bored and unhappy.
He looked at her coldly for one last time, then turned around and pushed himself into the house.
Then I saw someone sitting in the living room.
Ann’s family brought gifts, and they were heavy gifts.
"It’s only natural that this married daughter should have a married daughter. The marriage between our two families must be paid attention to, and it’s too much for the ball to know."
Professor Yuan looked at his son and came back. He nodded to Anfu with a faint smile and then said to Teng Yun that he was back.
Ann’s father actually knew he was coming back, but only then did he turn to look at him.
"My son-in-law is back. Come and sit down. I’m telling two professors about your marriage to Anli."
He smiled and went to sit down.
Professor Teng stared at him, but he ignored it.
"This kind of words can’t blather," he said lightly with a shallow smile on his face.
"Son-in-law, what does this mean?" Ann’s father continued to call him that and naturally wanted to suppress him.
Anli came back and listened to her father still say that, thinking that her father is now in a high position. Although she was uneasy, she still sat next to her father.
"Gentleness and I are preparing to remarry."
Teng Yuncai just finished saying that Professor Teng was surprised.
Teng Yun, take a look at him. Sit down first.
Professor Teng’s heart beat faster.
"You sit and listen to your son first." Professor Yuan immediately got up and took Professor Teng and sat down again.
"You say!" Professor Teng sat down again and said to Teng Yun
"Say what? The fact is that I will remarry with tenderness in these two days. "
"She was married to another man," Professor Teng said immediately.
"That’s a look at me with gentle divorce spirit but let gentle accompany him to play a scene."
He said it was not gentle to explain, and he knew it very well.