The machete fell from his hand and the man’s center of gravity fell to the front.

Dugu Wanqian never thought of hurting people’s lives. What’s worse, it was a young girl. He stretched out his big hand and took back the figure and fell forward.
A sound sounded from a distance.
The sound was sharp, anxious and incredible.
That sound attracted everyone’s attention
So everyone turned to look at the sound source.
At the fork of the road in the ancient Taoist forest, people from the Hundred Clans Mission in Tiandong and Dayan Empire confronted two intersections respectively, and that sound came from the middle road in the forest at the third fork.
That road leads to Pu City, and everyone looks forward to the direction of Pu City.
Three figures appeared in the ancient road leading to Pucheng.
One girl and two teenagers
The girl’s name is Yan Ningxue and the boy’s name is Luo Changfeng and Li Xingyun.
Cher saw that she was about to fall familiar with the back, and her eyes were tight and she cried out for a name with tears in her eyes.
Then came running fast.
Her name is Ling Er! It’s Cheryl Ling! It’s Li Xingyun Linger!
That thin figure is Ling Er! Yan Ningxue, a little princess from Miyagi, Dayan Empire, and the royal family of Yanshi in Dayan Empire, entered the Puyuan to study Linger!
Linger fell into the snow.
Cher came running quickly, wiping away tears.
Yan Nanfei stopped the front anyway and refused to let Cher go because the other side is Tiandong Baizong Mission.
But no one stopped Li Xingyun.
After cher was stopped, Li Xingyun rushed to prey on several longitudinal Vietnamese and came to the front of Ling ‘er.
Luo Changfeng followed
It’s not that he can’t catch up with Li Xingyun’s footsteps, it’s not that he can’t catch up with Li Xingyun’s posture, but that he first looked at the fork road.
He walked through the snow and slowed down.
Consciousness is slow.
He looked at the mission of the Hundred Clans in Tiandong, stopped Cher Yan Nanfei, looked at the pale demon boy in the deep pit, and then his eyes finally fell on the most inconspicuous side.
Yan Nanfei was behind him with a figure in armor.
The man seems to be very low-key and low-key, and he has almost no feeling.
Luo Changfeng still noticed him.
He looked at the general in armor.
He is familiar with that armor.
He has an impression.
He has seen it in one place.
That place is his home.
That place is in front of Luo’s house in Luohe County.
Chapter 54 Child unfilial snow
Three years ago.
The closest god to Yan Bailou, the emperor of Dayan Empire, will appear in front of Luojiafu in Luohe County with the iron army of Dayan Empire.
The God will claim to be on orders, and force the Luo family to hand over Luo Ling, the leader of Yan Lingwei’s rebel, a broken sky.
Luoling was not a mansion at that time.
At that time, the Luo family began to talk about handing over the sky map.
Therefore, the god who has always been jealous of the respect for status and strength in the White House of Luoling Dayan Empire will not hesitate to cross the rubicon and try his best to kill the Luo family every day!
The God will be none other than the White House God of Dayan Empire, or the escort who will return to the hospital with the Yan Nanfei.
Just then, in the ancient forest
Just then, in front of Luo Changfeng!
In winter, there is a wind blowing through the mountains and passing through the city lanes in Leng Yue.
Then blow the scattered cotton wool in the sky to drive those clouds into the towering old trees and finally dissipate into shape.
So there is winter snow seeping into the forest and falling
Los Changfeng line of sight through the front of the flying snow will unswervingly lock the figure in armor across the snow.