So when Wang Liang said that we had found my body after we entered the cave, Na Yue and Na Xin knew that we were fake!

No wonder their eyes are so strange! See the name of the array.
Moreover, Na Yue did not hesitate to kill Wang Liang!
"Now that you’re here, don’t think about going out again!" The yue suddenly a big drink a way "shek mun! The door hits the dog! "
I cried and was taken aback. I hurried back to see a fire cousin reaching out and erasing the stone wall next to the hole!
Not organic!
My face changed and I was about to turn around to stop it, but I saw that the man suddenly stopped moving, shook himself and fell to the ground.
"Burst", "burst", "burst" …
A series of sounds broke out, and the ordinary fire cousins in the whole cave fell down in an instant.
"fan powder!"
The hin exclaimed a.
"Ha ha ….." Chi Nongda laughed. "Do you know why you have to bring a mask in? Idiot! "
I frowned because Na Yue, Na Xin and the seven masters and deputy leaders didn’t fall.
Chapter 14 You can’t live if you have sinned.
Na Xin smiled and said, "Chen Guichen doesn’t want to be fascinated. Only Mr. Fire can poison the fire master and the owner of the fire hall is naturally not afraid!"
When Xin’s voice fell, the six fire masters and two deputy hall lords had already surrounded us three.
I sneered, "You are not poisoned because you are not blessed! They fainted, but they no longer suffered from flesh and blood! "
"It’s you who suffer!"
That Yue binged drinking all over the body and his iron staff swung against the top of Mount Tai, thus smashing it at my forehead!
At the same time, six masters and two deputy hall masters also fought with Chi Nong and Gu Shuoyue!
Have that hin didn’t move.
Seeing that the Yue iron rod was about to hit the head, my right hand reached out and grabbed the end of the iron rod and lifted the Yue!
"Hey!" That yue couldn’t help exclaiming
I suddenly felt a terrible pain in my hand!
I was surprised that the iron rod turned out to be hot and hot!
I’m not afraid that the hot air will stir up and differentiate. Yin and Yang can naturally resist the heat. It looks like an ordinary iron rod, but it’s so hot in my hand. I’m afraid there is something strange in it. I’ll throw the iron rod directly with the Yue!
The Yueshen fell to the ground and stumbled slightly, revealing a look of surprise.
"Chen Guichen looked down on you before," said Na Yue. "Your work is much higher than I expected. No wonder you can return the favor!"
"Burst, burst!"
Two dull noises came from behind me, and I couldn’t help looking back, but I saw that two fire masters fell unconscious.
"Hey, hey," Chinong sneered, "I want you to taste my poison!"
Chi Nong’s fighting is not particularly high-rooted, but the deputy director of the fire hall is fierce, but his medical skills are exquisite, but he is a nightmare for ordinary masters. Even people who are much taller than him are very afraid.
Plus Gu Shuoyue, he fought side by side with fierce tricks and dangerous means, which made Gu Shuoyue take over the past, making the pool farmers more afraid to wait for the opportunity to poison.
"Let it come!"
Has been motionless to watch the form that Xin suddenly jiao angry at Chi Nong and Gu Shuoyue.
The remaining four fire masters and two deputy hall masters looked at him and cried together!
"See if you are poisonous or I am poisonous!"
Suddenly there was a dead timbre in that happy voice!
My eyelids jumped, and I was glad to see something in her hands. Her right hand was cudgel, and her left hand was covered with a mask of no one, no ghost, no god and no magic. How could she poison?
As soon as I turned this idea in my heart, I saw something suddenly added to that happy mouth!
That’s a thumb tube. It looks like a hose!
"Nongge, hide!"
My face was furious and my heart cried out, and I flew over immediately!
"Your opponent is me!"
Na yue also drank a suit and followed me!
Ear heard whistling behind me, knowing that the Yuetie staff knocked again, and I was too lazy to go to see it, because the pipe in the mouth of Xin had already blown towards Chinong!
I can’t give consideration to the attack of Na Yue. I can listen to the wind, but I don’t turn my head back. I kicked the iron rod hard. It seems that the iron rod flew out of Na Yue’s hand with a "before" sound, and then there was a "when" sound. It must be that the iron rod was inserted into the mountain wall!
That Yue was in trouble, but it was followed by that happy toast.
I don’t need to think about what can be blown out of the tube in the mouth of Xin, either disorderly powder or dead powder!
People’s white powder can relieve the poison of fan powder, but it is two different things whether the poison of disorderly powder and dead powder can be solved!
If this blows to chi Nong, his skill will be ruined if he dies!
Chi Nong heard me yelling and knew that I was terrible, but he didn’t dare to try to be brave and quit. Besides, Chi Nong’s brain came to me when he retired.
Even so, the speed of Xin is much faster than that of Chi Nong. After a crag, Gu Shuoyue reached behind Chi Nong and couldn’t stop it!
But I’m faster!
Seeing that Xin has reached Chi Nong’s side, so has my palm wind!
A puff of dust blew out from the tube in that mouth.