Caixia looked back and found that Yang Zong’s left hand was holding Jia Gong’s chest clothes and his right hand was trying to make proofs. It was because of the words of the soul of the moon that he stopped, and the dozen servants were lying around.

On the soul of three people out of the arbor looking at there are almost humanoid Jia Gong blame laughed, "his family is not very rich? It’s just that we have been short of money recently … "
One hundred and forty,
Is it a crime for a fairy to rob a mortal of money? Maybe, but then again, it seems that immortals don’t lack the world money, and they will destroy their image and rob mortals.
So what does it matter if the fix-true man robs ordinary people? It’s hard to say. Maybe in the underworld, such an account has been recorded, or maybe there is no one to take care of it.
After several people arrived at Jia Jia’s home, they confiscated all the gold, silver and jewelry, and if anything of little value was found, whether it was antique calligraphy and painting or jewelry, they were also searched.
The Jia family reported that the richest man in Guancheng was robbed, but it can’t be said that Huang Ting gave it up and hung it on the roof before he spoke, and threatened that if he didn’t see it, the matter would be over. If he must take care of it, they wouldn’t mind going to the Guancheng mansion to search it again, and then scared the Guancheng with one arm and one leg to say that he didn’t see anything, shouting that he should let those officials go back.
In the end, there was really nothing to search for the soul of the moon, so I decided to sell the Jia family mansion, or to cry my eyes out at the Jia family.
I drove around the city in a carriage loaded with things that were looted from Jia’s house, and threw those things to those civilians as they walked. Some bold people dared to jump off the car and rob them, but they were kicked by Moon Soul.
When the Moon Soul asked what to do with these things the other day, Caixia said that all these things were looted by the Jia family and should be returned to the Moon Soul. It was not a philanthropist who thought it was interesting to come up with such a method, but I didn’t expect that the scene was so sensational that it was out of control.
After the soul of the moon kicked a few people, some people still wanted to climb up and get angry. They took out the sword of Yang Zong and filled the car with qi and drank a line "Be honest and I’ll kill whoever is in chaos."
Everyone immediately calmed down when they saw the soul of the moon and the deafening sound, but they were still very eager to look at the soul of the moon with treasure at their feet.
Seeing that the whole street is full of people’s roots, the Moon Soul may not reach the ground. Just now, the crowd shouted by itself was quiet for a while, but not for a while, the riots spread from a distance to a nearby place.
Moon Soul shook his head, sighed, returned the sword to Yang Zong, and then grabbed the rosy clouds next to him and turned into a streamer, leaving Huang Ting, three people who saw the moon soul gone, and the royal sword went with the moon soul.
Huang Ting, three people chasing the moon, looked at him with a tight face and didn’t speak, and they didn’t dare to speak. Caixia was quite interested in overlooking the landscape.
At this time, a streamer came from the left front and stayed near to see that Huang Ting was sitting with a younger brother.
The younger brother told Moon Soul that several people found that people gathered in Muxin Zongzheng Road were heading for Haochuan Basin, but they didn’t know what it was. Someone had already informed Suiye about it.
Haochuan basin is a large basin with an area of 2,000 miles, and its foundations are all covered by original forests. Ordinary people rarely go in. Why do those people who are right in heaven want to go to Haochuan basin?
Let the younger brother find out what they are going to Haochuan Basin, and several people from Houyue Soul also rushed to Haochuan Basin.
Huang Ting wondered, "Uncle Nangong, what did you say they were going to Haochuan Basin? Although there is a large area of forest cover, I haven’t heard that there are a large number of people in the magic road! “
Month soul laughed "magic way middleman? I don’t think it’s the magic way. In addition to the battle that happened in the right way magic way in Putuo Temple in recent years, this kind of thing has happened for more than a hundred years. In my opinion, the biggest possibility is that they found the whereabouts of crab roe in Haochuan Basin. "
Yang Zongma said, "Master said that my father is in Haochuan Basin?"
The moon’s soul sank. "I think it’s a big possibility. Now I’m afraid it’s a magic weapon that can make the right path so laborious."
Huang Ting nodded. "When we get to the Haochuan Basin, it seems that we should find the crab before them as soon as possible."
Moon Soul smiles, "What’s the hurry? I’m afraid the people who are going this time are not right. After all, there are not as many of us as they are. Since they are looking for it, it is better to wait until they find it and see what to do. I don’t believe they are all public and private. "
Yes, once it is found, what will the stone, the unknown peerless soldier, belong to?
Three days later, when the Moon Soul and his party finally arrived in Haochuan Basin, they saw that the gloomy clouds in Haochuan Basin seemed to indicate that something important had happened.
Suiye arrived earlier than the Moon Soul and it was already dark when they met up with Suiye. Now the form is as expected by the Moon Soul. This time, the magic road also sent many people to come. It is said that even the Taiyin Sect came, so I don’t know if it is true or not.
Suiye, when the time comes, they have already received information from their younger brother that there are Putuo Temple, Nanhai Sword Sect, Xingyue Sect, Xiaoyao Sect, Lingye Sect, and some other sects and the Linglan family who are repairing the truth, but they are with Huangjimen, but they are not with Muxin Sect. It is unclear how many other sects have come.
Before the Moon Soul came, a self-proclaimed Luo Cha Sect belonging to the Wanmo Sect had already clashed with the Nanhai Sword Sect and the Xingyue Sect. It is said that Luo Cha Hall Lord and two elders fought against Sun Zhan and Hongquan, leaving five elders to control the situation. Most of the casualties of Nanhai Sword Sect and Xingyue Sect were more than three times that of Luo Cha Sect, and Hongquan was also injured.
The magic way has faded today since it was not in the fix-true world for a long time. I didn’t expect that the two great sects of the right path were defeated by a hall of the magic Sect. If this can not be shocking.
The form is grim, and these theories of power are beyond the reach of Datong, and if they are forced to do so, they will be self-destructive.
Suiye Shen said, "Brother Nangong, what do you think we should do?"
The soul of the moon wanted to think, instead of directly answering the question of Suiye, asked, "Are they all going to run to Haochuan Basin? How can they be so sure that the crab and the stone are here? "
I didn’t talk all the time. Suddenly, at night, I said, "I can feel that the crab and the stone must be here. This forest is covered with less energy, but the whole forest is covered with such a wide area that I can’t be sure where it is."
Moon Soul frowns. "You mean there are many infections in this forest …?" No wonder so many people know that the energy of those monsters running around after the mutation is so special that no one can find it. That’s strange
Ghost night didn’t speak is looking at the soul nodded his head.
The Moon Soul wondered, "What didn’t I feel when you said it covered a wide area?"
Suiye explained, "In order to avoid conflicts with those early arrivals, we are still about 50 miles away from the edge of Haochuan Basin."
Moon Soul nodded and said, "That’s exactly what I want. It’s better for us to fight with them than to watch them fight until the end."
Everyone agreed with the Moon Soul, but at this time, an extremely charming voice said, "The Moon Soul of Nangong is the Moon Soul of Nangong. This mantis catching cicadas and yellowbirds is really a good idea."
After hearing this sound, except for the soul of the moon, it was a little surprised. At night, it frowned, while others drew their swords and looked at the direction of the sound.