I don’t know how long I’ve been gone. Suddenly, the jade bodhi old zu hit Yu Duxiu’s thigh behind him and fell down. "I said you didn’t know to say hello when you stopped?"

"To the place" Jade Duxiu has sensed a strange qi activity ahead.
"Good calculation" A figure came in the chaos, and the ghost Lord looked sullenly at the jade bodhi old zu.
When I arrived here, I didn’t find the jade show, the bodhi old zu figure, and the ghost owner knew that he was angry in his heart.
It’s also a ghost’s heart is chaotic, and I’ve been calculated by Yu Duxiu
The ghost Lord has green hands and two lanterns in his eyes shining in chaos, and Fiona Fang has become a quotations.
"It’s not that I planned it, but that you are so stupid." Jade bodhi old zu rubbed his forehead and came out.
"You two guys really don’t know who gave you the courage to die in chaos." The ghost voice is gloomy. "Jade, you were suppressed by millions and wasted millions of hard work, while I refined millions of layouts. How can you make up for this gap? And hung-chun, are you sure you can’t stand you? Who gave you the courage to come to chaos and I did the right thing? "The ghost Lord sneered.
"One old cripple and one overreached. Terran Tianjiao just buried you here today and asked you to be your companions here." Ghost Lord sneered. "Come on, what last words need to be explained?"
Jade bodhi old zu looked at the ghost master and listened to the ghost master’s words. "King egg old bastard was an opponent if you hadn’t colluded with the strong in those days." Dare to show off before me. "
Looking at the ghost Lord Yu Duxiu smiled, "Ghost Lord, you are too confident. If you live long enough, you can decide everything. Then what do you have to do and what method do you want to fight for? Let’s see who lives long and simply give up."
With that, Yu Duxiu waved his hand at the jade bodhi old zu. "Today, in this chaos, we just ended our feud, and let you know that the seat is not your opponent, but it is not good to start work in the eyes of the world."
"I’m curious about what cards you have." Ghost Lord sneered.
"You’ll soon know." Jade Duxiu sneered at the jade bodhi old zu’s exit, and a strange rhyme came out and a violet slowly emerged behind him.
"is this your card?" Ghost Lord shook his head and smiled with a smile.
Yu Duxiu’s mantra prompted the violet to instantly transform a crystal clear Falun "This is the magic weapon!" " Jade bodhi old zu exclaimed
"The law is crystallized. Is this your card?" Ghost Lord eyes some dignified.
"Law crystallization?" Listening to the ghost Lord’s strange smile about Falun calling Yu Duxiu "Zhibei"
Talking, the Falun seems to be a light, and a wave of fluctuation has spread from the whole body of Jade Duxiu to the place where thousands of laws are intertwined. The chaos is hazy and broken, and the law of turbidity is derived from the will of heaven and earth.
"What a powerful treasure that can automatically derive from the world." The ghost Lord looked at Jade Duxiu with a solemn face.
Jade bodhi old zu while holding the "good treasure! Good treasure! Hung-chun, you can lend me this treasure for a few days. "
Ignore the jade bodhi old zu’s words. Jade Duxiu looked at the ghost master. "I don’t know if you are more powerful in six ways or in a seat."
"No wonder you refused to hand over this Falun. I didn’t expect this Falun to be so powerful that it automatically derived from the world." The ghost master stepped out of the Jade Duxiu Center and derived from the world
"Does Hung-chun know what reincarnation is?" Ghost Lord suddenly asked 1.
"What is reincarnation?" Yudu avenue
"Do you know what reincarnation is?" Ghost Lord didn’t answer and asked 1 again.
Looking at Yu Duxiu, the ghost said, "There is no world in the reincarnation of the heavens and the earth, and there is reincarnation where there are laws. I am in charge of reincarnation. Although this world is yours, the laws of reincarnation are still under my control."
Talking, the ghost Lord hit The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s law with one blow, and the ghost Lord’s palm derived and saw six black holes constantly evolving, and then instantly closed on June 1 to suppress the jade show.
"The six great divisions in the wheel of karma folded six this old deathlessly hidden so deep, everyone in the heavens and the earth was cheated by him." Jade bodhi old zu jumped through and cursed "Old deathlessly, old shameless, how many successful men have you hidden? Be careful, once The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is unified, it will be chaotic reincarnation. It is unimaginable to have conan the destroyer bury the world. You can’t be hard to pick up your speed."
"Ha, ha, ha, The six great divisions in the wheel of karma folded six, you two assholes are the first lucky people in the heavens and the earth to meet the means, and now it’s a dead death. If I bury your spiritual loss and memory in chaos," the ghost Lord laughed wildly.
Chapter 1936 Falun My God
"Chaos reincarnation? What is chaos reincarnation? " Jade Duxiu’s eyes looked at the jade bodhi old zu.
"The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s six-fold is the reincarnation of the universe. If this The six great divisions in the wheel of karma can be completely melted, it will be chaotic reincarnation. Even if the chaotic fiend is scored, it will fall into reincarnation." Jade bodhi old zu shouted.
Looking at the ghost Lord’s laughing face, the continuous superposition of reincarnation, the reincarnation of his own world is controlled by the ghost Lord, and Yu Duxiu has no intention.
"God! God! God! Falun my day "
Jade Duxiu’s palm is exquisite, and the whole Falun fluctuates to form a world, which is instantly converged by Jade Duxiu, and then a palm crosses chaos and presses the past toward the ghost master.
"It will be interesting to see whether your reincarnation is severe or a bad day." Jade Duxiu’s eyes showed a sneer.
The ghost master flew out of the palm of his hand, glittering and translucent and delicate, but he didn’t see any great power. It was ordinary, but it penetrated the ghost master The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s chest with a palm and hit the ghost master fly.
"It’s impossible." The ghost Lord held himself steady and turned quickly to repair the flesh. A pair of eyes looked at Yu Duxiu with horror. "This is The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s folding six. You can actually break through the seat with one hand and don’t believe you have such strength."
While the bodhi old zu jade is also cover your mouth with "hung-chun! When did you become so fierce? "
"Your reincarnation is the reincarnation of the world after all. It is not so easy to integrate The six great divisions in the wheel of karma into chaos reincarnation." There is no answer to the two words. Jade Duxiu has a pair of eyes and watched the ghost Lord slowly take back his palm. "Today, since you have died in chaos, it is no wonder that I will seal you in chaos and never be able to live."
Talking, taking a step forward, the jade is unique, and the palm covers Fang Huanyu’s chaos. The mysterious runes, brands and silk threads are intertwined
"This rune is the means of the sky. You should not be devoured by the sky." Jade bodhi old zu is uneasy in the distance.