Bai yinting told Xia Zhu for a long time, but he didn’t tell a result. finally, Xia Zhu hung up on him directly.

This made him even more agitated. This woman is getting bolder and bolder. No, she must be found.
Bai Yinting thought about getting up and leaving the room, but she heard Yimo’s room playing music and she was humming along with it.
So heart? Bai yinting couldn’t help but stop. it seems that she still has great longing and longing for this wedding.
But actually Yimo is wearing a diamond ring given to her by a strategist, and the more she looks at it, the more she likes it.
I don’t know how many diamond rings I bought when I was kept in captivity, but it is still the most dazzling.
I feel happy when I think of Yimo, the charming face of the strategist. I have earned such a wise man in my life.
After that, they will become the richest people, and they will laugh when they think about it.
And she also told the strategist that Bai Yinting was going to give her a wedding, and she felt that this was also an excellent opportunity for her to seize it.
The wedding is coming, no matter who the groom is, Bai Yinting. They have such a thing to let the public know and believe that the hero and heroine of this wedding are Bai Yinting and Yimo.
The military adviser has his wishful thinking, but Yimo doesn’t need to think. All she needs to do is listen to the military adviser’s orders and always look forward to having his children.
Bai Yinting stood in front of Yimo for a few seconds and then went downstairs.
The car came directly to Xia Zhu’s residence and knocked on the door for a long time, but no one was there.
The neighbors are out. This family is really annoying and always disturbing people.
"I’m sorry" Bai Yinting is polite to apologize.
They also put up with it when they saw it was Bai Yinting, and good people came to help knock on the door and shout, "Is your house leaking? Our house will be flooded."
Xia Zhu heard Bai yinting’s voice and didn’t want to go to the door. At the moment, he heard that his neighbor was finally coming. He didn’t know that there was fraud, so he called the door.
Was about to explain but the neighbor elder sister smiled at Bai Yinting and left.
Xia Zhu a face of nai Bai Yin court has gone in.
"Are you going to never see me again?" Bai yinting dissatisfaction looked at her.
"Bai Yinting, we are so boring. It may be the best choice." Xia Zhu felt his heart hurt after saying this sentence.
This is not her truth. Xia Zhu knows that she wants to hear Bai Yinting retain her.
"Are you serious?" Bai yinting didn’t expect Xia Zhu to say such a thing to him.
"Yes" Xia Zhu mouth shut.
Bai yinting’s eyes are red and he wants to say a lot, but he can’t say it.
After all, he really did something sorry for Xia Zhu. Xia Zhu hates him. He can understand it, but is there really no chance?
"You go, I don’t want to see you." Xia Zhu said and turned around.
She didn’t expect that Bai Yinting didn’t insist on it this time, but really walked and heard the door. Xia Zhu turned his head for a long time to react.
He just gave up? I really don’t love it. Everything is an illusion.
Xia Zhu’s eyes are red and tears are falling. Did she really lose Bai Yinting?
If you don’t belong to yourself, you will lose your love. Xia Zhu keeps wiping her tears, but the tears are indisputable.
Xia Zhu, you are really disappointing. It’s not up to you to decide what to cry for.
But how can you not be sad? She knew that she might get used to it for a long time without Bai Yin.
The former points will make her limited, which is a daydream, but this time Xia Zhu has no extravagant hopes.
She didn’t want others to see that she was different. Although she was sad all night and went to school the next day, she still smiled all over her face.
Liu Yao didn’t come to school to call her, and Xia Zhu didn’t answer. She was worried that she felt that she should go to her in person and explain it to her face to face.
In the evening, Xia Zhu went to Liu Yao’s work shop to know that she took a leave today and didn’t come to work.
This makes Xia Zhu more worried and don’t know who to ask Yu Yan about it. After all, she is not convenient to call Bai Yinting.
Finally, I called Chufei and realized that Yu Yanwu had already gone out from the police station, and Liu Yao went to pick him up in person, but the two seemed to be having a bad time.
Later, Chu Fei didn’t know where they went. Xia Zhu didn’t trust Liu Yao and decided to go to her active place to find her.
Chufei thinks it’s too dangerous for her to go alone, so she will pick her up by car in person.
Xia Zhu is very grateful to ChuFei. After all, he is also very busy with this matter at ordinary times, and he has nothing and he doesn’t know if Bai Yinting will find him trouble when he knows it.
"ChuFei really bother you today"
"It’s okay. I just went to the hotel nearby and arranged it for a day, so I won’t receive guests to go to this grand wedding again." Chufei smiled.
"Wedding?" Who is getting married when Xia Zhu is stupefied?
Chufei saw Xia Zhu with a blank face and suddenly realized what was bad. The boss wanted to give her a surprise and was almost screwed up by himself.
"Oh, I mean an important VIP guest" ChuFei embarrassed smile.
"Do I know him?" Xia Zhu is inexplicably nervous. A woman’s intuition makes her uneasy.
"That sister-in-law heard that you are having trouble with our boss recently, right?" Chu Fei asked
"Oh" Xia Zhu didn’t want to talk about it.
"Don’t blame him. Our boss still loves you very much, otherwise you wouldn’t have planned such a grand wedding." Chufei explained.
He still told Xia Zhu, hoping that she could wait patiently. After all, when the wedding took a while, he was worried that Xia Zhu would make things worse because of misunderstanding.
"You mean my wedding with Bai Yinting?" Xia Zhu unexpectedly didn’t expect Bai Yinting to have such a state of mind.
This made her feel happy inexplicably. No matter what it is, the wedding is the best memory for him.
"Sister-in-law, our boss came to give you a surprise. Don’t tell him that I told you about it. Just wait quietly for the bride." Chufei could see that Xia Zhushi was very heart-warming.
"I know thank you ChuFei" Xia Zhufa hide her smile.
I have a lot of fantasies, including her wearing a wedding dress and Bai Yinting walking arm in arm to the stage, and Bai Yinting kneeling on one knee with a big bouquet of roses and her wearing a ring, which is simply wonderful.
I’m so excited. Xia Zhu is more and more excited. Bai Yinting was cold to himself last night. I didn’t expect to secretly plan the wedding. Is this guy really afraid that he will run away during this time?
Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine To take wedding photos