"Eldest brother won well." Muhai was the first to be excited at the beginning of the serious injury. It’s no wonder that Muhai was defeated by others in the group stage without even touching Muhong. I don’t even know how to lose. Now it feels like I beat Muhong myself.

"Yeah won" Mu Yue also cheered.
At this time, the audience reacted that the game ended so quickly, with cheers and sighs. However, it is difficult to end the focus war in this way. However, it is also regrettable to think of Mu Tian’s earth-shattering three moves. After all, no one can catch them if they are changed.
"Congratulations to the master."
"Congratulations, Master"
Taiwan all the elders also compliment at this time
Thyme army nodded with a smile, but somehow I felt something was wrong …
"It’s not over yet," Thyme Master said with a dignified face.
"What? Did Mu Hong catch it? "
"It’s impossible that no one can pick up that move."
They are still talking about it, and sure enough, a long-haired and elegant figure slowly came out of the smoke, and the wind is light and the clouds are light.
"My god, is he … is he human?" Muhai crazy call way
"I cann’t believe he caught it before he was injured."
"It’s incredible."
At this time, Mu Yun is also more shocked than to say that he can catch Mu Yun, but to say that he won’t be hurt at all, catching and killing Mu Yun doesn’t believe in jokes. The superposition power of those three moves is equivalent to the moves in the foundation period. How can you catch thyme Muhong unless …
Think of this Mu Yun a cold sweat dare not want to go to the same shock Mu Xue looked at each other, two people quickly restore the true qi a very bad feeling flooded my heart …
"Shout … shout" Three strokes of shaking the earth directly consumed half of Mu Tian’s true qi. Even if MuHong caught it, it was seriously injured. If you can take advantage of it, you can take advantage of it. But MuHong is incredibly tough to this extent.
"Mu Tian, is that all you want? I’m so disappointed." Muhong shook the dust and said quietly.
"Although I can beat you, you may not be able to beat me." Mu Tian recovered for a moment and then said
"Ha!" Mu Hong smiled rarely, then turned serious and said, "Since the day I practiced, you have always been my goal. I practice hard every day. Whenever I close my eyes, I will think that one day we will face each other. Family members often compare me with you. It can be said that my only wish for more than ten years is to completely defeat you in the clan, but when this moment comes, I feel that it is not worth it because you are far from my imagination. If you are the only opponent in this family who deserves admiration, I will beat you with my strength!"
"Drink!" Mu Hong flew up cross-legged in the middle of a binge drinking, his eyes closed and his messy hair fluttered with the whole body lingering qi.
Just when people are full of questions
MuHong body fire qi quickly from the top of the head in MuHong head side slowly condensation …
"It’s impossible." Thyme master "Shu" got up and his face was full of incredible.
And look at other elders are staring eyes mumbled something lips don’t know what to say.
The master of the family, Bailijun, looked at the young man sitting in the middle school and was silent for a long time before spitting out a few words and a few words of shock: "The true qi condenses and builds the foundation!"
And MuHong head qi also finally condensation …
"Roar …" I saw a huge purple fire lion falling from the sky, and the violent roar was deafening, and the steel and gravel fell into powder at the moment of the martial arts platform.
Sitting in the middle of the dish, Mu Hong opened his eyes and looked at the face. The three of them calmly said, "Let’s go together!"
Chapter 33 defeat!
"This ….. MuHong eldest brother turned out to be the foundation period!"
"Yes, it’s incredible. Not only that, but he also embodies the spirit of life. Oh, my God …"
"MuHong eldest brother incredibly want one enemy three he sure?"
"Nonsense, that’s the foundation period, and it’s more than enough to deal with three opponents in the late stage of practicing gas."
Listen to the people around you