Speaking of which, Che Er turned his eyes and dared not look at Jade Duxiu.

When this statement came out, all the people around were frightened and looked at Yu Duxiu’s eyes with increasing vigilance and fear.
The old guy hiding in the dark also looked at each other. First, the creepy feeling was too clear, as if death was just around the corner.
I have to say that some things of these old guys can’t capture the robbery of heaven and earth, but the practitioners have six senses, especially these people who have lived for thousands of years and never died. Each of them has ordinary people’s senses, and even if they can’t see the robbery, they can feel a horrible and strange force coming here.
"The teacher elder sister, why do I have a feeling of being afraid?" Tai Su said to the girl.
"Don’t be afraid of the teacher elder sister. It’s nothing if we don’t provoke him." The older girl comforted.
There was a moment of silence in the sky. Only Jade Duxiu stood in the clouds, and her hands were carrying a look like an ant behind her.
A gust of air blew through the clouds, but I saw an old man flying out with clouds facing Jade Duxiu. "How dare you kill me? Even Shan Zongdi can’t be so domineering."
"Do you want to die?" Jade Duxiu didn’t answer the old man’s words. It was a pair of cold eyes staring at the old man and saying "Do you want to die?" made the old man’s hair stand on end.
This old man’s whole body is surrounded by a decadent idea, which is obviously not far from the death of Heaven and Man. Jade Duxiu is easier to kill him than to kill him because of Heaven and Man’s Five Decades, even though the old man is better than the minister’s prayer.
The five failures of heaven and man need a guide, and the robbery is more than enough
Chapter 17 into the celestial phenomena from the dust method
"Do you want to die?"
A simple sentence made that even the mountain Johnson moved a bit, but he didn’t dare to return to the crowd with an ugly face. "In the future, I will naturally look for Taiping Road to see you."
This old guy is afraid of death. He hasn’t lived enough. Although he seems to be humiliated when he retreats in the face of Yu Duxiu’s strength, he has lived for tens of thousands of years with unfathomable repairs. Even if the Five Decades of Heaven and Man are about to come, what should I do if this strange junior is in conflict and seriously injured?
Once injured, wouldn’t it be related to the treasures in the abode of fairies and immortals?
It’s more important to find the elixir and live with it. This old guy naturally has considerations, especially when he thinks that jade alone has a magic weapon, and he can’t easily offend.
Is facing the jade Duxiu HeWen old guy hold your breath and turn away after putting a malicious word.
Old-fashioned retreat is to push the prestige of Jade Duxiu to the top. Everyone looks at the silence. Jade Duxiu’s tone is indifferent. "This is far from the number of treasures in the dust abode of fairies and immortals. Everyone wants it, but the symbol of the abode of fairies and immortals is not broken. If this symbol is not broken, we can reply. Unless the godfather makes moves, everyone will draw water in a bamboo basket. Please also make moves together to fight this quasi-immortal defense."
Hearing this, all the people opposed it and nodded and responded in succession.
Jade Duxiu heard the news, and the king turned his eyes and stayed for a while. After all, he didn’t have a mouth. The contradiction in his own family was that there was no need for a conflict in front of outsiders and he was treated like a monkey.
"Move the mountain and move the stone" Jade Duxiu’s left hand flicked the whip to catch the mountain, and God Mang’s right hand pinched the tactic, and suddenly ten peaks rose from the ground.
"Please bless this mountain with your magical powers, and work together to break the Fuofuda of that town." Jade Duxiu’s words fell into the hands of everyone, and all kinds of magical powers fell into ten peaks.
For a moment, Jade took a unique step to catch the mountain whip and whipped ten peaks with a thunderous potential, carrying thousands of magical powers and smashing them towards the defensive mask of the dusty abode of fairies and immortals.
With the collision of mountain peaks, the mask instantly explodes, and the mask shakes when the fourth mountain falls off. The mask on the seventh mountain fluctuates endlessly, and the mask on the tenth mountain falls off, and the instant explosion symbol forms a guardian and is broken.
"Everyone has rushed away from the dust cave." At a sharp roar, the clouds in the sky seemed to be rushing towards the dust cave.
Jade Duxiu didn’t move slowly, and took a step that the whole body was blown by fire and disappeared instantly. A moment later, he came to the town house, and the finger mana of the ofuda fell to the palm of Jade Duxiu’s hand.
Looking at the previously blocked group ofuda Jade Duxiu’s brow wrinkled, it’s no wonder that no one is competing with themselves more than a friar passing in front of Jade Duxiu with a strange smile.
These old guys are child prodigies. They have never experienced anything. What can they have is a piece of waste paper.
Seeing that all the people have rushed into the dusty abode of fairies and immortals, Jade Duxiu patted his head and put ofuda in his arms. Although this ofuda is broken, it is better to do some research in the future than to throw it away.
For a moment, Jade Duxiu’s figure took a step by step and crossed the layers of virtual arrival to leave the dusty abode of fairies and immortals Square.
"Huh?" Jade Duxiu frowned, eyes turned as they went in.
Walking through the square for a moment, I saw that the world was spinning in a blink of an eye. This world is far from the big world. Which quasi-fairy will refine her abode of fairies and immortals into mustard when she dies, and suppress the intersection of Fiona Fang and Wan Li’s spiritual veins. If it is a special method, this dusty abode of fairies and immortals will never appear in the world
This is far away from the dust abode of fairies and immortals, which has absorbed the spiritual pulse for several years, and it is more intense than the aura of Mount Li in Taiping Road. At first glance, this mustard dust in Fiona Fang is dozens of miles, and the towering peaks and ancient trees are more numerous than the dormant peaks.
"Mustard EU dust this is the power mustard EU dust? Before the total side of the world, the strong did not involve the law, but now it seems that it is not necessarily the case. Although it may not have its own secrets, it is also somewhat interesting. "Jade Duxiu talks to those who rushed in. At this time, the strong people are also looking at the distant peaks. These peaks are directly inserted into the sky and there is a need to be angry.
So everyone looks at me, and I don’t think anyone wants to take the lead.
If the monster in that mountain clashed and hurt his body, wouldn’t it be the cause of failure to win the treasure again?
It’s everyone. Look at me. I see you, even if it’s a treasure, but none of you started it.
"I’m surprised that if there is a monster beast here, wouldn’t it be said that the elixir is fortunately swallowed up by the monster beast?" Jade Duxiu said that although he was not the last one to come in, he also belonged to a backward person.
As soon as this statement comes out, those old antiques with rotten breath have all changed their colors. Look at me. I’ll look at you. You look ugly to the extreme.
Before they took out a charter, they saw howls in the mountains in the distance, and then there was a huge claw overwhelming Fiona Fang Li Xu and smashing it at everyone.
"This is the natural magical power of the demon race, and it is impossible to rob the celestial phenomena." An old-fashioned goods exclaimed and quickly rode the clouds.
Jade Duxiu’s green brilliance flashed for a moment, and Mu Dun launched his body to disappear in place.
"bang!" The earthquake shook a mountain peak and was leveled.
"This is the world that has its own laws and phenomena." Jade Duxiu frowned. The laws and phenomena are the past Taoist high magical powers, as the name implies, who are in charge of the changes of heaven and earth’s great power. The greater the birth, the more they can motivate heaven and earth’s great power, and the more they will be afraid of bullying.
The dharma and celestial phenomena have been involved in the high laws of heaven and earth. The operation of the dharma and celestial phenomena was created by the Taoist predecessors who viewed the ancient beasts in previous lives. This magical power can be poor. After the general monster beast takes shape, each can automatically understand the dharma and celestial phenomena. The blood vessels are different, the strength is different, and the strength is different.
This method is very difficult for Terran monks to practice. Only when the body is strong enough can this avatar be practiced. This avatar is rare in past lives because it is too difficult to practice.
"I’ve been tempered by Zulong’s true blood, and the strength of my body should be able to bear the blessing of the acquired fertility without causing the collapse of my body. Is this the way to find the supernatural power? Although I have thirty-six great magical powers of Taoism, I have never seen a miraculous phenomenon. "Jade Duxiu frowned and looked at the fierce and monstrous claws that were rampant and blocked the old antiques. Because of my scruples, it was the counterattack of those who fled for their lives that fueled the monster beast’s arrogance
"If my ancestors caught the monster beast and studied it or studied it, it might not be impossible to push the Taoist supernatural powers out of the 36 magical powers, but there were some opportunities." Jade Duxiu looked at the celestial phenomena with earth and might be a little jealous.
This method is too powerful. It’s a slap in the face, pushing mountains and moving mountains to fill the sea, and the power of heaven and earth is overwhelming.
Dharma and heaven are not only great changes in the body, but also the ability to grow up with the body, and the power of Dharma and heaven is terrible.