When the beautiful woman was in a daze, I would have come to the aisle.

Someone saw Yu Huifei get up and want to get up at once, but he obviously didn’t help but wanted to do something in a panic.
I will not directly slap the other party to sit in the chair "Don’t touch the child."
The other party stared at Yu Huifei and shouted, "I can’t die!"
I will not directly slap him and see him hit the corners of his mouth and hang blood on the whole person. Only then will I wake up. Xu Duoyu will stare at each other with a fierce look. "If you get up again, I promise to kill you first!"
After that, I will give the armrest of the chair to baiwan by hand.
The man was so scared that he nodded and dared not move.
Yu Huifei turned and walked to the door of the cab. Sister Zheng Li slapped the door of the cab and shouted, "Captain’s door, shutter! What happened in there? Speak! "
It’s a pity that there is no movement inside.
I will not be a slap in the face. When I don’t say what my sister wants to say, I will directly punch my fist at the door!
A loud noise attracted all eyes.
People consciously think, "This man is crazy! Flesh and blood hit the steel door? Take a picture? "
But the moment I saw that the metal door left a clear fist print!
All of a sudden, everyone was dizzy and unbelievable.
That beauty also kept her mouth open for a long time.
She never thought that because she couldn’t stand the harassment of male eyes, she changed places with an uncle and met a superman.
I will not be another punch. In the past, the gate was once again blasted with a punch mark and slightly distorted.
I just came to my senses. I was just about to say something when I saw Yu Huifei turn around and said to her, "Have a sprite."
Elder sister to the word of mouth abruptly swallowed back and looked at Yu Huifei that calm face replied, "Oh …"
Then she really went to pour Sprite.
Over here, Yu Huifei raised his fist at the steel gate, which was a crazy thumping, and gradually deformed and twisted …
After drinking another large glass of Sprite, he swung his arm and shouted "!"
The gate was finally overwhelmed by violence.
Yu Huifei took the lead in rushing into the cab. The captain and co-pilot were covered in blood and the chair was dead.
The driver’s hands were red, and he looked back at Yu Huifei and screamed, "Let’s die together!"
I will not stare at the driver’s eyes. There is a pink energy in his eyes. This energy is not familiar to me. It is lust power!
I will not immediately white lust has been directed at his hand.
I’m not a strider. I shook my hand, flew out of an ofuda and slapped the driver on the head.
A moment ago, the driver was crazy, and the pink energy in his eyes broke and disappeared.
The pilot woke up with a tingle and looked at the dead captain and co-pilot’s face, full of surprise and regret.
I will not be a slap in the face. In the past, the driver was awake a lot.
I will not say, "Don’t be in a daze. They don’t blame you for your death. You are under control. The situation of the plane is very bad now. See what you can do."
The pilot quickly checked the situation of the plane and cried, "It’s over … I secretly destroyed the control system of the plane before!"
Chapter 519 Target Death Valley
I will not listen to the forehead is also a layer of sweat.
He’s not afraid of death, but ordinary people on the plane can’t be reborn after death
Moreover, all these people were dragged down by him, which made his heart very uncomfortable.
"Is there no other way?" I will not ask.
The pilot said, "I landed alone and I need help."