"What? Ghost repair is a magic weapon? Does Minstrel want to provoke a war between ghosts and those who fix the truth? " Zhang Xiaotian was surprised and asked, "Adding a soul to a magic weapon will increase its power and spirituality!"! The more powerful the soul is added, the more powerful the magic weapon will be! The more spiritual it is! Don’t add soul to the magic weapon when you are in hell, or you will be hunted down by hell and other forces! Although there are still some desperate ghosts who have added magic power and spirituality, they have secretly captured ghosts and added them! But most ghosts are afraid to do that! Even Zhang Xiaotian blackmailed the middle-class magic weapon in the hands of Jiang Kun’s group of less and less, and none of them added soul! I didn’t expect Minstrel to dare to do this in the secular world!

"Hum! The Nangong family and the Mu family are looking for death. They are not only partnering with the Immortal Sect to harm us, but also a magical Sect that harms the ghost cultivation system! " Then Zhang Xiaotian smile and said.
"elder brother! Do you think Luo Ji was made into a magic weapon by Minstrel? There isn’t a surname in Ghost Xiu! " Yang Xiao sink said
"A junior grandson joined Minstrel and the whole family moved to Minstrel! If that’s that case, this Minstrel is already full of people! It seems that Luo Ji and them were cheated at that time! Now most of them have suffered an accident! " Zhang Xiaotian said with a straight face that if it is really that it can conjure up three figures, then the increase in strength after he learned is not a packet! But now …
"elder brother! What should we do now? " Yang Xiao asked.
"What should I do? Of course it’s in! Minstrel refining magic weapon with ghost repair! The Nangong and the Curtain Family have joined forces to deal with our heaven and earth gang! The Nangong and the Curtain Family provoked our heaven and earth gang for three transgressions and two times! No matter which one, there is no reason not to kill them! " Zhang Xiaotian smile and said.
"Huh?" Is Zhang Xiaotian when the words sound just fell white mans a flash! A figure came out from the large array of Minstrel. It was the Minstrel leader Brother Hu who saw Brother Hu leaning against the edge of the law and carefully watched Zhang Xiaotian four people doing the plan to enter the law at any time!
Looking at the flash law brother Hu Zhang Xiaotian didn’t plan to raid a face of sneer and said, "I didn’t expect you to dare to come out! Aren’t you afraid that we will kill you? "
"To kill me? You haven’t done that yet! " Hear Zhang Xiaotian say that brother Hu Zheng and then sneered and said.
"Are you? Then do you want to try? " Zhang Xiao Tianmu light with a cold mans light said
"I came out this time to negotiate with you! Not a fight! I admit that we have offended you by attacking you this time! We can make compensation for this! " Brother Hu said lightly
"Make compensation and let you go. When you have strength, calculate us again?" Zhang Xiaotian smile and said.
"Continue to fight is not good for us! Will you fight again? " Brother Hu said leisurely
"We come to you this time to send spirit shura international! You call Luo Ji out first! " Zhang Xiaotian said lightly.
"Luo Ji? We don’t even have a surname Luo in our school, let alone a Luo Ji! Are you mistaken? " Brother Hu Zheng first and then said
"Are you? Are you refining the magic weapon? " Zhang Xiaotian asked in a gloomy tone, refining magic weapon? Brother Hu looked Zheng again and then laughed and said, "It seems that you know a lot!" The expression didn’t care about Zhang Xiao’s words!
"We ghost repair refining magic weapon you are really bold! You know, even in hell, no ghost repair dares to do this! " Zhang Xiaotian eyes cold mans a flash of cold said
"Hell is hell, the secular world is the secular world, and it is dedicated to refining magic weapons! I haven’t seen anyone to ask them! " Brother Hu sneered and said
"The world is the world, the secular world is the secular world! Aren’t you Minstrel afraid of the secular ghosts to deal with you? " Zhang Xiaotian cold tone asked
"In the secular world, ghost practitioners have not fought for thousands of years, and how many ghost practitioners are willing to be strong? Curtain family? Or the Nangong family? " Hu said with a smile
"Are you so confident that we won’t kill you?" Zhang Xiaotian smile and said.
Brother Hu, glancing at Zhang Xiaotian, said slowly, "This time, we lost three fourth-order monks in Minstrel, and the Nangong and Mu families also lost two ghosts! And you have nothing to lose! But we asked for it, and we all admitted it! I know you’re here to find Shengshengzaodan! We in Minstrel can sell you 50 living creatures for 1 million lingshi! Then we both stop here? " To Zhang Xiaotian just words brother Hu is not much attention.
"Compensating us is selling us Shengshengzaodan?" Zhang Xiaotian some gas laugh.
"Why? Isn’t it enough to sell you fifty pills? You know, you can’t buy fifty elixirs everywhere! Our free and unfettered derivative creature Dan is not any sect that can compare with "Brother Hu’s eyebrows and said slowly."
"Kill you! Aren’t all your things ours? Where can I buy Lingshi? " Zhang Xiaotian sneered and said.
"I said! Trying to kill me! You haven’t done that yet! " Brother Hu took a look at Zhang Xiaotian and said with disdain.
"With that array behind you?" Zhang Xiaotian cold way
"I’m already a baby, and you can’t kill me without this law behind me! With this array, you can’t kill me! " Brother Hu disdained a smile and said
"Oh?" Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes met with strong murder.
Feeling the strong murder in Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes is like falling into a world of ice and snow and shivering all over! Heart is not a panic tight said, "to tell you the truth, you just struck us three fourth-order monks in Minstrel have reached the standard of our predecessors! If you continue to pester us, we’ll ask the teachers of the mobile world to invite your generation, and then you’ll have a way to escape to hell! "
"Please move your predecessors?" Zhang Xiaotian zheng some doubts.
"This is the difference between our fix true and your ghost. When you go to hell, you can never return to the secular world! And we who fix the truth will be able to come back from the world again if we want to reach the sixth order! How do you say that we in Minstrel have inherited the school of cultivating immortals for thousands of years! How can there be no sixth-order monks in the world? Please move the messenger. Although I, the head of the company, will be punished, I can do so if you go too far! " See Zhang Xiaotian leng brother Hu was some disdain said slowly.
Zhang Xiaotian turned his eyes to Zhang Dianfei behind him.
"If the secular sects in the Xiuxian Sect suffer heavy losses, they can really ask the predecessors of the moving sects for help!" Zhang Dianfei Shen said.
After hearing Zhang Dianfei’s words, Brother Hu’s expression showed a little smug sneer. "If you want to continue fighting, we need to stay in the big array for a few days, so we can ask our predecessors to drive you to hell!"
Zhang Xiaotian was silent after hearing Brother Hu’s words!