Now Lin thinks that the surging vortex may come from”

It’s mainly because Inersh also said something to Lynn.
When creating the return of the sea, there may be some phenomena in the void … Of course, it is not what is happening in the order domain.
But in the virtual, it has’ got its hands on’ everywhere, and there may be wonderful phenomena.
Walsh believes that creating the sea may be like a miracle creature burying a miracle. Many places in the void have buried twisted’ species’
It is possible that this kind of’ species’ exists everywhere where the creator once grew.
They don’t come slowly like miracles, but suddenly erupt at some point.
Although Walsh’s memory is not very clear, he believes that if it really breaks out, it must be the time for it to return.
Like a large number of virtual vortex phenomenon now … Defenders appear.
So it looks like this now.
Maybe creating the sea can control these surging eddies in some way and make them become defenders.
Or it was set up a long time ago to generate defenders. This’ program’ is only recently started.
And this startup has something to do with Maya
For some reason, it can sense defenders … What does it have to do with being a creator?
But another brain worm-the imam didn’t have this dream.
Actually, it seems that Lynn knows the dream creator, and she has no … feeling about this matter.
Nothing is a reaction to other creators’ creation.
Maya is the only one who dreams like this.
Therefore, this requires further investigation.
First of all, Lin let many troops surround those eddies that appear everywhere and test them.
At the same time, Lin continued to send Maya to a place where there was no vortex nearby.
Look at this place … What will the other party do?
At present, Lin has sent Maya to a place where there is no vortex around, and nothing unusual has happened here so far.
Of course, Lin will also speed up the construction of Walsh’s "weapons."
Although Lin thinks that this weapon may not be effective for creating the sea for the second time, it’s better to make it.
Actually, Lin is not sure what effect it will have to create the sea back.
Maybe it will want to fight the previous war again.
Or is there another possibility …
Chapter three thousand two hundred and ninety-two Testing
"It seems that … it’s almost done."
This is a special place
Walsh’s weapon is almost finished now.
There is a star at the center, and there are a lot of’ lines’ around the star, which diverge and extend around … until the edge.
The whole is almost covered with similar’ lines’
This is also the general appearance of Walsh weapons … These are mainly the virtual synthesis of various tough substances with bus structure to control.
In all kinds of biological corpses, they are still intact, but they are all connected to the line.
However, Lin believes that the weapons are not complete at present.
Because these’ lines’ are not evenly spread all over, there are’ gaps’ in some places.
At the same time, according to Lin’s current research, the whole weapon start-up process is to first throw a … what can be called a’ catalyst’ into the star
This’ catalyst’ will cause drastic changes in the stars, and then … there will be a wonderful phenomenon throughout.
At present, it is not clear what this phenomenon is. It may be some kind of energy or something strange.
The bus structure inside the line can control the phenomenon and make it’ weapons’ to attack external targets.
Now Lin feels that the structure of these buses in the line is not complete enough … although I don’t know what it is to control yet.
But since the bus can control things … Lynn can almost guess.
One of the existing problems is that Lin feels that the bus structure in the line can’t fully exert its control.
These thread structures can be said to be different from the bus organs that Lin has seen before.
But they are also closely connected and have some common bus organ abilities, such as gravity control.
At the same time, they can also have some influence on manufacturing.
Lin thinks it’s the last few’ mountain monsters’ that have problems. Their data and things are all very strange.
Although Lin also put them in this room, these strange data-making things can’t connect the surrounding lines
Whether it is a virtual bus body or a creator body, it can be wired.