"That place?"

"They could have gone to a place, but now there is no way to go," said the legal analyst, "and this place has completely collapsed."
Say that finish method parser figure disappeared.
But in fact, it … didn’t disappear completely, because at that moment, Lin found that it had left a lot of’ words’ on the ground.
These seem to be mainly some supplementary explanations.
Generally speaking, it did promise to save the tinker. It originally wanted to take the tinker somewhere, but now the tinker has been … thoroughly analyzed. It can also be said that some creatures know what they are too well to take them.
And this area has quickly’ collapsed’, which can be said to have lost its virtual support point, so it can’t stay here for too long and must leave.
So … It doesn’t seem to explain much.
Although Lin has found out how it came here, it is recorded in the previous record that the interpreter moved through a special small tunnel, and Lin has also found out the location of that small tunnel, so we can follow it.
Now Lin feels that she has to face one of the most important things.
That’s a virtual collision … Exactly.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four At the beginning of the collision
The star … is getting darker and darker.
Many positions in the virtual distribution of Lin’s eyes are observing the virtual changes.
Lin has moved a lot of things to Ann’s position, and now we need to watch it happen.
There are more huge cracks than ever before, some of which are hundreds of millions of kilometers long, some of which directly run through stars or tumbling objects, but most of them are floating in the void alone.
Some cracks constantly release a lot of substances, some are solidified virtual substances, and some things that Lin has never seen before.
Lin is now noting a person who is directly’ penetrated’ by cracks.
The virtual crack directly plunged into the surface of this 3,000-kilometer diameter roller and penetrated out at the other end.
However, this tumbling person did not directly destroy it. It is still very’ stable’ in that position.
A huge pit with a diameter of several kilometers is formed at the position penetrated by the crack, and a large amount of materials slowly converge towards the huge pit and finally merge into the central crack.
It looks like a crack is slowly sucking this tumbling person.
In other places, however, there are different phenomena. A star can be seen in the distance from this tumbling position … and it has exploded.
That’s also because of the impact of exposure to cracks.
However, in fact, this change is that most of the tumbling people are not exposed to cracks, and they are slowly covered by increasing darkness and fall into silence.
But this has little impact on the biological … environment or at present.
Lin Note: Many creatures with biological areas are still living a normal life. They are curious about the changes in the surrounding virtual landscape … but life has not changed much, not yet.
Of course, those creatures that come into direct contact with cracks or are too close to cracks will always be greatly affected.
But at present, it seems that this virtual change … is less than Lin wanted.
But the change seems to be slowly increasing.
Solidification has occurred in some areas and solidified organisms have appeared in many places.
And something unprecedented has appeared in some special places. Lin thinks it may be the birth of some new rules.
This change … I don’t know what it will be like if it continues.
When all this changed, Lin also tried to find a’ legal analyzer’. Lin felt that it could analyze many things, but it was not true.
The movement of that law analyze is to move through a channel established by it.
Its channel runs through a lot like a tube and extends to far places, and its body is very secret. The general detection method is method detection.
Even so, Lin can still detect its location, mainly because Lin’ March’ can perceive some changes at the moment when the French analyst tinker camp appeared.
Later, after the French analyst left, Lin let some arms enter this channel.
This passage is very interesting. Its diameter is more than one meter, so Lin also let the velvet ball arms enter this place.
The’ walls’ around the passage look white, but occasionally you can see some tiny black spots, which are actually smaller passages.
They are about the size of Lin Chang cells and extend far away.
In fact, these microchannels are legal parsers to connect creatures.
It connect that tinker and other creatures through this special channel, so that these creature and the tinker can always feel each other and know each other.
At the same time, this channel can also be’ split’ and’ dyed’, so it can continuously make all kinds of creatures feel that tinkers can continue to have creatures to disguise.
Lin is still curious about this technology. The French parser is obviously a very good at composing creatures.
Lin, a group of pompoms went all the way along the narrow passage. Although it’ runs through’ a lot, the distance it can move directly is not very long.