"If it made you hurt for a while, would you hate him for a while? Is there a possibility that you will jump directly into my arms and let me take care of you? "

Allow health so speak your mind gentle heart is jumping a little too hard.
If YunJian hadn’t saved her …
If it really hurts a little longer, or if she’s already underground, maybe it’s still, but she’s already a walking corpse.
No …
"There is a waiter in front of the hotel, so I should be fine." She smiled and said it easily.
She doesn’t want to be seen through, and she doesn’t want to be shaken by Yun Jian’s words.
She knows what she wants. Even after what happened with Teng Yun today, she is still determined that what she wants is definitely not the tall and burly man in front of her.
"Why don’t you take a vacation during this period and let yourself put those constraints?"
He suddenly grabbed her hand and dragged her to his car without waiting for her to struggle
"Where are you taking me?"
"go to a place where no one know you."
Gentle heart immediately swing out.
"Yunjian, stop it. We are adults. We have the ability to bear it. I don’t choose to back down. Stop the car."
Gentle and nervous, I raised my hand to grab the handle and tried to hit the door, but I locked the car completely first.
Look at him gently and anxiously. Don’t attach your self-feeling to me, will you? I don’t want to stay with you for a moment now. I want to go back
"When you get to my site, calm down and think about whether that place is worth going back."
It’s not good for the driver to run into the living room, professor. The housewife was taken away by a man.
Two people are playing with their children in their arms, and they are pale with fear when they hear that.
Gentle was taken to a strange environment and felt dizzy. He wanted to call Yunxiang, but his mobile phone was confiscated.
Gentle and flustered, but he left after taking her to the residence.
I wonder if my family will be worried?
We must find a way to get out of here, otherwise she can’t afford to bear it if her family is really worried and thinks something will happen.
She can’t explain to Teng Yun.
But what should we do?
Jump off a building?
Stop it. This is the building.
Sitting softly in the sofa in the living room, it gradually became dark, tired eyes suddenly lifted and then ran to the window.
Or Yun Jian is her savior, but definitely her nemesis.
She can’t even meet this man.
She held a potted plant over her head. She tried to break the solid glass with the potted plant, but the door rang as soon as she held it up.
Section 171
She turned and looked at YunJian carrying a few lunch boxes back gently frowned.
"What are you doing?"
He frowned as if he were scared, too
Gently open your mouth for a long time, then put the potted plant back and walk towards him. Where have you been?
"I can’t cook dinner, and as far as I know, neither can you!"
Gentle …
"What do I have to do to make you let me go?"
"I want you to think calmly-you are in a place where you are not often in the environment, maybe you will easily figure it out. You are always in that place full of your memories, and you are at ease."
"I don’t want to force myself to let Brother Yun go. If you don’t let me go, are you going to let me die in front of you?"
It’s never been this kind of person who cries and asks for help. She never looks down on that kind of person the most. She never treats anyone except Yan.
But today she can’t do anything.
"Are you blackmailing me?"
"I mean it!"
Seeing the displeasure in his eyes, she became more determined
She is really afraid that her elders will call Tengyun if they are worried. If Tengyun knows that she is missing, she will definitely come back immediately, but there is such a big project waiting for him to sit in.
Yeah …
She suddenly seemed to see something clearly.
It turned out that she still trusted him so much except that it hurt her.
By nine o’clock in the evening, Professor Yuan and Professor Teng were already anxious, and she finally came home.
Professor Yuan was so frightened that he almost cried. Where have you been?
"I’m sorry that brother Yun Xiang asked me to say something." She tried to make things look not so big.
"At that time, Lao Zhang said that you were kidnapped and scared me to death with your father. Hurry up and call Teng Yun. I just talked to your father and you may have had an accident."
Gentle with a mobile phone while dialing his number while the stair door, he didn’t get through.
In fact, he has been calling Professor Teng and Professor Yuan for many times. When he returned to his room with doubts, he didn’t know that he was ready to return to China immediately.
"I am gentle!"
When she heard his voice, her tears almost fell out.
"Where have you been? What happened? "
"Now that I’m back, mom asked me to tell you not to worry."
"Is it YunJian?"