Of course, this is not Sun County Commandant’s intention to torture this blood-sucking monster.

The fact is that the self-healing ability of the other party is too terrible. Sun Xianwei’s blade has not been cut into the other party’s body and the back of the knife has not been completely cut out.
The wound has healed before the vampire monster, and then the steel knife is stuck in its body abruptly.
As a last resort, Sun County Commandant can constantly create fatal wounds like a butcher to limit the action ability of vampire monsters.
"ouch! Ow! Hey! "
"Immortality" brings healing ability, and this moment becomes a vampire magic method to get rid of pain.
The whole process of being dismembered again and again and then healed is like a thousand pieces of temporary torture, but the blood-sucking monster is returned to the law and completely dies
"Is this a vampire Lao?"
Slightly frowned, Lao Zhao ordered the dying officers to be treated simply and then came to Sun County Commandant’s side.
"It doesn’t seem to fit the description of that monk?"
A monk describes a vampire Lao as a monster with wings.
But the bloodthirsty monster in the eye doesn’t have a pair of wings, even though it looks completely different from human beings.
Besides, although this bloodthirsty monster’s clothing has been broken into rags, it can be vaguely seen that it is a very simple peasant linen.
"This dress … is just that family"
Some incredible speculation flashed through my mind that Lao Zhao’s face suddenly changed.
"Not good! There is more than one vampire monster like this! "
As if in response to Lao Zhao’s words, a pair of cruel and bloodthirsty eyes suddenly opened in the dark.
Just like hunting wolves, I realized that I was hidden in the dark after being discovered, and bloodthirsty monsters came out one after another and surrounded the officers.
This group of new bloodthirsty monsters have their own similar body structure.
Stiff, sharp fangs, and those iconic bloody eyes …
There is no doubt that these bloodthirsty monsters are not aware of their own order wisdom like wild animals.
Part of the reason why the former blood-sucking monster appeared rashly may be because of its bloodthirsty nature, but more still want to introduce this group of officers into this narrow alley.
In this way, this group of officers will lose their greatest advantage and be able to fight hand-to-hand with this group of bloodthirsty monsters that have crushed themselves in all aspects of their physical fitness.
"Shit, we’re surrounded!"
"I am not blind to see!"
"So what should we do now? Kill out? "
Surrounded by the guards, they naturally noticed the sudden appearance of this group of monsters, which had already been aroused by Lao Zhao, and they fell into a panic again.
Good officers are not lazy in their daily training. Years of training can make them pose a simple battle in the shortest time, and they will not be completely crushed by this bloodthirsty monster.
"This is in big trouble …"
See how to kill blood-sucking monster sun county commandant simply nail each other down and then look around those who have already appeared near the blood-sucking monster.
"There are so many monsters that can’t be killed. What the hell is going on?"
As for Sun County Commandant, when they were suddenly surrounded by bloodsucking monsters, the officers heading for his gate also encountered a similar situation.
"What the hell is going on? Why are there so many bloodsuckers? "
Pei county magistrate calmly glanced at those hidden monsters in the dark and asked the Taoist priest around him.
It’s beyond Pei county magistrate’s expectation. It’s a Taoist priest with the same face of consternation. It’s not false to look at those bloodsucking monsters and show shock.
"I don’t know what’s going on. It’s right to have a vampire!"
When talking to the Taoist Pei county magistrate, the officers have already fought against those monsters hidden in the dark.
The roots of blood-sucking monsters changed from ordinary people in the place where the knife light passed were quickly repelled by the brave officers like chopping melons and vegetables without any resistance.
However, the real scary thing about these bloodsucking monsters is that they are "immortal"
Arms cut off, legs cut off, even head cut off …
No matter how terrible the injury is, it doesn’t seem to affect these bloodsucking monsters to continue to live.
If there is blood, they can recover quickly at an alarming rate.
On the other hand, the officers of Pei county magistrate hui are still mortals even if they have the force value beyond ordinary people
Seeing these horrible monsters constantly "resurrect", even the bravest officers can’t help but look surprised.
If it weren’t for Pei county magistrate’s calm attitude, these officers would have abandoned their knives and fled by now.
"My Lord, what should we do if we take it?"
Rao is such a first officer still can’t help but turn to Pei county magistrate and ask.
In the face of hand asked pei county magistrate is just a thought and decisive way again.
"The residents here should have been transformed into this terrible monster. Several people have been sent to nearby houses to collect kerosene and burn them."
I have to say that Pei county magistrate’s calmness at the moment is really powerful.
After hearing his order, the officers did not hesitate to separate two teams to collect kerosene nearby.