"Eldest brother, let’s ask a famous doctor for aftercare in your body. That is, if one day, I will show my position in front of my elder in Heshan, and my family will support the big lady to pick you up."

"Yes, no one wants to be our castellan except the big lady." The crowd supported the big lady, and Hao Qingqing couldn’t help but look at the man beside him. He helped himself win all this.
"It’s true that I’m not always in charge and won the hearts of the people. Otherwise, I care so much." Yang Chengzu is still so modest without any complacency.
The noise outside still didn’t stop. The fire almost broke out and finally turned into a fake carnival. Dozens of big animals were killed in the mountain, and a lot of flour and rice was taken out to let the mountain elders have a good meal. Everyone also ate and drank in the yard, praising the old master and praising their father and daughter.
And Hao Yunlong room Hao Yunlong, Hao Qingqing, Yang Chengzu three people sit together Hao Yunlong cigarette laughs "Yang Bai don’t mention it. My popularity at most is to fight a lose-lose mountain with Zhao, so you have to kill the set, or do you have a good way to let this disaster disappear in form and clear the way for the girl? I remember this favor. Although I invited you to say that Mr. Li has come to cure the disease, his health has improved a lot, but after all, that’s how to stay.
Chapter one hundred Take Ji Long (9)
Yang Chengzu smiled and said, "Old master, I know that during this period, I followed Qingqing everywhere. I have seen the rugged terrain of Qinglong Mountain, and I have learned that it is really a threat to you. Do I have to say that you will not let me go unless I agree to join the team?"
Hao Qingqing busy way "nothing you don’t join in, who dare not let you mountain?"
Hao Yunlong looked at his daughter and shook his head secretly. The most taboo in the greenwood is to give people a look at the cottage situation. Especially now, if Yang Chengzu leads troops to attack the mountain, the terrain on which the Qinglong Mountain uneven village depends will be gone before his eyes.
Supposedly, such a person will either join the company or die, or a generation will be trapped in the mountains and won’t allow him to go, but his daughter now has this attitude. If he insists on not letting people go, he may not even be able to pass his daughter. He smiled funny.
"Yang Gong joked that you helped me so much. I’m not biting the hand that feeds you. Whether you join or not is our cottage VIP who wants to leave or stay. I still want to keep you. This cottage is purely my appreciation and my daughter’s consideration."
He lit a little bit of Hao Qingqing’s pipe. "You should know her mind. To tell the truth, I know that she is ugly or not. You are a good person, and you are not a jealous woman. Although it is impossible to say that it is close to your family as sisters, it is impossible for her to get along well with your woman. You can’t find such a good woman with lanterns. If you mix together these days, you won’t give her an explanation. How will she get married in the future?"
Hao Qingqing before Yang Chengzu answered his words, "Dad, my brother Yang and I are clear about what others love to say. What does it matter? If anyone dares to chew someone’s tongue, I’ll split him. So what if he can’t marry? Just don’t marry. "
"Get out!" Hao Yunlong gas face a change pipe his daughter hit a head "give me out! We men don’t come in until we say a few words. "
"Qingqingjie, you’d better go out. I’ll talk to the master. Don’t worry." Hao Yunlong finished speaking. Hao Qingqing didn’t move, but Yang Chengzu said that she got up and said, "I’ll have something outside, just call me." This just got up and left.
Hao Yunlong nai shook her head at the door and said, "Girls can’t help being extroverted. It turns out that Qingqing is just a fake. It’s nothing to wrestle with the young man and break his wrist. But since you came behind the mountain, she has secretly rubbed powder on herself. What’s wrong with this? You should know very well that I have a daughter who doesn’t want to see her too sad. I said I wanted you to stay away from her, but you didn’t follow this rule. Do you blame me or blame me for this?"
"It’s hard to say that this kind of thing will happen unless you set a rule. It’s human nature that you can’t suppress it by rules."
"You may have a point, but I don’t want her to come to me with a big belly one day and tell me that her child has no father. I have to ask you to give her an explanation. There is a big family in Henan, but this is not a problem. We have a way to take them all to live in Qinglong Mountain. As you can see, there are many people here, and the married with children family, old and young, is also very happy. It is not necessarily worse than being an official."
"I just said that it’s true that Qingqing doesn’t have such a big mind. She can’t be jealous, but she is a good girl. She won’t bully your concubine or kill them because of jealousy. She will live with you with peace of mind and will help you to do this in Fiona Fang for hundreds of miles in the future."
Yang Chengzu laughed. "Sir, don’t you think I’m better than a grass head? You are an old soldier with rich experience. You should see that my research on wooden cannons is even less powerful than the magic ware. This thing is not for you to fight against officers and soldiers, but for the purpose of studying cottage fires. You should be very white, right? "
"woo? When I heard you talking to everyone in the cottage, it summed up that these two words are also good. "
"That’s right, it’s to woo an official to kill and set fire to woo you. You have done a lot of things to kill and set fire to consider. It’s the problem of wooing you. The most successful robber in the day was the robber in official clothes. You were all caught in official clothes when you were a cloth robber. You don’t want to change your life with Beilu, so if you can make a patrol of this place in the future, you can also suffer from a knife and a gun, but you can set up a card and draw points to do things with peace of mind. There is almost more official protection than now."
"But if you want to woo this thing, first of all, you must have someone in the yamen. I can’t leave the mountain. If I leave the mountain, you will go to the government for a holiday, and you will manage it."
Hao Yunlong heard woo and was silent for a while, smoking a cigarette one by one, and finally said, "woo?" Most of us old people were born in the imperial court. To tell the truth, we are tired of eating this bowl of rice and have no idea about wooing or not wooing. "
"You are tired of eating, but there are so many young people. Why can Zhao be so big in the mountains that a new comer can actually collect so many henchmen? Because young people can’t see hope, who wants to be a bandit at a young age and continue to be a robber for their grandchildren? And if you get a future after being accepted, you can get a wife’s shadow with one knife and one gun in the future. Isn’t that much better than occupying a mountain? The robber business is a choice, not a long-term solution. The master should be whiter than me. "
There was another silence. Yang Chengzu added, "I know your concerns, but this is not to recruit now. I have to take it slowly. Whether it’s building a wooden cannon or telling everyone about planning, the core thing is to let everyone stop tossing and rest and live a good life."
"This cottage is running well, collecting and protecting it, ensuring that a commercial road is smooth, and you can do business yourself. It’s better than robbing the caravan to earn more money, and there are fewer dead people. When someone helps to develop a strong scene in the future, there will naturally be a government to talk about recruiting people. Everyone will rectify the armament and fight a dozen robbers around, and the surrounding green forests should be collected and swept. Are you afraid that you can’t dominate the dock from now on?"
Hao Yunlong said, "But don’t forget that we are the Bailian Sect. Can Bailian Sect also woo?"
Chapter one hundred and eleven Stealing incense (1)
Hao Qingqing took a teacup outside the door, and the goalkeeper put his ear on the teacup and tried his best to listen to the dialogue inside, for fear that his father would split Yang Chengzu for a while.
When Yang Chengzu said woo, her face also smiled, thinking that she might be able to be his daughter-in-law if she was wooed. At that time, he would be a security officer and I would be his mother. How wonderful it would be, but when I heard the word Bai Lianjiao, I just lit that little hope and the fire was extinguished by love.
"White lotus? Then what are you afraid of? Are there fewer white lotus believers in the dynasty? " Yang Chengzu is nothing more than "White Lotus Christians and white lotus bandits who are discovered by us are not the same thing. When the government finds out that they are all plotting against the imperial court, it is not negotiable to kill them. However, if ordinary people enter the White Lotus Sect, it is not necessary to paint a picture to cure their children and vote for a good baby. I wonder how many of these sects will have nothing to do with me. Can you still call this a thing when you talk in my yamen?"
"So you are determined to let’s woo? If you can’t woo, who will guarantee the safety of our cottage? Don’t forget that you have seen the whole mountain and it is much more convenient than others to seize the cottage. "
"Even if I didn’t see Baishan Village, this uneven village is really Jincheng Tang Chi? Your cottage is here because the government didn’t take it seriously, not because the cottage is really steep. Besides, I think it’s more beneficial for you and Qingqing to stay in the stronghold outside because you have someone who is familiar with the terrain of the cottage and has the means of officials. Although the crisis has been resolved, who knows when the second Zhao will appear? But outside, they have to think about whether it will attract loyalist three provincial capitals to suppress a guide who is familiar with the terrain. How long can this stronghold last? "
"As you say, I have to let you go? Otherwise, the loyalist will have to go to the door? "
"This is not my official position, but it’s just a small hundred officialdom. But I can get a pair of bowls and chopsticks in Zhou Wangfu less than twenty this year. How can I say three or two words in front of the governor of Henan? I can’t get a good future in this uneven village of Qinglong Mountain? Sometimes it’s necessary to gamble. I don’t know if the old man is willing to gamble. Of course, if you have to leave me, there’s nothing to say. After all, I’m still in your village, and all the arrangements have to listen to you. "
Outside the room for a long time, Hao Qingqing clenched her fist. She hoped that Yang Chengzu would stay, but she knew that his heart would definitely fly elsewhere if he stayed so strongly. It was also difficult to choose at the moment.
Then listen to the room to Hao Yunlong sound "if I let you go, will you come back?" What if you don’t come back and let Qingqing do it again? "
"Don’t worry, old man, I swear to God that I will definitely come back to Yu Qingqing. I will give her an explanation. If she meets a better man in this period, it means that I am not blessed. Many times it depends on fate. None of us can decide the future. It is not possible to do it in a day or two. If I make a random promise and miss her for life, I am sorry for her."
"You’d better tell her yourself to let her know what you think. You’ve helped me a lot. I have to thank you. Besides, you’re going to Shaanxi, where money is better than official status. I’ll prepare a gauge and send you off in three days."
The coarse porcelain tea bowl outside the door fell to the ground and shattered.
On the evening of that day, Yang Chengzu sang a song with the huqin in the yard, and the girls who were watching the young people cheered from time to time, but he found that Hao Qingqing, who had always been inseparable in the past, didn’t know where he was and didn’t listen to his singing.
Since Hao Yunlong had a talk, Hao Qingqing’s performance on this day has been strange, and it’s always not as natural as it used to be, but he’s going to leave after all, and he doesn’t care much about it. Although Hao Qingqing is a healthy, youthful and energetic beauty, he is, after all, a mountain robber. If he is destined to have a fate with himself, it’s meaningless to insist.
When he returned to his room, he found that Hao Qingqing was waiting for his room table with two jars lit with candles and a dozen kinds of hot dishes to see him come back. Hao Qingqing got up and said, "Chengzu brothers, I’ve been waiting for you for a while."
"How did Sister Qingqing remember to come to me for a drink?"
"Nothing. I know you’re leaving. Even if it’s a farewell dinner, come and sit down and drink. These dishes are all made by me. Try them."
Yang Chengzu is not hungry, but since she has cooked and eaten herself, it is not good to refuse. They have long been used to being close to each other, and he is also generous to sit with Hao Qingqing, pick up chopsticks, eat two dishes and then drink.
Hao Qingqing drank wine very fast today. Yang Chengzu drank less than half of a small jar of wine. Her jar has bottomed out and she took Yang Chengzu’s jar to drink.
"Sister Qingqing, drink less. This wine is not such a way to hurt people."
"Nothing. Anyway, you are about to leave. After you leave, no man can accompany me to drink. Is the food terrible? I just ate two bites and I can’t stand it myself. I found that I am such a stupid woman that I can’t even cook well, so I don’t blame people who can’t keep you. "
Yang Chengzu gently took hold of her waist and smiled. "Don’t say that. Everyone has his own strengths. Marrying a wife is not a cook. Why do you have to be proficient in cooking? Don’t be sad, I’ll come back to see you soon. What will you do if you keep drinking like this? I don’t want to be a drunk when I come back. "
"You … you really will come back? You are an official. We are just thieves. You have a beautiful chivalrous girl at home. I am just a wild girl in the mountains. You will probably forget us soon after you leave. "
"What words or I will make an oath, you should believe it."
"I don’t want you to swear." Hao Qingqing whispered that she hesitated for a moment and suddenly gritted her teeth. "Chengzu brothers, my room has always been noisy and people can’t sleep well recently. I really hate it. You see it’s so dark now …"
"Then you can stay tonight. I have a big bed. Let’s squeeze together. It’s always crowded."
Chapter one hundred and twelve Stealing incense (2)
Yang Chengzu, the head of the powder squad, can’t recognize the meaning of Hao Qingqing’s words? If he is a gentleman, he will naturally say that he can’t give her a promise and then send her back to his room. This relationship is just like a passing blowing in the wind.
But the problem is that he is neither a gentleman nor a gentleman. What does he want to let go of when he delivers a good meal? Take a look at the bed again. Hao Qingqing has already started to tidy up the bedding neatly and spread a piece of white silk. She … This is not to let herself test the red, is it?
Supposedly, a female thief, even a man has had this kind of thing long ago, but seeing her crude reaction in the face of provocation is really like a girl who has not been in a war. If so, she will not let her go. He grabbed Hao Qingqing and said softly, "Stay tonight and let’s squeeze."
"That … that you have to ensure that you don’t behave yourself." Hao Qingqing deluded himself and said this sentence, and then the whole person became soft in Yang Chengzu’s arms. She is not a casual woman, let alone take the initiative to throw herself at Yang Chengzu’s mercy today.
Clothes were thrown all over the floor at random. With a big red waist and a red candle exploding on the wall, the two figures have gradually overlapped. It is impossible to tell whether it is his shadow or her shadow. There were bursts of symphony movements of life in the studio.
I don’t know how long it took me to hand the white silk to Yang Chengzu, pointing to the scarlet face and saying, "I’m already you. I’ll wait for you behind your mountain. If you don’t come back, I’ll wait for you for ten years a year. I’ll wait for you all the time."
It’s a bit crowded for two people to sleep in this bed, but if you fold it up, it won’t be a big problem. Yang Chengzu has been so cruel these days that he can’t sleep at home all night. Today, he finally released this woman completely, especially in front of him, so that he can release herself as much as he can, and he doesn’t worry that she can bear it. Seeing this bloody white handkerchief, he remembered that he seems to have a little pity for this new person.
"I’m sorry. I shouldn’t … I shouldn’t have worked so hard … did I hurt you?"
"There’s nothing I don’t want," Hao Qingqing said with tears in her eyes. "When you talk to dad, I heard what it means that if I meet a good man, I can get married. Is that what I am in your eyes? I know we’re women’s names. It’s hard to say that we’re rotten goods, but I’m not like them. You wanted to be nice to me before, and I didn’t agree because I didn’t want you to look down on me. I gave myself to you today to prove that I’m clean. If I gave myself to you, I wouldn’t give it to anyone else, even if it was a good man. "