At the same time, a mile away, Nan Yunqing and Ye Yunxiao stopped on the ground and suddenly shivered. The blue crystal ground suddenly burst out with spikes, and every face was shining with stars, and they were about to stab into a beehive!

Supposedly LingHong was blocked by the blue Se wall at this time. Xiao Wen couldn’t see her move, but her hand just pressed Xiao Wen to the ground and she was already in action! At the same time, there was Hainong, whose tail swung in the direction of Nan Yunqing, but the speed was not as fast as Xiao Wen’s, because Xiao Wen had teleported again this time!
No one can teleport in the sea temple, but this is Xiao Wen’s second teleport!
When he came back, Xiao Wen had reached the edge of the night clouds and Nan Yunqing. This time, he didn’t go to escape, but slammed his right hand and slammed it!
The blue breath on the ground is so transient that it is as hard as ice!
Hundreds of ice thorns have just arched from the ground when they have already touched the frozen blue barrier and will not "crash" and break!
At the same time, Xiao Wen almost didn’t even lift his head, and extended his left hand to a mile away to surround Linghong with the blue Se wall.
The blue Se fence is about three feet high and has a diameter of three feet. When Xiao Wen stretched out his left hand, the blue breath of Fiona Fang outside the fence was quickly mobilized, and it was the blue Se fence where the palms of the five fingers had to be grasped.
At this time, it is obvious that Xiao Wen can also control the blue breath of the sea temple, and the control is probably not in Hainong!
Linghong is throwing caution to the wind at this time. If you want to go to the dark, you will launch a second attack on Nan Yunqing.
On the other side, Xiao asked for a fierce grip with his left fist!
At the same moment, the huge palm outside the blue Se wall also quickly squeezed into the middle, crushing the blue Se wall and continuing to squeeze in!
"Boom" to a huge palm has been finished without the outline of a blue Se sphere to crush the original wall into powder and the Linghong also disappeared in it …
Three saints and immortals in this world are dead!
From Xiao Wen’s sudden appearance to saving people to killing Linghong in the end, it was less than five breath …
Or is the face of the world god alliance dominant? It has come to this in an instant. Everyone thinks it is too dreamy.
And when they looked at Xiao Wen in astonishment, they were still a little afraid to recognize it.
Therefore, when Xiao Wen was wearing a navy Se armor, the shape of armor was simple and domineering, and there was a sea breath that belonged to the ancient times and the breath in the Hainong Trident was somewhat like but higher! Because the Hainong Trident is actually full of ocean storms, but Xiao Wen’s armor is full of ocean laws for all!
Xiao Wen doesn’t seem to be used to the armor. After killing Linghong, he couldn’t help but shrug his right shoulder. It seems that he wants to make the armor more comfortable. Then he once again rushed to the Godsworn!
From the time when the Sea Temple didn’t appear, the Godsworn searched for the fallen Xinghai people. After the appearance, the two sides even clashed in the Sea Temple. There is no doubt that the Godsworn would not have compassion for the fallen Xinghai Godsworn. Just now, he greeted the Godsworn to Nan Yunqing and the night clouds, but not only Wang Lao, but also more than 30 ordinary Godsworn!
Even the prosperous old man was killed by Xiao Wen, and the morale of the Godsworn was seriously damaged. Seeing Xiao Wen rushing to fight again, he quickly fled.
Xiao Wen’s control of the deep and remote blue breath seems to be not proficient enough. When those people fled in all directions, his interception means became stretched, but he also killed more than ten monks with the help of Hainong.
It was here that Liang Xiao quickly took care of the injury. He was seriously injured, but Kong Yan hūn was fatally injured!
Sesame gall in the temple of the sea is playing in the water film with a diameter of 100 meters. Because there is no water film in the sea heart, it is clear, but it is not in the middle, but has pure water.
Before Xiao Wen rushed out, the old turtle asked him to throw sesame gall into the water film for the simple reason that the old turtle wanted sesame gall to take away the water film.
Of course, it’s not a simple water film, but it’s not forbidden. It’s a semi-artifact water barrier refined at the peak of the Great Emperor!
After the death of the emperor, there will be another life, but there are enough powerful people in this barrier to forcibly break this barrier and obtain the inner ocean heart, but by now, the old turtle is quite sure that sesame gall can actually get this barrier.
Sesame gall swims in it for a while and then sticks out to poke the edge of the water barrier. Every poke can arouse a circle of ripples, and then it simply sticks its hat-like head into the water film and stirs it at random.
In this case, the water barrier of Shenji, which is in a state of consciousness, finally has some reaction. The energy of this barrier is repulsive, but because it was once a semi-artifact, the soul of the creature is close to each other. Its original owner has been dead for hundreds of millions of years, and it is not until now that its silent spirit has finally found something to resonate with.
Not too much. Sesame gall was tired of playing, so she swam out of the water barrier and swam in the direction of the temple door. But she just swam not far before she felt something was wrong. When her eyes turned back, she immediately saw that the huge water film had followed!
Sesame gall was taken aback, and then the water film wanted to play with it, so it was faster to swim out. It was hard work! It’s a pity that its speed can be called turtle speed. Even if it works hard, it needs to follow it slowly and leisurely, and then it will cling to it …
Sesame gall finally got angry and turned to stare at the water film excitedly, threatening the other party not to come again.
Sesame gall continued to swim forward, and then suddenly she saw that the water film had not followed, so she was satisfied. Her eyes slightly bent and smiled before she left again.
However, sesame will be tired if it can’t swim, because the temple door dozens of miles away is too far for it. When you look back, you can see that the water film is still parked in its old place, and the idea that the big guy can fly is raised. If only it could take me.
For a moment, the water barrier rushed over like a teleport, and they threw sesame gall into it and reduced it to a foot size and rushed away in the direction of the temple door!
Sesame gall was shocked and then reacted, not because it was going to be in trouble, but because the water film understood it.
Sesame gall immediately perked up, and even put on a rapid forward posture in the water barrier, with its small head in front and all its whiskers sticking straight to the rear, but it’s a pity that it can have such a fast speed, and it has nothing to do with itself …
Soon sesame gall herself felt that it didn’t seem like she couldn’t show it.
So a moment later, Xiao Wen and others outside the temple saw a rather strange scene in which sesame gall rushed out of the temple door rhythmically. When the sesame gall was bent, it would slow down and stop. When the sesame gall suddenly stretched back, it suddenly rushed wildly …
At this time, the Guanghua Temple of the Sea has changed more violently and will soon disappear. Everyone outside the temple is not afraid of being taken away by the Temple of the Sea. However, their safety will be a big problem after the disappearance of the Temple of the Sea! When the time comes, there will be Godsworn brothers outside. Should they escape?