There are some smaller hills that will soon become flat, and the outside is bigger, but every time Wentao Tianlei Boxing bombards, a large number of mountain stones will be smashed and slid down.

"I like to say it out of your way."
Tsunami strength and progress speed have been faster than Luo Zhenfeng, although there is no absolute advantage to win, but Luo Zhenfeng has to play a little tricky every time to get by.
But at this time, Luo Zhenfeng was very different. His thumb picked back "Don’t practice in the past."
Hey, it’s fresh. Generally, Luo Zhenfeng rarely takes the initiative to compare.
"It’s rare for you to have the courage to practice if you practice."
Said two people fly directly to the distance than up.
Red shirt and Oriental Sword, Kong Wenhao, they continue to watch Wentao practice boxing alone.
Kong Wenhao looked at it for a while and said, "It seems that the boss should be well prepared."
With Wen Tao’s slow and slow practice of boxing, the mountains around him are constantly being struck by lightning and gradually tend to be flattened, and the violent force emitted by Wen Tao’s body has also been controlled.
Oriental kendo "boss this way is very special …"
"He hasn’t been normal." The red shirt answered and turned away.
Kong Wenhao and Oriental Sword all smiled and then left.
After Liu Wentao entered the western world, his whole mind was silent. He wanted to continue to analyze the changes of lightning, but when he first came in, the power of lightning was too violent to control.
It is impossible to study the roots in meditation, and although these forces are a few of the apocalyptic forces, they are all intercepted by Wen Tao’s strength
Wentao doesn’t have the heart to send these forces back to the bottom hole again. If you really import these forces into your body, the bottom hole will be a trouble, and then all these forces will be sucked away. This kind of thing is not worth the candle. Wentao will never fall into a place casually after entering the western world.
Wentao tried to vent his violent strength and try his best not to wave.
So Wentao remembered that Wentao had been thinking about the two aspects of speed control and sound control of Thunderbolt Boxing for a long time, but it took a lot of time to practice, and then it was recovered and consumed again to get a knock at the door from repeated practice.
I haven’t done it before, but now Wen Tao, who is physically strong, is practicing.
Fang Tiandi practiced without worrying about interference. After Wen Tao entered the visual field, he observed his own physical strength, strength change, sound change, speed change and change with each punch.
Constantly studying and changing, paying no attention to what is going on around you.
Gradually into a kind of ecstasy.
After a person’s ten days and ten nights of drills, Wentao finally stopped because he had completely controlled the thunder, fist and fist. If he wanted to have thunder, he would think big and think small.
The speed of each punch can also be easily controlled, and some progress has been made in speed change and flashing.
I’m afraid it will take longer if I practice little by little, because I have to exert my strength to study that situation, and I have to stop and recover in a day or two, and I can’t do it to this extent
It’s estimated that it won’t be done in a few years, and now it’s overwhelming to have the strength intercepted by this 99 fairy robbery as the backing.
This is … When Wen Taozheng studied and looked around, he was also stunned by the scene before him.
I did it all by myself. It seems that I have become an expert on destruction before I know it.
It turns out that there are many small peaks around. At this time, Wentao’s bombardment for ten consecutive days has become gravel.
Ok, this is the square world. If the secular world is very refined, I’m afraid it will cause a great sensation.
Wentao didn’t leave to cross his legs and sit down. The real guide, Jiujiuxianjie, intercepted four-fifths of his strength.
Wentao has a feeling that the power to rob the sky and thunder on this day is like the furnace fire, and he can be stronger after each tempering. Of course, if you want to make good use of this power, you must master the method on your own.
After years of groping, Wentao has developed his own method.
In particular, I understand the 11 kinds of changing forces of lightning, so that Wen Tao can better benefit these forces.
For a whole year, Wentao digested and analyzed the changes of the lightning, and finally evolved the five heavy punches of the lightning.
Although there is still some immaturity, there are more than twenty kinds of boxing strength and attack changes.
Over the next year or so, Wentao practiced the five heavy punches of Tianlei, and the attack power became stronger. Many changes in the five heavy punches of Tianlei were also mastered.
After practicing with five heavy punches, Wentao didn’t delay for a moment and immediately drove out.
Now, every time one person succeeds in Du Jie, especially Jinxian, the greater the danger. Maybe when the celestial people will arrive, it will be difficult to say that it is true to give them Du Jie to upgrade their strength as soon as possible.
Then came Qin Huang, which was discussed by san huang, but with the experience before the Dragon Emperor, Qin Huang’s side was also completed very smoothly
Qin Huang was also thrown into the middle by Wen Tao. He didn’t vent like the Dragon Emperor, but his heart was as excited as the Dragon Emperor.
"Trapped for tens of thousands of years, I finally got out of this bird’s breath." The Dragon Emperor looked at many dissenting Confucian and Jin Xian sighed again.
Tang Huang has no worries. "I’m afraid it’s not that simple, but I’m afraid we won’t be in trouble even when we get to the celestial world just now. Think about who Jin Mang really is. We don’t know who to help Du Jie yet. It’s a super fate. Can the celestial world care? If Jin Mang leaves after the incident, the trouble will come to us then. "
The Dragon Emperor is not worried about "what are you afraid of? Many dissenting Confucian has the Kunlun Sect, and the celestial beings are just as powerful and powerful. Besides, Biqiong is the key figure in front of this matter, so let those celestial beings find him then."
At this time, many dissenting Confucian also flew up and nodded with many dissenting Confucian, agreeing with the Dragon Emperor.
I have to wait for ten days before it’s my turn. If I had known it was going so well, I shouldn’t have made any mistakes in the end! !
Chapter five hundred and twenty-one A deadly new trick-lightning phantom body ()
Once again, it is not as painful as before, and it is not as venting as before.
When you have the ability, you can guide your strength and slowly transform and sharpen it.
After another two years in heaven and earth, the five heavy punches of Tianlei can be achieved quickly because of the previous accumulation, but the six heavy punches of Tianlei are not so easy to need, not only but also the support of strength
Wen Tao must have a deep understanding of the changes in his perception, which takes a lot of time.
Two years ago, in this practice, it took six heavy punches and thirty-six changes in a blink of an eye, and it became more and more difficult for Wentao to fully understand less than five.
The combination of forces and changes in the front are very simple compared with those in the back, and what needs to be done is also simple.
Although the’ 99 Fairy Robbery is known as the’ 99 Fairy Robbery, Wen Tao has experienced three times in succession, and he should be the most eloquent. He can realize that the change in China is really a test. If the’ 99 Fairy Robbery is brought to the limit,
Wentao can’t even imagine it. He’s sure not to mention nine robberies and scattered immortals or Jin Xian
Even if Luo Jinxian or Luo Tianxian comes, it is unlikely to spend it.
And Wen Tao’s understanding is the strongest change and power of thunder this day.
Wentao estimated that he would be able to fully understand the thunder with six heavy punches, and if he had enough strong strength to support it, the attack power would never be worse than that of ordinary Jin Xian. After practicing with five heavy punches, Wentao was confident that he could defeat the fifth city with the Black Dragon at that time.
With the dragon emperor, many dissenting Confucian and Tang emperor, they should be worse now, but once they have finished their enlightenment with six heavy punches, they will definitely be able to fight with them in World War I and have great ability to fight with Jinxian.
Of course, at present, it is still unknown that Wentao is evaluating actual combat in his own mind.
Wentao looked at the progress of six heavy punches due to lightning. It was not very fast. In the past two years, Wentao also consumed one-third of his physical strength and two-thirds of his strength.
When I look at it, there are still dozens of days and more than two months. It is obviously impossible for Wentao to meditate on himself. He originally integrated physical training with the creation of lightning, and he hoped that his body would finally be cultivated to be as immortal as lightning.