Then he sensed the information of this "blood crystal gun", which is similar to his double sword skills, and all the energy contained in it broke out at one time, and then it took a while to make it again after the energy was restored.

"With this ring is not equal to like another weapon? But also can increase the strength of one thousand jins, which is amazing, even better than the weapon in my hand. "
See GongXiao a face of envy appearance smile way "don’t envy sooner or later, I estimate that there are many rare beasts in the depths of the water, and we can take the initiative to go hunting when our strength rises a little, and then we can have as much equipment as we want."
Gong Xiao shook his head and said, "It’s not right for us to raise the monster’s strength and change. Just now, I really don’t agree with you to take the initiative to hunt monsters once or twice. It’s okay, but people can’t always be so lucky. If no one knows the bottom of the water, don’t take the risk."
Su Li, well, I can feel her heart and say with smile, "Don’t worry, I won’t take such a risk casually. It’s just because I missed ten spiritual sources that I can’t help it."
I was promoted to the next level and gained the blood ring. Su Li’s strength can be said to have a qualitative leap and I am in a good mood.
"Speaking of which, I envy that Tao Bingjun’s ability not to be afraid of danger, but to dive into the depths of the water to hunt. In case he is unlucky enough to meet a terrible monster, he can come back to life after he dies. If this guy is still alive, he will surely grow to an unimaginable and terrible state."
Su Li suddenly felt lucky when he said this. Fortunately, he would have been completely solved when he was still at level 6, otherwise he would have grown into an extremely terrible person.
Gong Xiao almost forgot to listen to Tao Bingjun. Su Li remembered it again and nodded. "This man is really terrible. I don’t know if there are people with similar abilities. People like this can go deep into the water to hunt monsters without fear of death. The growth rate is really amazing."
At this time, she is a little anxious to get promoted, so that she doesn’t need to be more talented and qualified than others to stay at the top of the world, but she also needs to work harder than others.
Su Li mused slightly, "I think of Jiang Shuixuan’s fog maze. I have an idea that we can pull her to form a deep underwater hunting team. According to these days, there may be various rare monsters hidden in the depths of the water, and every rare monster can equip our spiritual source. The trouble is that we are afraid of encountering our method to fight monsters, but with Jiang Shuixuan, it will be completely different. If we really encounter monsters that cannot fight, we will let her display the fog maze. We take the opportunity to escape and don’t know her."
He thought that when the lion, scorpion and ember were in danger at that time, it was Jiang Shuijue who used the "fog maze" to trap them before they had a chance to escape. Originally, his "spiritual source technique" to escape was not long in the middle, but now he suddenly realized that this ability would become extremely important if he went deep into the water.
Without this ability, the bottom is stronger than him, and he dare not go deep into the unknown water.
Gong Xiao listened to Jiang Shuixuan and smiled faintly. "It’s good that you two will be the best partners together."
Su Li thought her tone was a little strange, so she didn’t say anything more about changing the subject. "Have you noticed that Ling Yi?"
"Huh?" Gong Xiao was slightly startled before shaking his head. "I didn’t pay much attention to it. He doesn’t seem to talk much. What’s the matter?"
Su Liwei smiled and said, "I have noticed that he often secretly looks at you. I guess he has a good impression on you."
Gong Xiao didn’t respond at all. "What are you talking about? I haven’t even spoken to this man, and I hardly have a good impression."
Su Li said, "My Fair Lady, you are so beautiful. It’s normal for a man to have a crush on you …"
Suddenly I found that Gong Xiao’s face sank and I didn’t dare to make fun of her again.
"Gong Xiao’s beautiful figure is also good, but it’s a pity that her personality is a bit odd and quite serious." Su Li secretly regretted that he had noticed that with Gong Xiao’s escalating strength, her aura became stronger and stronger, and once her face was straight, there was a sense of inexplicable majesty that made people dare not make fun of her easily.
Jiang Shuijue, on the other hand, looks like a soft girl in any way, with a kind of weakness in her bones that makes people want to care for her.
"If these two women say that Gong Xiao feels like a strong woman, Jiang Shuixuan is a little woman."
Su Li secretly commented on the two women who took the raft. Both of them fell silent and didn’t speak again.
I quickly returned to the Golden Eagle No.1 B building and smelled the meat.
I haven’t eaten this kind of cooked meat for almost ten days, and Su Li feels that the saliva in her mouth is unconsciously flowing out.
Can’t help but swallow saliva Su Lili sniffed, "This meat smells good. It seems that Jiang Shuixuan is right. This Gastrodon is delicious and delicious."
On the way back to the building, from time to time, I saw someone respectfully calling "Brother Su" or "Boss" towards him. Su Li smiled and responded one by one, and the faint smell of food wafted in the air. It was almost time for dinner.
On the 44th floor, Ding Longyun laughed. "You finally came back and waited for you two."
"What’s the matter?" Su Li said, "What can I do for you?"
"Nothing. I just want to invite you to dinner. Come here quickly."
"Invite us to dinner?" Su Li thought in distress situation that all the food now belongs to all the people. How can Ding Longyun treat people to dinner?
Ding Longyun said that he was wrong. Hehe laughed. "It’s easy to say. Anyway, I just came to dinner together. By the way, I haven’t drunk a little wine for several days. This addiction is a bit guilty."
Su Li washed his hands and went over. He found that there was a table in the living room where Ding Longyun lived now. Most of the dishes were full. He often ate real packaged food these days, and he was bored.
On the other hand, there is an alcohol stove with a pot of fragrant meat and steaming Su Libai, which is the sea beef they got from hunting today 2.
Besides Ding Longyun, there are Zhong Rongrong, Xu Xuehui and Qi Mengyu in the living room.
Zhong Rongrong and Qi Mengyu met Su Li and Gong Xiaoqi there called "Su Ge" and "Gong Jie"
Su Li said with a smile, "Ding Ge, you are so elegant today. Let’s sit down."
Ding Longyun said, "Yes, yes, everyone sits."
Qi Mengyu had hesitated to be dragged by Zhong Rongrong and sat down.
Ding Longyun sat down beside Zhong Rongrong and saw Su Li and Gong Xiao sit down. "I asked you to get together today mainly to introduce you to Rong Rong, and then she is your sister-in-law."
As he spoke, he proudly hugged Zhong Rongrong’s waist. Zhong Rongrong smiled happily and a piece of red clouds floated on her cheeks. Although she was not beautiful, she was full of figure. At this moment, Hongxia’s cheeks still looked very feminine.
Su Li Zheng then laughed. "So that’s it. It’s really worth celebrating. You should drink a little today."
Gong Xiao also smiled and said, "Congratulations to Ding Ge and Ding Sao."
Ding Longyun had already set the glass for a bottle of Maotai, and then poured a half cup for Zhong Rongrong. See Zhong Rongrong’s face be reluctant, "Rong Rong is rare to accompany us to drink a little today."
Zhong Rongrong obviously doesn’t like drinking, but he can barely nod his head and dare not sweep Ding Longyun’s interest.
Gong Xiao, Qi Mengyu and Xu Xuehui, three girls who don’t drink, prepared juice drinks and poured them a cup.
Su Li raised his glass and said, "Let’s respect Brother Ding and Sister-in-law together."
Ding Longyun was in high spirits. Two or two cups were dried up in one gulp.
Su Li was going to have a sip, and when he did, he could have a drink with him.
When the liquor enters the throat, it burns down the throat and goes straight into the stomach. Su Li gently heaved a sigh of relief.