At the same time when three hippos appeared, a wild animal with a mating period appeared in the surrounding waters for thousands of miles. These wild animals rushed in the direction of a desert island as if they smelled fishy sharks.

Desert island and Shu Shuhua, a ghosting image, are constantly traveling in large arrays everywhere, searching for the corpses and precious crystal nuclei of wild animals strangled by large arrays.
"Boom" is a muffled sound, and the colorful fairy swords offered by the forty-ninth day thunder and Fengxiang collided together. The fairy sword was chopped upside down for more than ten feet, and finally it was just as steady as it was, and the celestial robbery was eliminated in shape.
At the same time, the wild beast at the beginning of the first fit was also close to it, and it was directly slapped by the old demon with soaring strength and cracked the head.
After three days of thunder, the colorful fairy sword was beaten back to its original shape by the fifty-third day of thunder, and the great loss of spirit directly flew back to Fengxiang’s purple house, where some leaks were revealed. Thunder bombardment was good for Fengxiang. At this time, Fengxiang was dressed in Liang Yi’s life armor, and his body was transformed by the three-turn Dan. Some thunder didn’t have much impact on him.
"Fengxiang’s Armageddon is much stronger than ordinary monks in the early days of Du Jie." Liang Yi, who had strong confidence in Fengxiang, was also deeply worried.
"Hold your breath and concentrate on Du Jie!" Liang Yi light drink a way
When Fengxiang heard this, a small khaki-colored Se umbrella came out from the top of his head and flew to a height of 100 feet in an instant, and then turned into a large khaki-colored Se umbrella with a diameter of 40 to 50 feet. The umbrella surface was shining with a dazzling light, which was obviously a rare defense magic weapon.
"Boom" a red Se purple thunder tore and split heavily on the khaki Se Bao umbrella, which made pholiota adiposa’s magic weapon drop to Zhang Xu before it disappeared. Fengxiang’s face also hung up with bean sweat at this time, and from time to time, he stuffed two supplementary mana magic pills into his mouth. His hands were also holding a piece of Yuan Lingshi, madly absorbing the pure aura in J and NG.
"The duke’s younger brother is a wild animal in Du Jie. What should I do?" Crack wind also aware of the three hippopotamus wild beast and a large number of fit period wild beast coming not intentional nervous asked.
"Brother Crack Wind, your strength is stronger than theirs. You come around to protect Fengxiang, and the others are given to us." Liang Yi confessed that he immediately repeatedly cast teleportation and went to a desert island to protect the large array.
"Damn it, how can such a large-scale beast Hao be attracted?" The scope of Liang Yi’s knowledge, more and more wild beasts appear like swarms and come to a desert island. Although there are not a few wild beasts in Du Jie stage except the three-headed hippopotamus wild beasts, they come to the first-class wild beasts in the compatible stage.
And as people hunt wild animals, the more blood and ShaQi will become stronger and stronger. These things are of great attraction to fierce wild animals, and it is foreseeable that wild animals will increase sharply around.
"Looking for death!" A strange fish and wild beast emerged from the water with a head covered with water-green Se scales and a corner, and crashed into the large array in the middle period. The large array of defense against Liang Yicang’s imperial cloth was also extremely damaged by the wild beast in the middle period. Xing Liang Yi dared not let it rush into the large array and immediately appeared in front of the beast with a blink of an eye. With a wave of his hand, he split it in half and collected it into the pearl.
Then Liang Yi frequently helped Wang Han and others to kill some wild animals that entered from high places or threatened the defense large array with great speed.
Less than half a cup of tea kung fu died in the hands of Liang Yi, and there are already twenty wild beasts.
"Bang" is a strange animal, and the three wild beasts have appeared ten miles in front of the desert island.
At the same time, the center of the desert island is trying its best to resist the thunder and Fengxiang’s mana is almost exhausted, and the khaki Se umbrella on the top of the head is also shaking and falling.
Fengxiang gritted his teeth and glanced at the top of his head, which was already red and purple. With a flip of his hand, he took out the three-turn robbery Dan from the ring and swallowed it without hesitation.
"Ha ha ha come on!" Fengxiang some frantically looked at the top of the head of the thunder, and the two yuan Lingshi in his hand did not know when he had exhausted the fly ash. To be continued.
The sixth volume Chapter 513 Sliding without leaving a hand wild beast
"Ha ha ha come on!" Fengxiang looked frantically at the top of her head, and the two yuan Lingshi in her hand had exhausted the fly ash.
Just ate a three-turn-by-three-turn-by-three-turn-by-three-turn-by-three-turn-by-three-turn-by-three-turn-by-three-turn-by-three-turn-by-three-turn-by-three-turn-by-three-turn-by-three-turn-by-three-turn-by-three-turn-
"Bang Ka" has been a bit purple and black. Article 69 The thunder of the robbery fell straight, and the huge magic weapon of pholiota adiposa was pressed for twenty feet, and the power of lightning was eliminated.
At this time, the periphery of the desert island is already a bloody slaughterhouse. The elders in the middle and late stages, such as Wang Han, Fei Qing, Ming Yue Xian and Long Er, have fallen into a bitter struggle. The bodies of various huge wild animals have been falling from it, and the waters around the wild animals are badly decorated, and some of them are swaying and falling.
Liang Yi also greeted the three wild hippos.
Now, the only leisure among more than 10 people in this line is to guard the old demon who cracked the wind not far from Fengxiang.
A little hesitation in the army of wild beasts in the depths may wreck Liang Yi’s hand, and he dare not be careless at all. A pair of wild beasts in the Du Jie period used their strength, fairy wind and vitality to escape mana.
"die!" See Liang Yi body flash, avoid the hippopotamus three head attack sword chop in the hippopotamus abdomen, however, a moment, let Liang Yi consternation things appeared that hippopotamus body is like an oil skin, a wandering, strange will mix yuan Tuling sword blade and firm but gentle to one side that water-green Se shiny oil skin doesn’t even have a mark.
That feeling is like a punch in the air, which makes people feel wronged and uncomfortable.
"I don’t believe it!" Liang Yi’s heart was a little anxious. With a wave of his hand, he drew dozens of sharp colorful shock waves. However, those shock waves were also unloaded to one side by the weird flesh of hippo wild animals, and the scattered shock waves hurt a lot of wild animals in the sea.
"What kind of monster is this?" Liang Yi is also the first time to see this strange defense method, and there have been several severe wild beasts in other directions of the desert island that broke through the blockade of Wang Han and rushed to the island ZH not ng y ā ng.
"Na" The situation has not been delayed for half a minute. Immediately, Liang Yi’s long animal called one, and the virtual shadow of a hundred-foot-long dragon hung over his body, and his wings, armor and wings suddenly soared. Liang Yi became a dragon with silver Se wings and gold Se. Only by the virtual shadow of the dragon god can he see Liang Yi’s real body.
"Go to hell!" The huge dragon’s tail winds into a half-moon, tearing it apart and slamming it on the hippo wild beast.
Truly, truly, the huge beaten tail hit a skull in the wild hippopotamus. This time, the smooth and strange oil skin failed to remove the attack of the blurred beaten tail, and the wild hippopotamus, about twenty or thirty feet long, was thrown high, and a stream of red-brown Se blood was ejected from the maw of the head in the wild hippopotamus.
"Hey, hey, you can’t leave your hand behind." Liang Yi Suo-xing received the mixed yuan Tulingjian, and it’s time for no man to cheat and follow the virtual shadow of the dragon god. The metal claws constantly bombarded the huge beaten tail of the hippo wild beast, and suddenly he was dizzy and didn’t strike back.
"Boom Kaka" a burst of five cracking sounds sounded around the large array of desert islands, and more and more severe wild animals poured into the defensive array, which was finally overwhelmed and continuously broken and decomposed.
At the same time, when the large array was broken, dozens of severe wild beasts jumped out of the array, swarmed toward the center of the island, and just rose with great power to slay several wild beasts in the fitting period. The old demon suddenly changed his face.
"Ah," a charming drink, the nameplates, moon and fairy were accidentally besieged, and a strange fish’s kiss hit the back around the desert island. Wang Han and other elders were almost injured by everyone.
"Come back and fight!" Split wind even shout a way
Immediately, all the elders dharma company abandoned the enemy face to face and hurried to the center of the island.
"Death to evil animals!" The situation has not been delayed. See that Liang Yi’s body suddenly swelled into a ten-foot giant. Liang Yi’s huge hands combined with the virtual shadow of the dragon god. The golden claws of the dragon god slammed on the left and right skulls of the hippo wild beast. Suddenly, two thick blood arrows were ejected from the mouth of the hippo wild beast, and the two skulls were instantly dizzy for a moment. Liang Yi fitted his huge paws and held it tightly.
Immediately, a j: ng pure mana infiltrated into the three heads of this beast from the palm of your hand. After a short search, it was found that there was an egg-sized purple Se nucleus paused in the midbrain skull, and a layer of solid membrane was formed around this beast purple Se nucleus with some weather mana.
Fortunately, with the cooperation of the virtual avatar of the dragon god, it is still necessary to say whether Liang Yi’s two slaps will still be unloaded by this’ hippo wild beast’
"Strange, is my luck too good, or is this congenital true yuan effect too strong? After this beast was caught, it did not explode like an eagle, a lion, a snow feather beast." Liang Yi flashed a strange idea in his mind without hesitation, and he directly identified the beast’s brain and left it to cast the mark of slavery simply and neatly.
It’s lucky to catch the first wild beast, but it’s easy to catch the second one. Then there must be something strange in it. You know, wild beasts are not so easy to tame.
Liajīng Yi’s guess is right. It’s because Liang Yi’s power contains J and ng pure weather, which means that wild animals can be isolated. It’s impossible for this wild animal to know even if it wants to consciously control the nuclear explosion. Wild animals and human demon families are definitely different. They are not like human monks. They are different, but they are separated from each other in spirit and spirit. Because wild animals can’t be cultivated and can’t evolve, no matter how powerful they are, their spiritual wisdom is extremely low. Of course, in the three realms.
Wild animals have low intelligence, and ordinary livestock are not as good as enslaved animals. It will take a while to play.
Critical Liang Yi naturally has no time to set it up, and directly takes out a piece of animal arrest card to put away the "hippo wild beast" that is still ignorant.
At the same time, Liang Yi, a desert island, Wang Han and others also fell into a bitter struggle.
After the defense circle around the island was broken, seven people, including Wang Han, had to retreat, and the split wind joined hands to form a converging battle circle to defend around Fengxiang.
Liang Yi is quite accomplished in the array method, which is already considered as one array method. Soon after the establishment of Luoxiao City, everyone searched for converging battles from various places according to their own, and coordinated with their own five gods of heaven and earth to interpret the improvement of heaven and earth, creating several powerful converging battles, namely, three talents, four elephants, five elements, hexagrams, nine palaces and ten squares, and then giving them to the elders to practice and run in. These battles can be composed of three people, four people and ten people working together, but it is convenient for the elders to make decisions on the occasion.
People, crack the wind to have the strength of the late fit, and then there is the water for three turns. After Dan transformed the flesh, his strength is no longer the same as that of Du Jie’s early monk Yuan Shen’s mana and severe flesh, and he can also tear the virtual teleport. Among the people, he is the main array, plus Ming Yuexian and Fei Qing, and the other five monks in the late fit are also worthy of resisting dozens of severe wild animals. When they collide, more and more severe wild animals flood into the island, and they are struggling to resist it.
Wang Han and others, who have already been injured in Mingming Month, are constantly injured in the battle, and swallowing healing pills is also faintly overwhelming.
In the center of the island, Fengxiang Tiger looked at him with tears in his eyes. He tried his best to resist the dharma of the elders and became more and more fierce.
It’s a pity that his mana has nearly dried up, and the khaki Se umbrella on his head has lost its luster and looks a little broken.
The seventy-seventh day of thunder was bred and grew about 200 feet, and the purple-black Se thunder still penetrated the virtual boom.
"kill!" Fengxiang’s first one-handed move, the magic weapon of life, the colorful fairy sword, once again, fell into the palm of his hand, and the magic power has been exhausted. The magic weapon has been able to resist a set of armor that flows with colorful halo life to cover Fengxiang’s body.
"Bang" that khaki Se umbrella slightly resisted and was blown to pieces by black Se Leijie.
"Well," after refining, the magic weapon of mind connection was destroyed, and Fengxiang was also implicated, and one mouthful blood could not help but gush out. However, this was not finished, and nearly half of Weineng Black Se Tianlei continued to fall on Fengxiang’s head.
"Go to hell!" Fengxiang’s eyes are full of crazy hands. Seven Se Xianjian suddenly swings out and greets the thunder.
Boom before a sword swing, the rest of the purple Se ray was eliminated, and the rest of the ray covered Fengxiang like a net and was immediately absorbed by his armor.
The only thing Fengxiang can rely on now is this pair, which has been transformed into a new body after being transformed into a three-turn Dan, wearing a life armor and a flying sword in his hand.
On the other side, Liang Yi, who has just finished cleaning up the’ hippo wild beast’, also found the crisis here, and immediately accepted the law and the sky, and still maintained the virtual shadow of the dragon god and came to the center of the desert island. Liang Yi rampaged all the way and stood in front of him. The wild beast directly became the virtual shadow of the dragon god and caught the dead huge dragon tail. Every time it was rolled, seven wild beasts were killed on the spot, and there were also many wild beasts with a fit period.
Liang Yi’s present strength, combined with the virtual shadow avatar of the Dragon God, can kill it even if a group of Terran and Demon Godsworn cooperate with each other. What’s more, these wild beasts who don’t know how to cooperate and come from all sides come to different kinds of wild beasts. Sometimes, if they don’t cooperate, they will collide and fight together, and how can they stop Liang Yi from colliding and crashing?