Back to the topic, the old ghost suddenly raised his voice in this fairy tomb. In fact, many people say that it is not actually a tomb, but that a fairy lived before she ascended to immortality. Others say that it is just a tomb where a Taoist priest was buried. It is absolutely unknown what it is that has not been in.

Then you know what?
Of course I know.
Didn’t you say that you don’t know if you haven’t gone in?
When did I say I was a man and a ghost? Don’t interrupt me. Speaking of the fairy tomb, he is not a tomb.
I listened to the ghost by the well, and the more I listened, the more surprised I became.
The ghost by the well says it’s true, which means that the fairy tomb is real and there are many treasures hidden in it. If the world knows about it, it will inevitably lead to Xuan Ran.
It’s no wonder that the hunchback old man who came to see me that day mysteriously wanted to come here and listen to this ghost story. It’s not credible, but most ghost stories are true.
It’s not easy to go to the fairy tomb. The map of the fairy tomb is in the hand of the old Long Ye Sun Xiaolong. When I heard this sentence, I was even more surprised. The map is in my hand. Why didn’t I know it?
I want to continue listening. There was a noise in the building.
Bad people are coming
Then after hearing a burst of noise, a piece of Ning was restored all around. Chapter IV Long Yan is not dead.
The ghost story was interrupted by Lin Sheng, who found me and saved me from the well.
I’m a little surprised how Lin Sheng found me. Lin Sheng told me with tears that he had been waiting for me to go back in the antique shop until it was dark, and I didn’t go back when I was anxious to death. Suddenly, I saw that the black business card on the table had changed. After a closer look, I found that a few words appeared in the business card.
At that time, Lin felt that I must have gone there to find someone to help me, but when everyone heard that it was a haunted forest, no one would come. Finally, he came with courage.
After returning to the antique shop, Lin Sheng patted his chest and said sadly, Little Dragon, how did you run to that place and scared me to death? If something happens to you, how can I talk to old Long Ye?
Don’t worry, little dragon. I’m not so easy to die. I’m close to the counter. I picked up the black business card on the table and waved Lin Sheng to come over. You said that you saw a few words on this side?
Yes, it was on the back of that dark word. Lin Sheng said as he walked, when he took a closer look, he took my business card and looked over it. Why did it disappear? I remember it was here at that time.
I asked Lin Sheng to cook, and I have studied the business card, which must be weird.
I thought carefully about what happened in the past few days, and it should all be with the hunchback old man. The old man seems to know all about my grandfather, but what do you mean by looking for me?
Speaking of grandpa, he is a man of god. I can understand that just looking for my grandpa has a complicated experience. He also did grave robbery in his early years. Later, he washed his hands, mixed with gangs, and then started the antique business. If you look for grandpa to close the fairy tomb together, it would be very common to think that grandpa was a famous man in the grave robbery world. I have never seen any strange tomb, but it happened that something involved my head. The man seemed to want me to join and specially led me to the forest to listen to the ghost story.
I want to think about it. I won’t do anything but get a little dragon title from my grandfather. The only thing I can do is to be a small cleaning company and become a ghost-catching stick. The man didn’t want me to catch zongzi, did he? I will catch some zongzi and I will run for my life. It’s really not worth the loss to find me.
Think of the story I heard in the dry well just now. Maybe the man also heard the same thing. I have the map of the fairy tomb. According to the ghost, my grandfather has been to the tomb more than his grandfather. He is also with the man in the fairy tomb. My grandfather gave me the map and tried every means to let me take it or lead him with it.
It’s possible to say that, but I suspect that my grandfather disappeared with the old man. He took my grandfather away, but he threatened my map directly, but instead of doing so, he made me listen to a ghost story and asked Lin Sheng to save me.
When I was puzzled, I turned things upside down. After thinking about it several times, there was a knock at the door. When I looked up, I didn’t see anyone walking to the door. There was no one on either side of the street, not even a ghost. The night was already deep. The old street shops had already closed, and several street lamps were emitting dim lights.
When I was about to turn around and enter the house, I suddenly saw a red box outside the wooden threshold, and a letter was pressed on the box.
The wooden box has been a few years old, and the lacquer on the surface has faded and refuted. I can still smell the moldy smell of wood when I put it on the counter. I carefully looked at the appearance of a wooden box and saw that it was not a jewelry box for ancient women.
I read the letter first, and I was surprised to see it. In fact, the letter is very similar to the ghost story I heard in a dry well. The first point is that Long Yan is not a person, and then I talked about the fact that the fairy tomb is real and my grandfather should have been there.
The letter was magnificently written for three pages, and there was no point. It seemed that a gentleman was telling a story. I only glanced at it at the end of the letter and said that I wanted to join a team looking for the tomb of immortals. The letter said that I had set up a team looking for immortals, and when you joined, I could leave on the same day. In the end, I didn’t sign up.
In this way, I read the letter again and finally found that the back of the letter paper had written a few words, four characters long Yan was not dead
I’m not excited to see these four words. I feel that my grandfather is not dead. This is what I expected, but the other party’s suspicion is a little threatening, which makes me panic. Do they have my grandfather?
But this man seems to be acting strangely, and he has always been mysterious. Since he wants to threaten, he doesn’t want to be bold.
As if I had guessed my thoughts, I suddenly saw a few words on the black business card on the table.
We don’t have the dragon’s face. Just box it.
I returned the red lacquer box, where there was a picture lying alone, a short bamboo flute. I knew the bamboo flute. It was something that my grandfather often blew to summon birds. When it was blown, birds would gather together. I picked up the bamboo flute and put it in my pocket. I picked up the photo and took a look.
That photo is impressively grandpa’s photo, which seems to be taken in a cave. Grandpa is fumbling on the wall, frowning and nervous. It doesn’t seem that he has been photographed. The right corner shows the shooting date of 153, which is yesterday.
One line of the black business card has faded, and another two lines have been changed. If you want to find your grandfather, you will join the team Sunday noon East Train.
A few lines of words quickly receded and disappeared as if they had not been seen just now.
Now that I know that my grandfather is okay, it can be over. I can continue to live in my shop for my happy day. Grandpa came back and asked him to pay off his debts. But I am dying to find that I am curious. I am eager to know what my grandfather and the fairy tomb are and what they said. The most important thing is that I still remember what the hunchback old man said to save the death of Yan.
When I made determinism, I still had to go and see that this decision completely disrupted my quiet life. Until decades later, I didn’t know whether I made this decision right or wrong, but in fact, at the end of the day, the decision was not up to me. I think it was fate that involved that road. After all, I was going to take the fifth chapter, the immortal team.
I went back to my apartment early the next morning and picked up something.
I really don’t know much about tomb raiding. I remember that my grandfather told me several times about his fighting experiences when I was young. Grandpa is an eccentric. Generally, the tomb is extremely weird. No one dares to go to the tomb. When he comes back, he is always unscathed and has no treasure. The only thing left is a thrilling story.
Thinking about it, I remember grandpa’s story about some sensational monsters that made people close to death, but I didn’t even remember what equipment grandpa often brought. Finally, I thought about it, and I wasn’t a grave robber. Even if I remembered grandpa’s equipment, I didn’t know where to get some hiking equipment. Since that person knows my background so well and organized a small team to equip it, he should not care.
Towards noon, I told Lin Sheng that I would go for a while and let him beat grandpa’s antique shop, and then I rented a car with my bag on my back.