Shirley glanced at Liu Yichen closed the office door "… ok"

He must get to the bottom of this matter, otherwise he will be sorry for his police.
After dinner, Liu Yichen threw the garbage into the trash can outside and came back to see Sue leaning against the sofa with her eyes closed.
Take off your coat and gently cover her. She hasn’t been able to sleep well these days.
It’s also cautious to turn over again for fear of waking him up.
He knew all this because he didn’t want to expose her.
Pb project is now shut down, although she looks indifferent, she must be in a hurry.
Sue didn’t have a mouth and Liu Yichen didn’t take the initiative to do anything.
He’s a stupid wife. With such a good backer, I just don’t know what to rely on.
Looks like he has to do something.
Sue woke up at two o’clock in the afternoon and jumped up from the sofa. "It’s too late."
"You can be late if you have the money," the man said.
Sue looked up in the evening and saw Lu Yichen sitting behind a desk. She didn’t hide his one eye. "Why didn’t you wake me up?"
"I can’t bear to see you sleeping soundly."
Liu Yichen put a pen and walked up to her and sat her down on the sofa. "If you are tired, rest. Don’t be so tired."
Sue touched her face at night. "I’m fine. I’ll go to Su’s class first."
"… well, I’ll pick you up after work."
"Well …"
After Sue left, Liu Yichen called Jiang Zhuomu in according to the line.
Jiang Zhuomu pushed the door open with bright eyes and asked, "Manager Lu, did you want to see me?" Mrs. Lu just left, and they stayed together for two hours. Two hours can do many things.
"Give me an eraser to erase the messy pictures in your mind," said Liu Yichen grumpily. You can tell what he is thinking when you look at Jiang Zhuomu’s expression.
Much as he wanted to, he couldn’t bear to see his wife Lu so tired.
"Ahem ….." Jiang Zhuomu unnatural coughed and hung his head and didn’t look at manager lu.
"What has happened to Lu Yizhi recently?"
To get down to business, Jiang Zhuomu looked up with a serious face and said, "Manager Lu recently made a personal connection with several old antiques …"
Liu Yichen snorted, "He can be proud if he owns a 5% stake in Lu."
Jiang Zhuomu also smiled. "When waiting for the shareholders’ meeting, he will know that your shares must be vomiting blood."
Liu Yichen tugged at the corners of her mouth and tapped her fingers on the desktop. "I’ll meet all his joint directors individually when I make an appointment."
"It’s General Manager Lu"
It was already 2: 30 when Sue returned to Su’s.
Although no one dares to say anything even if she skips work, she still has some shame
It’s all because that rascal let her oversleep without waking her up.
At four o’clock in the afternoon, it seems that all the shareholders of Su’s family have come to make an appointment.
Sue was startled when she was informed that she would come into the meeting room at the last minute.
Section 279
Some directors usually don’t come to the company’s dividend office and will call the account directly, and they don’t need to come in person.
It must be a big deal that everyone is here today.
Su Kang frowning brows walked into the conference room and looked at it and turned to ask Lu Haolong "Didn’t you inform Lu Zong? He is also a director. "
Lu Haolong glanced at Sue and said, "Manager Lu said that Mrs. Lu would not come on his behalf."
Su Kang gas nose heavily hum this Liu Yichen do show is to avoid him.
When he knew that all the directors had come to Su’s, he was still worried, and immediately thought that Lu Yichen also owned 5% of Lu’s shares. If he were here, these directors would not be too difficult in the meeting when he was the president of Lu. Secondly, these directors must have stopped working on the pb project. Lu Yichen could not stay out of it as a director.
But he never thought Liu Yichen would not come.
Look at Sue sitting in the corner with a cold smile, which is really Liu Yichen’s style.
Liu Yichen hasn’t come forward since he stopped working for several days, just to force him to take out the fourth batch of investment funds.
But if he takes it out, he will be so passive.
Isn’t there nothing he can do?
Su Kanggang sat with an elderly director in the first place and asked him directly, "Su Zong’s pb project has been shut down for several days, why not continue construction?"
Su Kang temple chug jump straight, although the in the mind is very uncomfortable, but still keep smiling, "Liu Dong, don’t worry, I’m raising money to start the horse."
"Su Zong pb project, but you always recommended that if you make money after the completion of this project, now I see that it is losing money."
Su Kang’s mouth shook. "Liu Dong’s project has not been completed yet, so naturally he can’t see the benefits."
Another director, with his hands full of dissatisfaction, said, "Mr. Su, you can’t say that. In recent years, the company’s performance has been slipping. This year, it has just improved. You said that all of us have made such a big project, and we also believe that you have stopped working now. We all have to doubt whether you have the ability to continue to assume the post of chairman."
Everyone knows that his performance has improved this year because his daughter married Lu Yichen.
Later, they naturally won’t object to the pb project with Lu, but now they have stopped working, and they will wonder what Su Kang really means.