During the celebration of Tiancheng, the news spread like wildfire and quickly spread to all parts of the world, such as big fiends, soldiers, pacifists and please listen to me. The top power groups did not come for various reasons, but they all sent congratulations.

After the celebration ended, Tiancheng returned to calm, and Jiuchong was acting as an agent for Tiancheng. Shen Yue told Jiuzhong that it was more important to pick up big events and small feelings in these three years.
"It’s really a good time to sit up and take notice in three days." Listening to Shen Yue’s story about Jiuzhong, he said, "I haven’t seen these guys doing well in three years!"
"It’s not bad," said Shen Yue, seeking truth from facts. "They fully seized the opportunity not only to rebuild their homes but also to further expand their power. Now each of them is a hegemon and plays an important role in today’s world. It is no exaggeration to say that the world is dominated by them."
"Not bad, not bad, all promising." Jiuzhong looked very pleased and smiling.
"You really have no idea?" Seeing Jiuzhong’s indifference and understanding Jiuzhong Shen Yue knows that Jiuzhong is not fake, but it is more curious. "You know that the current situation is that they, who can be regarded as the auxiliary heroes to save the world, have collected the greatest fruits of victory, but you, the biggest hero to save the world, have got nothing. Are you sure you really have no idea? !”
"Oh ~!" Jiuzhong smiled and spread his hand. "Now these are just children’s toys for me. What do I need to think?"
“……?” Shen Yuexiu’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and she didn’t understand Jiuchong’s words.
"You will understand" nine mysterious smile did not continue to change the subject in this matter and asked "haven’t you found the main base of the era yet? God’s appearance must be in the main base of the era, and that thing is still in one day, which is always a great threat to our world. "
"No," Shen Yue shook his head. "Since the end of World War I, various forces have spared no effort to find the main base of the era and tried various methods, but until now there is still no clue. It seems that people have suddenly evaporated."
"Of course, it can’t be that people evaporate, but their concealment technology is relatively high. At present, the level of science and technology can’t be cracked, but there is no need to worry …!" Jiuzhong touched the earlobe and smiled confidently. "To give me a general range, I should be able to find the location of the main base of the Era. The main base of the Era must have been exposed briefly during the ceremony of descending the gods. Do you know where it is?"
"I know it’s somewhere in the Pacific Ocean."
"It’s good to say that you’ll come when I go." It’s said that Jiuchong’s hands are claws on his chest and torn to death, forcing a vertical crack to step in.
At the moment of fracture healing, Shen Yuefen saw that the other side of the fracture was an inter-Wang Yang.
Although I knew from the ultimate World War I that Jiuzhong already had the ability to tear, I still feel inexplicably shocked to see Shen Yue again.
Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Tracing to the source
The sea breeze roared and the waves fluctuated, and the ocean suddenly saw a jagged crack, and a nine-fold flicker came out from the inside.
Walking on the ground, I looked around for a while and enjoyed a magnificent seascape. Then I closed my eyes and closed my eyes. A purple energy, whose center was spherical, exploded to the outside and spread beyond the speed of sound. Blink of an eye has enveloped a huge Pacific Ocean.
Many people who live in the Pacific Ocean or on the coast near the Pacific Ocean are not shocked by the purple light curtain that hangs over the whole Pacific Ocean like a sky, and their hearts are filled with awe. In the Pacific Ocean, people stop manual work for fear of touching any taboos and encounter accidents, while the coastal people near the Pacific Ocean quickly leave the coast and hide as far away as possible, and continue to note with anxiety.
I didn’t pay attention to myself, and I felt all the special nuances of the purple screen, except that half of the spherical field can be seen on the sea surface, including the other half of the spherical field that ordinary people can detect on the sea surface
"Hey … I got you!" Nine eyebrows suddenly moved, opened their eyes and looked sideways at a certain water area. The divine sight penetrated through heavy seawater barriers and plunged into the deep sea. "It’s quite clever to hide the base in a place like this. No wonder no one can find it now."
After all, the nine-fold single arm is held high towards the direction of the eye, and a ripple cuts into the sea. At the moment, the waves are rough, and the sponge is like a piece of tofu. The incision is neatly divided to both sides without releasing a direct passage to the deep sea.
The figure flashed nine times and plunged into a streamer for a moment and then came to the induction place.
Looking around, it’s just a common undersea mountain range, but there’s nothing strange about it. But when the nine fingers hit it bit by bit, it seemed to hit a side wall halfway.
"Hum-! !” Suddenly, a thick light beam from the water tank suddenly flooded the nine-fold by passing through the lightning bolt and shooting at the nine-fold.
With the appearance of this energy beam, an ultra-modern building group passes by like a ripple in front.
"Emergency alert, emergency alert!" The alarm in the invisible building group resounded through every corner of the building group. "There is no invasion of personnel, and there is no invasion of seawater. Our base has been exposed and exposed!"
"The guy who was bombarded by our laser should be dead …!" A group of fighters in the patrol monitoring war room of the building complex looked at the screen and were swallowed up by the laser beam. Some of them were not sure.
"He must be dead. Even if he is an era god, his power is amazing, but he was hit by a laser gun in the front, and his body can’t carry the destructive power of the laser gun!"
"We think so, too."
As these people talk about the end of the power of a laser gun, the scene of laser beam elimination is restored to the channel formed by dividing seawater in the clear picture.
"It was already dead! Ok, give the scene of the war just now and prepare to cancel the emergency alarm. "
The headquarters of the era base in the central area of the invisible building complex received the picture information from the patrol monitoring war room. When the nine-fold appearance in the picture was clearly seen, a group of people suddenly fell. icehouse’s hands and feet were cold and his face was pale. "It’s him …!"
The words sound just fell and these people heard thunder and lightning, and a purple sharp flash cut across the sky and directly penetrated the era base buildings. The protective cover fell on the central regional square and the nine-fold figure appeared on the spot.
With the emergence of a terror in Jiuchong, it was so frightening that the pressure enveloped the whole era base. People in the base instantly felt as if the sky was falling and overturned, and it was difficult to move directly on their bodies.
"Finished … finished …! !” People in the base headquarters have lost their thinking ability when they see the square stand upright and their hearts are filled with despair, and their eyes are mechanical and they keep muttering there.
"Found" Jiuchong didn’t take care of these people for the time being, but focused on the goal of his trip-the God-dropping formation. It was easy to find it. He carefully observed it in his foot square for a moment, and a smile appeared on Jiuchong’s face. He already knew about this God-dropping formation.
"Since it’s less than you, you should rest first." The cold light in Jiuzhong’s eyes flashed fiercely and swept across the whole base. Everyone in the base, whether ordinary people with hands tied and extraordinary power, suddenly lost consciousness and temporarily fainted.
Although I have a good idea of the God-dropping formation, after all, it is not professionals in this field who are worried that there will be mistakes, in case they do not immediately kill these people.
Although he is not a professional, he can analyze the God-dropping formation from the technical aspect, but his realm has reached the level of understanding by the world, and he can still understand the God-dropping formation from different angles.
After understanding the mystery of the earth drop formation, it is simple. The nine-fold dive from the middle and the half-kneeling position falls at the core of the eye of the earth drop formation, that is, the largest pyramid building in the nine-big, one-small and ten-pyramid building. The force of pressing against the ground with one hand surges out and pours into the earth drop formation continuously.
In the eyes of these professionals in the era general base, these ten pyramid-shaped buildings are just to communicate between the two worlds and start the real drop-god formation, but in the eyes of Jiuzhong, the drop-god formation is contained in the magic formation of these ten pyramid-shaped buildings.
Their cognition of these ten pyramid-shaped buildings is different, not because one of them is wrong, but because of their different cognitive angles.
The knowledge of these people in the era headquarters is based on the data in the miracle key, which is a complete set of plans to start the descending formation. In this complete plan, the color of these ten pyramid-shaped buildings is really a guide
However, although Jiuzhong has been exposed to the miracle key, he knows nothing about the details of the data inside. It is simpler and more direct to know the angle of the descending formation. He needs to understand the descending formation and it is not so troublesome for him to start the descending formation.
! !
Chapter one hundred and forty-four Return to the era
As the nine forces continue to pour into the magic array contained in ten pyramid-shaped buildings, the god-dropping array slowly emerges and appears. At the beginning, Troy made that god-dropping array different, and the nine forces started this god-dropping array, which is a pure purple array …
This is a matter of course, so the formation of the gods appears here at this moment, and it is driven by the nine weights alone, and naturally it is purple
The purple god-dropping formation emerged slightly, then flew into the sky and directly penetrated the virtual communication between the world and the era. The god-dropping formation was suddenly small and large, and a directional channel leading to the virtual world of the era was built in the depths of the sky.
With the passage between the two realms, hundreds of light beams with different shapes flew out from the descending formation, landed from the sky, flew to the base of the era, and finally disappeared into one person’s body.
There was a flash of surprise in Jiuzhong’s eyes. "There are people in this base who continue to play games!" Soon, I knew that I wanted to come and watch this superior resource that can mass-produce the era divine power. It would be strange if no one was playing.
"It’s a good thing that when I wake up, or wait a few years, it will be another world force of cholera." Jiuzhong muttered that his attention turned to the God-dropping formation, and his eyes were good. He stared at the God-dropping formation and evolved. At a certain moment, he suddenly personified a streamer and threw it into the depths of the sky. In the God-dropping formation, the light flashed and disappeared.
I felt that the sight of my eyes flashed for a moment and nine times again appeared in the largest pyramid building among the ten pyramid-shaped buildings, but this is not the pyramid building in the era base, but the one in the singularity of the era game world.
Looking at this strange place with nine eyes wandering, I found that there was no change in what he saw at the beginning, but the scenery he saw gave people a vague sense of uncertainty, as if these scenery could not be maintained at any time and dissipated with the wind
"…" Nine eyebrows coagulate and coagulate thoughtfully, and then they no longer stay away from this strange place, crossing the miracle passage and landing in front of this altar in the star altar. The scenery they see is illusory.