Kaxiu stubbornly held his head high and glared at Hermes, saying, Don’t shed crocodile tears. Now that you have ascended the throne, there is no need to play any more. Please give me a good time for your brother’s sake.

Kaxiu is definitely an alien among the three Andrade brothers, and now he is like a imprisoned lion with his hair hanging freely.
Hermes suddenly rose from the throne. He drew his sword from the throne and steadily approached Kaxiu. When he waved his sword, everyone was about to fall to the ground, but in fact, the sword fell behind and was cut off. It was a rope that bound Kaxiu.
Kaxiunian gives you a chance in each battle. You can choose to leave Pebalusa like this. I won’t stand in the way, or you can choose to fight with me. If you win, I can restore your royal status. You have made your choice. Hermes seems to have given Kaxiu a big concession.
Ka Xiu slowly got up. He twisted his arm. Hermes accidentally scratched his arm when he cut the rope just now, but his mouth was too small to cause any harm to people. Ka Xiu weighed that if the situation is so far away, then Ka Xiu doesn’t know where he is. If Hermes World War I, then he will win a lot. And if he can kill Hermes in a fair battle, then Garland’s throne will naturally be in his hands. This is definitely a bet worth betting.
Bring weapons to the card repair and shout at all sides. I have decided to do this decisive battle.
Hermes nodded at the guard, and the soldier immediately put the card repair weapon in his hand.
The generals on the dangerous side of Hermes Hall have made a stop sound.
Hermes said that this is a matter for our Garland royal family, otherwise Garland would not have ended this dispute.
Hermes is right. It’s hard to stop a military commander.
Kaxiu reached forward with his big sword. Of the three brothers in the Ankrad family, Kaxiu is recognized as the most brave. He fought in the south and north alone, and he never failed to take the lead.
Hermes saw the sword and Kaxiu took the lead in waving his sword.
Hermes smiled at the corner of his mouth, as if he had a plan for this battle. He read something in his mouth, and at the same time, he drifted back and escaped the first attack of Card Repair.
When Hermes retreated, his heel propped up a throne step. With this momentum, he suddenly jumped forward. In this battle for the throne, Hermes’s first move turned out to be a dash, which surprised everyone.
Ah, Kaxiu yelled at him. He was strong enough to bounce Hermes with a sword.
But when he wanted to turn his arm sword, his arm suddenly seemed paralyzed and he couldn’t move. No matter how Kaxiu controlled his arm, he didn’t respond.
Ah, Hermes sword was accurately inserted into Card Repair’s heart. Hermes also turned his wrist while piercing the heart, so that the sword also turned along Hermes’s wrist and expanded the wound of Card Repair.
Hehelmes, you, you cann’t believe it
Card words haven’t say that finish Hermes suddenly drew his sword a lotus flower splash card body fell to the ground, just like that.
Kaxiu, my brother, I gave you a chance, but you didn’t cherish Hermes’s affection for his brother’s body. At the same time, Hermes turned and looked at the general being escorted to Gulgan with a little ridicule in his eyes.
General Gulgan, will you join me? You are a great Garland. I believe you don’t want to object to Landher Mays.
Gulgan raised his head and looked proudly at Hermes, growling, Hermes, you dirty dog, you deliberately cut his arm when you cut the rope in the Kaxiu Temple just now. Can you hide it from me?
At a word, the hall officials were in an uproar. Except Gurgan, who was closest to Kaxiu, no one could see such a small detail, but Gurgan noticed that Kaxiu was his brother’s knowledge of Kaxiu’s strength.
Hermes was exposed to the drama. He angrily approached Gulgan and said that the old general didn’t expect you to be such a man and slander my reputation when you die. In that case, you can be your loyal servant.
Hermes sword light flashed through Gul’s dry neck and there was a blood stain. Gul’s dry still glared at his eyes and didn’t close his eyes.
Hermes sat back on the throne and motioned for the body to be sent, then sadly wiped his eyes and said that Pebalusa’s security officer gave general Chikfred the security of the palace department and General Vongol was responsible for the duties of Diavishang as prime minister. First of all, I need to have a rest.
Say that finish Hermes got up and walked to his bedroom face is full of smile.
A figure in the depths of the palace has been waiting for him in Hermes’s bedroom. Dax is holding a Hermes wine glass and considering the wine alone in the depths of the bedroom.
No one would have thought that the most behind-the-scenes mastermind was the sage king Helmes. Seeing Hermes coming, Dax sneered and said.
That’s not what you did, Dax. Hermes couldn’t help smiling.
Lidax’s approach to arthurs made Dax become the most trusted person around arthurs, constantly controlling everything in Peibalusa, guiding the sacred objects, creating court disputes and establishing an image, all of which were done by Dax Hermes.
For Hermes, it is a golden opportunity to lead the army. Hermes Haoli, this opportunity, persuaded arthurs to kill Yusis, and then he famously took Garland’s army to quell the chaos and sit on the throne. No one had to admire this ingenious plan to plan Hermes.
However, Dax also did many things that Hermes didn’t know, kidnapping Lillian, sabotaging the Eastern Continental Alliance and robbing Dragon kopis. None of these things were created by Dax Hermes, who made two men with different goals and combined together to create the present situation.
Where’s Dax Gold and Rapier? Hermes asked about things.
I’m sure you won’t forget the Hermes Temple. After you promised, you can let me study the gold and Rapier. You also know that I’m obsessed with the sacred objects. If it weren’t for studying the sacred objects, I wouldn’t have done so many glorious things for you. Dax’s words showed a mocking tone. These dark activities behind my back were not honorable at all.
Hermes turned his head and stared at Dax, saying, but not now. I still need it to build my prestige.
Dax certainly knew that if gold and Rapier were returned to Hermes, it would be difficult to get it back. Of course, his mind could not be revealed so quickly.
Hermes Hall, don’t you forget that you haven’t lost a person yet? Dax woke up with a finger and said that it is gold. Rapier is the only man who recognizes it now.
Hermes, the only man admitted by Gold Rapier, certainly knew that this man was Randall.
Hermes turned to Dax, picked up a wine glass, and poured it down in another luminous glass.
I left him in Cushing because Hermes held the luminous cup tightly and said
Even if you leave a message, it will become a driving force. Come on.
The fourth chapter young master determination