Half-time physical ability to bet on half-time performance should be to let the team score more goals at half-time.

What’s the point if it’s a goal ahead?
A ball lead is the most vulnerable. Will the head coach not know this fact?
No, it’s at least two goals ahead … You’re embarrassed to say that’s the right tactic.
What will you do if you lead by a goal and the team runs out of energy at half time? Watching Lazio get the score back and finally overtake it?
So what are you busy with for a long time?
Chapter three hundred and fifty-three Leading by a goal
After leading, AC Milan did not reduce their intensity, and they were still running for Lazio.
This made Lazio look uncomfortable and made some mistakes, but fortunately, none of them caused a goal loss.
In the last five minutes of the half-time, Lazio gradually adapted to the forced grab of AC Milan, and they gradually took the initiative.
There is even a more threatening attack.
In the 42nd minute, modric’s long-range shot outside the penalty area was interfered by Gattuso, and he didn’t hit the right part. As a result, the football stuck to the turf and fell to Klose’s foot in the penalty area.
Klose intercepted the football and turned around to shoot it!
Goalkeeper abbiati reacted to the shot and watched the football go around him and go straight to the back corner of the goal.
The commentator Fabio Caressa is eager to shout "This ball has …"
As a result, the football hit the post with a thud before his voice fell!
"oh! What a pity! Post! Klose shot and hit the post! "
Caressa’s shouting is more regrettable than shooting Klose.
"If this goal is scored in Lazio, it will even the score! At the end of the half-time, Lazio were not as embarrassed as before, and they seemed to regain the initiative … "
Changsheng crossed his legs and looked comfortable in the coach’s seat.
What will Lazio regain the initiative?
He didn’t make any adjustments at all.
One of the reasons is that AC Milan is physically healthy.
They can control the situation by running like crazy dogs again.
Physical fitness brings about a drop in control, which leads to Lazio taking advantage of it.
Changsheng laughed.
Allegri is really fighting.
He even rotated from the first game of this month. Obviously, he is preparing for this game.
But it’s a pity that he still improvises.
If a month’s rotation can make the team physically strong enough to compete with Lazio, it is too small to look down on Lazio.
Lazio is ready to pay attention to physical fitness every year during the summer training period
AC Milan tried hard for a month to beat Lazio, which is wishful thinking!
So he knows that AC Milan’s physical fitness will not last long.
Sure enough, at the end of half-time, the score was still 1. At home, AC Milan took the lead temporarily.
They didn’t score again.
When the referee blew the whistle at the end of the half-game, there was a great cheer at the San Siro Stadium. AC Milan fans were very happy and satisfied to be ahead of Lazio at half-time.
Changsheng cocked his mouth and smiled disdainfully after hearing this cheer.
Happy? At half time, you won’t cheer …
In stark contrast to these happy AC Milan fans is allegri.
The AC Milan coach’s face was not happy, on the contrary, he even frowned
Forty-five minutes later, his team took the lead and even led by a goal …
This is definitely not the result of his pre-game plan.
He wants to be at least two goals ahead.
In this way, at half-time, while the physical strength is not exhausted, we will continue to slam and try to score another goal.
With a three-goal lead, AC Milan will not worry about Lazio.
It’s still no problem for AC Milan to really shrink its defense and keep its advantage of three goals.
Even if Lazio scored two goals, they were still one goal ahead.
This is the safest situation.
But now they are one goal ahead.